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Fantastic views. Good for all hiking levels.

I didn’t start this one to early afternoon so i knew i had to move if i didn’t want this to be a full night decent, but when i go to the top it was one of the most amazing sunsets i’ve ever seen, definitely worth the wait if you don’t mind hiking down in the dark!

1 month ago

Pretty icy. A beautiful hike. After moving from AZ this was quite a change for me. Trust in the God of Crampons (lol) and keep going. It was 30mph winds on the peak and quite cold. Make sure you watch your footing when you hit the rocks near the summit. Those are slippery, else this was a straightforward hike and it's impossible to stray off path.

1 month ago

This is a beautiful hike, especially in the winter time. I had no view at the summit due to whiteout conditions but the trails were just as beautiful. I took the Kendron Flume trail to the Willey Range trail. The trail is quite a challenge in the winter so be sure to bring micro spikes or crampons and a ice axe!

1 month ago

Great hike if you're new to winter hiking (or a veteran). Used microspikes the whole way up and down as well as hiking poles for added balance. Well labeled trail, impossible to get off track. Persistently back and forth between steep and moderate. Summit was extremely windy but great views. Top is quite icy, both me and my partner slipped and fell while climbing down from the summit but not a big deal. Grey Jay birds are prominent here and love to eat from your hand!

This was a great trail. We are beginners and found it well worth the hike to see the falls. They were completely frozen where we were standing on the falls. next time we need to complete the loop. Weather was getting a bit gloomy this day.

Amazing winter hike! We used microspikes the whole way, carrying snowshoes. Temps were relatively balmy (read: teens) below treeline. Once we were exposed, we made a quick dash for the summit and returned back to trees ASAP. Winds were estimated at a -20 windchill up there. Absolutely beautiful!

I went on a rather cold day a few weeks ago and broke trail. I would not consider this trail hard. I did the loop, coming from Arethusa Falls. It’s rather moderate, considering other trails in the area. It was hard only because we had to break trail, almost the entire loop. Although now there is probably mostly ice left..

2 months ago

Beautiful hike, the birds on the summit will fly into your hand if you give them a snack. Great view from the top.

Attempted July 2017. We didn’t make it to the top- got caught in a rain storm and the trail was quickly deteriorating, so we decided to turn back. Awesome views, crossing the river was a bit hard, both me and my friend got a bit damp from it.

Planned to do this hike today--started at Crawford notch and sumitted Jackson first, the trail was fairly well packed and we didn't need any crampons or snowshoes. Planned to go over to Pierce, however the trail wasn't broken yet and even with snowshoes on we were up to our waist--same with heading to Webster. It was a beautiful day however and the Gray Jays were out, Mt. Washington was clearly visible and decked out in snow. Tough climb straight up, but going down was fun--sliding on the snow on our butts makes for quick descent time! My pup came along too and she did great, the snow was soft and had no ice so her paws didn't crack at all and she was warm enough with just a wool sweater and waterproof top coat.

Spectacular view of the Presidentials. Heavy ice for the last 1/2 mile

on Mount Jackson Trail

4 months ago

Beautiful trail and gorgeous views at the top. Significant ice and snow on trail, especially the second half. We were very glad to have our stabilicers. Our dog could not make it the last tenth of a mile because of the steep icy slopes but did great on the rest of the trail. Can’t wait to hike this trail again sometime!

good hike. 3-4 hours

Great hike today. 3-4 inches snow pack. A little icy on top. Recommend micro spikes. Trail clearly marked. View from top is awesome. Took took 1 1/2 hr to get down as there were some slippery spots. Too a little over 2 to summit.

First time hiking. first trail me and my girlfriend picked. its hard very worth it. over dressed not doing that again. it took all day. we stopped and rested couple times. this trail gives you everything well worth it.

Awesome, absolutely gorgous views and pictures.



Hiked up Arethusa Falls and around the loop to Frankenstein cliff trail loop.
At this time of year with a little snow on the ground....Arethusa Falls was fairly easy. Coming down the Frankenstein Cliff trail was definitely more difficult.
Great trip overall!

5 months ago

Good Hike. Icy in November. Our dogs couldn't make it to the summit, but they are larger and a bit clumsy. This was mainly due to the ice. Great views at the summit! Worth it. Definitely not an easy hike, but it was manageable.

