This was the perfect way to stretch our legs while traveling home to Upstate NY from Laconia, NH (and there were a lot of picnic tables to use for our lunch break, too). The trail was well marked, and the gorge is beautiful. It's pretty steep in some places, but absolutely not a problem given the length of the trail. . . that's why I've recorded it as a "Nature Trip" vs. hiking (I don't think it truly qualifies for the latter).

Great beginners challenge or Saturday mini-hike! Very well marked trails and a beautiful view from the top!

Nice, quiet trail. I only saw one other person the entire time. Beautiful viewpoint as you are coming down the trail.

Well maintained trails. Very relaxing and peaceful hike with my kids.

Nice quick hike, great for families, beautiful gorge. Add to your itinerary if you're in the area!

loved it

We started up the steep trail of the loop. It was a great uphill work out. Definitely some flat parts to run on and the summit gives you a gorgeous view of Keene. I loved that it is a loop! Once the summer hits I will probably loop it twice to get a solid 3 mile hike :)

Very short but beautiful hike! When we went the water was barely at a trickle through the gorge, but it was still a wonder to see. This hike is so quick and very family-friendly, however, the uphill trek back could be difficult for some.


Great spur of the moment hike! Peaceful trail well marked and groomed. Downhill most of the way, so uphill on the way back pretty waterfalls along the way very scenic and it was a loop. It was a rainy day but in the thick woods it was still very pretty the moss even stood out more.

It is beautiful! It is a easy hike and the Gorge, river and cascades are beautiful!

I enjoy this hike especially when I am short on time. Beautiful views and very peaceful. Family friendly hike that is very easy

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Very nice, very short little hike with some great views to take in. Also, the park was just recently re-opened along with the visitors center. The town and parks department are working to better maintain this park.

Monday, September 08, 2014

This is a very short but beautiful hike. We went after a rain fall and the falls were running very nice. I like that they have some benches along the trail to take in the sights and sounds. Very easy hike even with kids.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The address for this trailhead is off. The trailhead is actually right on Rt 9 between Keene and Brattleboro. It almost looks like a rest stop from the road.

I took my small dog with me to do this loop. It was very quick and had beautiful views of the gorge for the entire descent. We were also able to get in the water and cool off by the bridge at the bottom of the loop. The only drawback was that we had to walk back up (a moderate incline) in 90-degree weather.

I loved it and would recommend it!

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