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Franconia Notch State Park is located in the White Mountain National Forest. Franconia Notch is a mountain pass with an unforgettable parkway from the Flume Gorge to Echo Lake that offers amazing views. In addition to the hiking trails, at the Flume Gorge Visitor Center you can take a ride on the aerial tramway at Cannon Mountain or visit the New England Ski Museum. There is also swimming at Echo Lake, fly fishing at Profile Lake, riding your bike along the Recreational Trail, or you can join the rock climbers, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for birds like hawks and falcons on Cannon Cliffs. Ski areas, rock formations, and camping at Lafayette Campground are also great options.

on Whitehouse Trail

17 hours ago

Great Starter trail ... Amazing river setting with waterfall on the trail

Loved the views at the top. Recovering from knee surgery but this was doable with hiking poles and a brace and lots of rest stops. I should have worn hiking boots instead of sneakers!

My boyfriend and I did this hike yesterday, and it is DEFINITELY a HARD terrain but it is unbelievably worth it. There are about 3 waterfalls on the way up! And the view at the top is remarkable. If you’re contemplating this hike, saddle up and do it

It says leashed dogs allowed on trail, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND BRINGING YOUR DOG! Also, listen to the reviews, you will NOT go down the slide! You have to hike down the mountain and up to Mount Liberty and then down again because Mother Nature is just making a fool of any sense of distance or direction you will have during this trail. My dog is an incredible hiking dog, and he DID get through this trail, but unless you can carry your dog securely rock-climbing and your dog has something to cover his footpads, I just do not recommend the Mount Flume Slide into Mount Liberty and back down. There’s even some dangerous rock going up to mount liberty you will need to find a way to carry your dog while you climb. There are wooded areas on the side of the flume slide and he was able to go around, but this is a hard hike. No, you don’t get it, a hard hike. It’s terrifying because one slip, and you CAN get seriously hurt. Not like a broken leg. Like dead. This was my first 4K footer, and I’m glad I’ve got one of the worst ones over with. I was with 3 other people and my dog. One of my friends ended up just taking my dog along the wooded side of the slide while we rock-climbed. Not hiked, ROCK CLIMBED our way up. Seriously carb up before this hike...this trail doesn’t care about your diet. You’ll need the energy. Great bucket-list hike, but wow. Your physical and mental limits will be tested. Also, the weather was perfect for us, and it didn’t even matter. This hike is no joke. I just got home and showered from this. Took us about 9-10 hours and I was moving at a snails pace.

3 days ago

The hike itself is pretty in spots but I don't think it's worth paying for. It's a very easy walk with very minimal elevation gain and is heavily traveled so expect to wait behind people on the boardwalk.

Really enjoyed this hike and the views were great. The slide was fun, but tough - not for the faint of heart. Make sure you have good traction and don't even think of doing it on a damp day much less wet. The saddle to Liberty wasn't bad unless, like me, your legs were toast from climbing the slide. Don't miss this one. And thank you to the folk who left the flag on the summit of Liberty.

Excellent parking situation even on a very busy Saturday when all other popular spots in the Notch are overflowing into the shoulders of I93. This trail is nothing too special but does offer an easy trail walk with nice access points to Profile lake to watch fish and put your feet in with good views of mtns opposite. Would recommend pairing this walk with the short trail down to the Old Man profile viewing area which originates from the same parking lot and has lots of literature and two exhibits. Bathrooms available on site too.

Amazing views. Went to see the sunset and was not disappointed. Would definitely do this hike again!

Nice views from the top of surrounding mountains, about 1 h 15 min up on a warm day.

5 days ago

Very easy hike, the views are amazing. Well worth the money

Lots and lots of fun scrambling, even a wooden ladder at about a 45 degree angle bolted into the rock face. It’s a pretty steep route, but because it’s only 2 miles or so up ,not too difficult if your a regular hiker. I did this after a storm and would have been better off doing it on a dry day as the descent can be slippery and is the trickiest part. Consider going down via lonesome lake trail if conditions aren’t ideal. Views at the top of the observation tower are unreal.

the hike was really nice and easy, the views are gorgeous. i will most likely vist again if i ever pass there.

8 days ago

Went hiking with my girlfriend for our anniversary, and she fell in mud, slipped on the way back landing on her butt, and got a really good workout. So all in all, it was a really good day. Long hike for sure, and the lake is pretty small, but really nice.

