4 days ago

Easy hike, but you still climb enough for beginners to feel like they accomplished something. Even a Little Rock scramble and the end. Those rocks/Ledge allow for great views.

Even though we hike a lot of hard stuff here in the White’s we like to take this hike when we have a short window of time, but want to get some time in nature. It’s always a good few hours in the woods.

It’s great winter and fall too!

Today we added 3 or 4 miles by taking cutoff and looping over (1.8 each way) to the top of Cranmore Mt.

Another easy stroll through the woods with nice views from the ski lodge at the top of Mt. Cranmore. You share the space with folks that took the chairlift up but there are bathrooms, food and Tuckerman’s beer. Ha. That was a nice addition to our casual hike today.