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Great trail but very steep in places.

Great views moderate hike. Very fun place to checkout.

We did a variant that joined the Bryce Path. We started from the NW shore of Echo Lake on the yellow trail which has a sign indicating "To Bryce Path". Took us about one hour to the top and back, plus viewing time at the top. A bit disappointing to find all the cars parked at the top if you're not expecting it. Excellent views. Much of this hike is flat and wide with two relatively, short but steep rises. This route apparently misses the waterfall.

Bryce Path is not a loop. It is a 1.2 mile hike from Echo Lake to the top of Cathedral Ledge with some of the best views anywhere. From Cathedral you can see Mt. Washington Valley below you. The hike down is the same route as going up. It looks like somebody posted this as a "loop" and did so using the Cathedral Ledge Auto Road. The road is not part of this hike. It is mostly flat around the Echo Lake Trail and from the intersection of that trail to Bryce Link. From Bryce Link to the top it becomes steeper with two rather steep areas. The surface is hard packed dirt with, for the most part, stable rocks and an assortment of tree roots. Great short hike and the views are worth it! You can also access Bryce Path from Bryce Link off of Cathedral Ledge Rd. Look for the first kiosk on the left side of Cathedral Ledge Rd. and follow Bryce Link to Bryce Path and take a right. The trail is marked with signs and yellow paint markings on rocks and trees. Five stars for the hike and the views from the top.

1 month ago

amazing veiw. we went there 2 x in the week . we love it. it good for any age

Very great trail for a leisurely hike or connecting to more serious ones.

Really peaceful trail with scenic views

Randomly did this the other day. Great climb and beautiful views at the top.

End of August. Beeatiful small trail along the lake. Or in the woods with many many mushrooms. Mountains are mirrored in the water. Breathtaking!

Did this as an impromptu hike while checking out Echo Lake. Some parts are steep but the rocks were t as slippery as I thought since it rained that morning. It was very heavily trafficked and it didn’t take that long to get to the top, and of course the views of Cathedral Ledge was the icing on top. Loved the natural stairs and the old abandoned car on Bryce’s Path was so cool to look at. Trail markers were very clear and easy to follow. Would love to attempt this hike in the winter!

Beautiful view! Parts of the trail were very steep may be difficult for some people, but other than that it was great. The view was beautiful but very busy with people driving up to the parking lot right near the ledge.

2 months ago

Lovely, easy walk. Had 3 kids under 7 and 1 infant in a carrier and the trail was easy to navigate, well groomed. The swimming hole was way better than anticipated. It’s a full beach with lifeguards and nice shallow swimming in the roped off area. Expected to take a quick dip but instead spent the afternoon. Wish we’d brought a grill to stay through our next meal like many other families. Only thing we wish we’d known is that their is a cost: $4 for adults and $2 for kids over 6. Well worth the visit!

2 months ago

I normally take Bryce's up to Cathedral and then over to Whitehorse and down this trail since it's less steep than coming down Bryce's. Then take a dip in the lake! yesterday's hike was perfect as there was a light breeze to keep the bugs away and it was mild temps.

We headed out on the trail and continued clockwise around the loop. The hike does have a few moderate inclines on the way up. We were with four kids ages 5-8. They all handled the hike well even though they were pretty tired. The top is large bare rock which is fun to explore. The decent is much trickier and steeper so you want to keep an eye on the kids even though they may want to race down. Mileage was just under 5 Miles. I think the mileage listed was 3 something so definitely keep in mind it may be longer than what’s listed on this site. Also there were lots of little roads that the kids kept finding which they enjoyed.

Awesome views from the top. It could be challenging for beginners or those out of shape as there are plenty of steep parts towards the top but no problems for the average hiker.

We parked along Cathedral Ledge Rd. and made our way up Bryce Path trail which starts out easy but then comes to a steep area that doesn't last too long before leveling off again. The rest of the hike up was easy from there with great views down to North Conway, surrounding mountains and direct views of Echo lake and Cranmore ski slopes. The hike down the other side brings you below and across the base of White Horse ledge and you will see some very large boulders along the path which is really something else to see. Overall, it's a nice loop hike worth repeating!