Hiked this trail last august. Didn't know about this app then. The waterfalls hike is beautiful and a great spot to rest and relax before heading to the cliff. Hike up to the cliff is very challenging but the view at sunset is amazing. Absolutely amazing. Hiking back down in the dark was a bit tricky but doable once reaching the railroad tracks.

My wife and I just completed this trail. Awesome views ... the falls are beautiful. That being said it is definitely a workout. The beginning of the trail is hard to follow because of numerous downed trees. After the train trestle it's up hill all the way. We Where lucky to catch the train heading back down to North Conway. No not a ride just a view as it made it's way past us....would do this one a gain for sure....

If you want to do the falls and not be disappointed with a pretty easy and highly trafficked out and back hike start with frankstein cliffs. It knocks out the steep parts in the beginning of the home rather than dragging it out by going to the falls first. We did it with our 90lb dog and carried our kid on our back. I'd agree with the hard description it is given. Had to pick up the dog in a few spots to help over the rocks but all in all a good workout. If it's going to be a hot day, I'd start early.

5 months ago

Yet another spectacular White Mountain, Presidential hike. Last hiked it on September 23, 2000. Parked on 302 and took Webster-Jackson Trail from Crawford Notch to Mount Jackson, then Webster Cliff Trail to Mount Webster, and finished the loop with Webster-Jackson Trail to bottom. Drove to parking lot across from sign that reads, “Mt. Washington State Park via Cog Railway 4 miles.” Trailhead for Webster-Jackson Trail located on East side of Route 302 between above-mentioned sign and another sign that reads, “AMC Crawford Notch Info 1000 feet Seasonal.” Watch for a bleached wooden post about 6 feet high with a small sign having no message on it. Started hike at 12:30 p.m. on Webster-Jackson Trail and reached the peak of Mt. Jackson at 1:45 p.m. View from top excellent. Took Webster Cliff Trail from peak of Mt. Jackson over to Mt. Webster and arrived on peak of Mt. Webster at 2:30 p.m. Peak was .1 miles beyond junction between Webster-Jackon Trail and Webster Cliff Trail. Peak of Mt. Webster is spectacular, cliffs. View from cliffs of Route 302 area. Returned .1 miles to junction and took Webster-Jackson Trail from top of Mt. Webster towards Silver Cascades arrow on sign. Beautiful waterfall and pool on way down Webster-Jackson Trail before it meets with junction of Webster-Jackson TraiI took on the way up. Reached junction to repeat trail to the road at 3:15 p.m. Reached Route 302 at 3:50 p.m.

Definitely go up the Cliff side. Really fun hike. It can be quick. Going up the Cliff is steep, but quick. Views at the top are great and the waterfall towards the other end is a great reward.

So I listened to Elaine's advise from a previous review and I am so glad I did. GO UP the cliff and over to the falls, not the other way around. There is a lot of loose dirt and rocks and now that peak foliage has past the ground is covered with leaves making foot placement is unreliable. Plus you'll get the hard climb out of the way first and have an easy descent. Gorgeous views, not too packed this time of year, took me 3.5 hours but I hike slow and take lots of pictures :)

We hiked up the Frankenstein cliff trail then over to Arethusa Falls via the Bemis falls trail. Glad we went up the cliff trail first since as other reviewers have pointed out the soil is loose and sandy. The trail on the way up is very pretty and the views from the cliff are great. The yellow dot trail down to the Falls is steep but not scary, I never used my poles or did the sit and slide. The smaller falls and pools are a bonus and would be nice to cool of in on a hot day. Total time from parking lot and back was just over 4 hours. I am a 57 year old woman in good shape.

6 months ago

I did this hike today. The scrambling near the top was a bit difficult for me. I then went over to mount Webster and came down that way. definitely a hard decent for my knees..but so glad I went, views absolutely amazing!

Great hike. Inexperienced should start on the Falls side and finish with the Cliff trail decent. Trust me you'll be happy you did.

Great overall day and hike. Stayed on Craford up to Pierce. Wind was howling and cloud cover but felt pretty awsome. Took a break at the Mizpah. Pretty cool trek between Pierce and Jackson. Finally saw some grayjays on Jackson! Great views there. Onto Webster and cliffs. Wow the cliffs were crazy. The wind was intense looking off the long drop down. Nice waterfall and look off thev"bluge". Just so much to love about this hike

Very difficult loose rock steep worth the hike come prepared

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