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Franconia Notch State Park is located in the White Mountain National Forest. Franconia Notch is a mountain pass with an unforgettable parkway from the Flume Gorge to Echo Lake that offers amazing views. In addition to the hiking trails, at the Flume Gorge Visitor Center you can take a ride on the aerial tramway at Cannon Mountain or visit the New England Ski Museum. There is also swimming at Echo Lake, fly fishing at Profile Lake, riding your bike along the Recreational Trail, or you can join the rock climbers, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for birds like hawks and falcons on Cannon Cliffs. Ski areas, rock formations, and camping at Lafayette Campground are also great options.

Really good opportunity to practice bouldering, balance, and classic/practical hiking skills. The trails were very well maintained for june after a rough winter. Beautiful scenery and signage was clear. Do NOT take dogs on this hike. Better to go up Lonesome lake trail to Kinsman then go down Hi Cannon trail. Wish we stopped at the hut but the lake made the surrounding area very difficult to maneuver.

2 days ago

Awesome! Awesome! Easy trail, shady, kid friendly. Highly recommend. We went early at 8:30 and very low crowd, cafe was great. One of the nicest venues I’ve been to and I’ve been all over the country.

Took my sweet husband on a short but difficult trail on his Birthday. He took great photos & lead the way part of the time

3 days ago

Only giving it 4/5 because it gets too crowded. But it is super easy and the scenery is nice. I would recommend it to families with children, wouldn't recommend it to experienced hikers.

in the clouds the whole time so no views to speak of. The trail was wet and muddy in sections from rain the previous night which made the descent harder and a little longer. all in all a good hike I'll do again if I can get a mostly clear day.

This is actually 5.71 miles out and back. Trail is rough, hiking boots are strongly suggested to help navigate terrain. Mount Bald has wonderful views.

Well we started at 9AM to attempt both summits with our dog / mountain goat and it was just too hot for the poor guy so we made it to Lonesome Lake and ended the hike there.

ABSOLUTELY stunning hiking from the trail it’s self to the incredible lake! We will definitely be doing this again and finishing the two summits just have to leave our fur baby behind:( or we will camp next attempt.

Definitely steeper than we thought from the start but again well worth it! Also we did this in June so don’t forget your bug spray!!!

Can’t wait to do it again and complete the rest of the review!!

Much harder hike than I thought it would be. The view at the top is well worth the effort.

on The Flume Trail

7 days ago

My husband and I went here on a whim. Thought about it Friday night (Jun 2) and drove 2 hours the following morning (Jun 3). We paid $30/pp for the Flume + Cannon Mtn tramway. We thought the price was worth it for a great experience for beginners to hiking.

The hike to the Flume Gorge was beautiful and easy. The park is kept up very well, we saw replacement wood planks/beams where needed for safety for visitors. There are also covered areas throughout the trail called rain shelters on the map (given at time of ticket purchase).

The hike back from Flume Gorge takes you pass smaller waterfalls and a beautiful area called the Pools.

There was an area called the Wolf Den (clearly marked). It's this small cave that is formed between and underneath large boulder/rock formations. On the Flume Gorge website, it says that visitors can go into it and, if possible, squeeze out the small opening at the top of the cave. My husband and I gave it a shot. As I'm small in size, it was slightly easier for me than my husband. We emerged on the other side and were greeted by two groups of visitors.

The rest of the hike out of the park was very easy and peaceful. Although there were a good number of visitors, at times we were the only 2 on the trail. It was so peaceful, we heard birds chirping and the leaves rustling as the breeze blew through.

We thought the price was worth it and have plans to return during the fall for the foliage.

Amazing views the whole way up, from waterfalls to 360 Mountain View’s. Definitely a very hard trail, especially on the way down. Very long as well.

Love love this little hike!! GREAT VIEWS for little effort!!!

It cost us $60 to get in to this place and it was only a short walk near the water. The rest was spent walking through the other parts of the trail. Definitely not worth the money for us. We’ve done many, many trails across the United States and this was very disappointing.

