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Franconia Notch State Park is located in the White Mountain National Forest. Franconia Notch is a mountain pass with an unforgettable parkway from the Flume Gorge to Echo Lake that offers amazing views. In addition to the hiking trails, at the Flume Gorge Visitor Center you can take a ride on the aerial tramway at Cannon Mountain or visit the New England Ski Museum. There is also swimming at Echo Lake, fly fishing at Profile Lake, riding your bike along the Recreational Trail, or you can join the rock climbers, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for birds like hawks and falcons on Cannon Cliffs. Ski areas, rock formations, and camping at Lafayette Campground are also great options.

Fairly easy hike with terrific views of Echo Lake and the ski trails at Cannon. Plenty of parking. In warmer weather, you can go for a post-hike swim.

Amazing hike. Set off around 8am to leave plenty of time and ended up getting back to my car at 1pm. Spent about a minute at the summit due to very strong winds, very cold, and it being socked in. Mother Nature decided to reward me on the way down and things cleared for a beautiful bluebird sky complete with birds serenading me. Used microspikes the entire hike and without them, it would have been much more difficult in a lot of places. Had the entire mountain all to my self. All in all a great time.

I only went to Georgiana Falls. The trail was muddy, eroded, and got rocky towards the end, and the rain didn’t help. We stopped at a cascade, then I scrambled up some steep and slippery rocks to get to the waterfall. I imagine it would be much nicer on a drier day in late spring.

Strenuous but beautiful hike. Did it on Feb 11, 2018, trails were well packed but relatively warm day and needed showshoes for entire hike, everyone else I saw on the mountain had the same. Word of caution, pulling out in the dark from the Lafayette campground area I accidentally went straight into an unplowed side lot that is restricted to snowmobiles. Called AAA who sent a truck and charged $300 to pull me out since it was technically a snowmobile trail rather than a lot. Driver said he pulls 20 people out a weekend, nice little cash cow for the local tow service. Went back afterward and small posted signs say "No Highway Vehicles Allowed", $300 later I now know what that phrase means....

10 days ago

Awesome snowshoeing! Lake frozen so you can walk on it. Visit the hut, great people.

love this place. Hiked it alone and saw absolutely no one. Only me and the wilderness and God.

12 days ago

Great easy winter hike. Snow is packed on the trail. No need to use snow shoe. It was nice to cross the lake and take a break at the hut!

13 days ago

19 days ago

Beautiful frozen streams that led to the frozen Falls. Ice climbers were climbing the frozen Falls in the gorge which was cool to watch. Moderate hike & very beautiful in the winter.

23 days ago

Amazing winter hike, would recommend micro spikes for safety. If looking at the closed visitor center (closes during winter), trail is directly to the left of building. Gorge is stunning in frozen conditions or right after snow fall. Highly recommended trip. Easy hike.


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Used this trail up to Bald peak and onto the KRT, great long hike. Fun butt sliding on the ridge too.

we did it January 28great footing temps in the high 30sgreat hike

hiked to the lake soaked up some sun then took the hi cannon loop trail. was a tough hike in snow and ice. so happy to have micro spikes on. the hike was wonderful and there are many views along the way. it was neat to see and use the ladder on our way down. a few really steep sections.
all in all I loved it and the weather was great. about mid to lower 30's

Great hike. Had to use micro spikes the entire time as the trail was mostly ice covered. Several water crosses over solid ice where you could hear the water running under the ice. A. windy at top but no wind below top. Well marked trail.

27 days ago

Great trail and great conditions. The trail was mainly hard packed snow with a few icey sections. I bare booted it but microspikes would have been a better idea especially around the flume. There was one short section that was iced over and a slip would send you on a 10 foot fall into the creek below. I decided to go up and around the flume itself. Keep in mind the parking lot was an ice skating rink.

Awesome loop but be prepared for snow in June. best done when days are long and no chance of lightening.

1 month ago

Beautiful in the snow. Easy hike even with a 3 and 4 year old.

1 month ago

Love it! It’s better to hike with crampons than to snowshoe in the winter since it is usually packed down due to heavy travelers

Great 10 miles with some awesome views along the ridge.

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