Fun outing with my preteen! Hike is fun, gets steep at some points as mountains do, but great easy hike with mild intensity. We wore sneakers and brought plenty of water. The view is nice, worth the 2 miles.

Beautiful hike. Two steep inclines. First one is hard/moderate. Second one is moderate. Nice view at the top. About an hour up. Took paved road down. Didn't bump into one person on the path on a Wednesday afternoon. Took my 12 year old son.

picked out of a hat, steep in the beginning and really pretty at the top. we did white horse and prob will do athedra next time

4 months ago

10 cars in parking lot. Gorgeous, private, easy hike. Green water (yellow sand, blue sky) makes it beautiful. Refreshing!

This was for sure more hard that I anticipated. Took about an hour up. Took multiple breaks but the views were worth it.

Awesome view at the top and fairly short hike all together. Bug spray is a must.

Couple of steep spots, some nice views

Easy for small children. A little tough at times with the markers when branching off of the standard loop, but fun and easy!

Half of this route is on a paved road - I would avoid this unless you love pavement.

Always a beautiful view!

We did this in November of 2015 from Echo Lake via the Bryce Path. There is one really steep section and when you get to the top you can go left for Whitehorse or right to Cathedral. We went left and came out to Whitehorse. The views were great but we didn’t get to hang out very long as we were losing sun (we started this hike too late). At the top in the back there is an entrance to an easier winding way back down and we took that. It ends up winding back and forth and then goes by the golf course by the White Mountain Hotel and comes out in the parking lot there. We cut across the golf course because it was really getting dark. We need to do this again and head over to Cathedral next time:)

We had non-hikers in our party, so we did this as a one-way trail from the parking lot at Echo Lake to the parking lot at Cathedral Ledge. I did not like this trail because the views from the path were never any better (and usually much worse) than the views one could reach via a short walk from the parking lot at either end.

10 months ago

Easy winter stroll around the lake. Pretty though. Basically flat. Snow made it a little tough to find the start of the trail for our first visit. But once you get away from beach area the path is easy to follow. We were hoping to use our snowshoes but there wasn’t really enough snow. We will definitely be back when it snows more. Safe easy place to learn to snowshoe.
About 3/4 of the way around the lake we choose to take the Cathedral Ledge trail to add to the adventure (add 2 miles and some elevation gain for sure. I recommend that if you are a hiker.) Need crampons in the winter if snow and ice is present. . Actually, even around the lake it helps to have good boots with traction or some slip on cleats if there is snow/Ice.
Parked outside the park, as it is closed in the winter. Signs say “ no parking” ... but there were other cars and we didn’t get a ticket or towed. At least this time. :)
Note for next Spring, Summer, Fall - this would be a great running trail. About a mile long so just add the laps you want!

Great entry level Winter hike. Took this hike for the first time ever. (Good any season but busy I bet in the summer). Not sure why I have never done it before it’s great. This is our first year winter hiking so after our first real snow of the season we wanted to kick off the winter hiking. This one seemed like a safe place to start winter hiking- and it is. It would be a Great spot to snowshoe for the first time even if you just go around Echo Lake (about a mile- flat and pretty)
Didn’t need our snowshoes this time (not enough snow) just our regular crampons and hiking poles.
Added the hike Bryce Path to make it to the top of Cathedral Ledge. This is a must to get the view!
Pretty easy hike even with the snow and slippery leave areas. Needed the crampons in the few steeper areas. These would not be considered steep in the summer but the snow added to our need for careful steps in those areas. Very doable though. Trail is well marked.
Amazing to get to the top of Cathedral Ledge and not find any people. Road Up is closed in the winter)
Great views from the Ledge of North Conway area and Cranmore Ski Mountain....and even the mile around Echo Lake at the beginning is pretty.

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