Not worth the money you look at Yellowstone glacier Zion national parks it cost $80 for a year pass the trails are well kept up the parks are amazing we paid over $60 bucks to walk one hour and only half of it was near the river I will keep to the big boy trails like the Tetons! They tried telling me it was to do the keep up on the wood path so does the national parks don’t give me that.

Great hike. Not as terrible or terrifying as others have indicated here. Hiked 6/2, conditions were wet but footing was solid. Beautiful views at the top and along the trail on a clear day.

10 days ago

One of my favorite trials in the area.

Beautiful! The views ramp up as you go along, each section of the falls larger and cooler than the last. The trail is mostly shaded and the water was cold in June. We ran into maybe two groups and there are several “trails” to walk along to avoid running into people. I put it into quotations because it is not well marked (look for red lines on trees) and people have made a lot of paths to get around downed trees. Be prepared to watch out for roots and big rocks. The hiking isn’t too hard if you pay attention. We brought a terrier sized dog that’s in good shape and she did pretty well but was tired by the end. We needed to keep an eye on her while jumping around the rocks. It’s worth going up to the end of the trail but the second to last water fall has an island in the middle of the gorge that’s perfect for a picnic.

Amazing trail! As others have said here; take falling waters up and enjoy the waterfalls then cross over the Franconia Ridge and go down Old bridal trail. the whole thing took me my dog and my slower friend 8 hours to complete the loop.

11 days ago

Quick and easy with great views at the top!! Perfect hike if you only have a couple hours to kill. The only downside it the highway noise if you’re starting from the Indian Head resort side. The cool part about that though, is walking under the overpass.

Used Mt Kinsman Trail to connect to Kinsman Ridge Trail to get to North and South Kinsman. The Mt Kinsman trail is a great trail. After passing the junction for Bald peak the trail gets steeper with more rocks and roots to go over. One it connects with Kinsman Ridge Trail there is a nice little outlooks where you can see Cannon Franconia Ridge.

2018-0609 great hike on a beautiful day. very cold and windy at the tower.

Great day hike day with AMAZING views! Did this March 31st and there was still at least 3ft of snow closer to the summit. Definitely need crampons but definitely doable. Highly recommend this hike on a clear day because the outlook view before the summit is breathtaking! Also at the summit there is a ski lodge you can grab a well deserved cold beer before heading down.

The climb down was easy for experienced hikers we did it in 57 minutes with snow, compared to the 2 hours it took us to get to the top with a few breaks along the way and stopping for lunch at the outlook. All in all a great hike and will be doing it again to hit the other summits in the 48, 4 thousands footers of NH.

This was not an easy hike and took us about 6 hours to/from the parking lot with a few breaks and lunch. With a 4 hour round trip from the city, it was a long day but DEFINITELY worth it. Gorgeous views once we reached the second summit and you could see Mt Washington in the distance. The rocky climb and descent was really a meditative experience!

this hike is really 9.7 miles! but had a blast today. perfect conditions. did it in 5 hours!

13 days ago

We started at the basin. I think it took us about 4 hours up and down. It was a bit hard at the end but going down was easy. I had my 2 year old in a hiking backpack carrier.

Wonderful hike, incredible view! Good for a casual. Type of hike mid day

Awesome waterfalls. Well worth the hike. I agree that it wasn't well marked

15 days ago

Did lake trail to hi-cannon trail up to kinsman ridge trail to get to the cannon observation tower. It had rained overnight, so frail was a bit slick and it was pretty woodsy for the first 1.5 miles, then some overlooks appeared.

16 days ago

My last review should have shown that was in April

16 days ago

Nice hike to the hut. Continued on to Kinsman pond with micro spikes

17 days ago

Did this hike in winter. It's quite a steep scramble for a moderate level trail, especially when there's ice. We basically sat and slid the entire way down, which is fun in its own right, but it definitely didn't qualify as hiking. If you hike it in winter definitely bring crampons. Sticks would be helpful in any season.

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