4 months ago

Nice short local trail for kids with a super view from the tower. Not well marked but that makes it more exciting for the kids. We did a loop of sorts by heading up road taking Betty’s path up and coming down fire road. Never even knew it existed!

we hiked this trail and it's not well marked

Rained earlier so a few flooded areas but trail was well maintained. Hiked it with the wife and our 5 and 3 year old. Great views from the fire tower. Gets steep near the top

Nice easy trail, good for kids, good views also.


Very nice trail. Markers near the beginning of trail are faint and sparse, but once you get going there are more and are more visible. All in woods, so shaded which was nice on this sunny day. Once you get a little ways up there are breezes through the trees, even though it wasn't a breezy day. Some pretty tough spots along the trail so make sure you have a walking stick or two and good hiking shoes. The view from the fire tower at top is very nice and we were able to catch a nice constant cool breeze even on an 88 degree day

Nice trail if you enjoy big trees. Some of the largest White Pine & Hemlocks in the area. Great views through the forest. Last 1/2 mi. is where you gain most of your elev. At the top is Great Hill fire tower with a super 360*.

10 months ago

Sunday, September 24, 2017

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