8 days ago

Fast, fun hike with a nice view. Worth the climb. Took us, what felt like 20-25 mins.

This hike is worth it. Starting from the Basin, the first 2 miles are a great easy warm up. Once we hit the Slide, we put our poles away since you definately need your hands to scramble up the slide. The Slide was tough. Some spots leave you with no hand or foot holds, so you just have to scurry up quickly. The summit is a Beautiful 360 view. Hiking over to Mt. Liberty was a piece of cake compared to what we had just climbed. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather. The summit was busy today. It was Flags over The 48 today. Today was the perfect day for a hard hike that challenged us every step of the way. It was the Perfect hike to Honor all those who perished on 9/11.

10 days ago

Great hike. Took two dogs one older and they both made it up. but definitely challenging. Many rocks and some steep inclines. The hike had some challenging parts but since it was a cooler day and dry it was fun! Loved the view from the top. Parking filled up fast to go early. They also have good bathrooms since it’s also the camp site but no trash for the dog poop.

Good bang for your buck! There are water features all the way up that just keep getting better. The view from the top is beautiful and rewarding. Did it with my 3 month old pup, she loved it. You will too!

Not very good for viewing

Beautiful view !

Decent summit views for an easy to moderate effort. Nothing challenging on this trail. It makes for good exercise with little to no traffic.

10 days ago

First half is pretty easy, gets a little steeper through the middle and then it levels out once you get closer to the lake. Really nice views all around the lake, didn’t go in for a swim just because it was a little cooler out but look forward to coming back on a hot summer day!

Little over 5 miles round trip. You park at the flume and head up. Going under the bridges for the highway and rt 3. Trail is mostly moderate and some spots a tad but higher than moderate but absolutely not difficult at all. Views from the top are gorgeous as you sit on the large rock mountain side.

Great hike. Steep at the beginning; good workout. Beautiful lake at the top and a flat loop that goes around it. Plenty of places to stop and admire the beauty. We had a gorgeous day and will certainly do this one at some point in the future, maybe adding the ridge trail.

great time

This trail almost killed me. I couldn't walk normal for three days after. Kelly Campbell who is experienced took me on this as my first hike. and she practically skiped her way through this trail. The cannonballs we're ridiculous who put them there? why I ought to ! any way it was enjoyable actually during the hike. splendid views on Cannon ! South Kinsman was a real pleasant place to stop eat and take in the views. I enjoyed the friendly people along the trails. oh and the last hour in the dark with Kelly holding her phone for light was treacherous make sure you have a head lamp!

Moderate trail at most. Very enjoyable especially once you reach the lake. Beautiful views at the summit. Circling the lake was awesome on the man-made tree trail. Ascending and descending through the woods didn’t have too many views but the trail was well worth it. Great for a short hike.

14 days ago

Much better than expected, I thought it was going to be a crowded tourist trap but The Flume was actually pretty spectacular. The boardwalk goes right through the middle of it, giving you a unique perspective of these amazing waterfalls. Most people turn around at The Flume, but I did the full loop to Liberty Gorge and Cascade which was also beautiful. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area. The trails also are very well maintained and well marked. Although the one downside is the $16 dollar entry fee for adults.

15 days ago

Beautiful walk through the gorge. The scenery is amazing. The incline is not terrible since your climbing stairs and boardwalk. Theres a shuttle part of the way up for those not inclined to walk. The temps ate cooler down in the gorge. Great family walk. Id rate it as moderate. Bit pricey for the duration but worth the views and time spent in gorge. Also has goft shop and restrooms at entrance

15 days ago

I am a double knee replacement survivor and have a full time job where I sit at a computer all day.
I have not been a very active person especially with the challenges that I have had with my knees. My husband and I did this trail today and I am proud to say that I did it! The scenery was beautiful and challenging for a beginner, but it was so worth it. The reviews that I have read are spot on; up and downhill, and a lot of steps. Enjoyed this trail very much and look forward to the next one!

Excellent trail. Moderate to hard I think is a more accurate description of the terrain. We also recorded 4 miles from start to finish. Maybe the trail has been extended over time? Either way, a fantastic trail with a big reward at the summit. The views are fantastic but what also makes the top amazing are the huge boulders you reach. I hiked with my teenage daughters, her friends, husband and two dogs. My old dogs found the hike a little too strenuous. . Enjoy!

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