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Very nice hike for my 8 year old and my Mastiff. Lots of kids and dogs on the trail. We took Bemis trail and enjoyed the smaller waterfalls. The connection aka scramble to get back to Arethusa was pretty steep. Fair warning. Many people on the trail, lots of dogs too. It seems that people didn't realize how long the hike really is, we saw many parents with kids and only 1 water bottle between them. Please prepare before going out there, especially if you have children.

7 days ago

From the perspective of a flatlander Bostonian who hasn't done much hiking, this is NOT a moderate level trail. I've hiked Monadnock, of which every trail is rated hard by this app, and this route makes those look like Boston's tiny Blue Hills in comparison. I would definitely rate this trail as hard if I could. The experience, though, was awesome. The app says it's a 4.4 mile route, but it's really 5.2 miles, 2.6 each way. It's a challenging and very rocky hike, but the views are absolutely amazing. The wind at the summit is refreshing, along with a couple of fast and frigid streams running along the path. This hike is a rock-filled grind, but it's worth it in my opinion. Again, the views from the top are breathtaking. Also, bring some trail mix and take out some peanuts or raisins at the summit to feed its resident Gray Jays, which will land on your hand and take the food. For me, that was the most memorable part of this hike.

7 days ago

My husband and I hiked this on our honeymoon the Summer of 2017 and really enjoyed it. Well marked trail and beautiful views. Toward summit there’s a few pretty steep parts that made me a little nervous but we managed just fine. It was my first 4000 footer and now I’m forever hooked on climbing bigger mountains - the reward on summit is well worth the climb! Happy trails!

8 days ago

A beginner’s perspective:
This is a 5.2 mile, rocky hike. There are all sorts of rocks on this route - big rocks, medium rocks, ankle-twisting rocks, even a steep-ish rock face. So be prepared for that. And roots too.

The “moderate” rating may be true for the Presidentials, but is NOT comparable to, say Mount Monadnock’s “hard” rating. For a somewhat in-shape guy, this was doable, but a test — and I needed to watch literally every step.

The payoff is a beautiful summit, gorgeous views, and Gray Jays that will eat from your hand. Overall, a real test for flatlanders like me, but nice views and a great summit made it worth the considerable effort! (For what it’s worth, our 13 and 15 year olds had no major issues other than a lot of sweat and a few sore muscles)

This is one of my favorite short hikes in the Whites. Every time my friends and I go up to the Whites, we always stop at Arethusa Falls. The hike is very moderate and isn’t tough on joints and knees. The waterfall is beautiful and when it’s not too busy, it’s the nicest spot to take a cold dip on a hot summers day! This is a great hike for children!

12 days ago

Def not easy. Moderate would be more fitting. The view is so worth it!! Trail has muddy spots so gotta be careful.

13 days ago

Summited Mt Pierce via the crawford path. Slow steady climb not to difficult i would personally rate it moderate. Followed a river initially with small pools and waterfalls. Very green and mossy for most of the way up. Stunning views of southern and northern presidential's along with Mount Washington! Worth the hike!!

Awesome hike. Solid elevation gain upfront going up to A-Z and Willey trail junction, which is the hardest part of the trail. Smooth sailing up and down Tom and over to Field. Little tricky down to Willey and back, but the conditions on the trail were excellent. Beautiful lunch spot off the Willey peak cairn 20 yards down Ethan pond trail. Views from each summit aren't amazing, mostly forested, but a fantastic hike overall.

We went up the Bemis and down the Arethusa Trail which was perfect for myself and my two teens. Beautiful waterfalls ending with the magnificent Arethusa Falls. A perfect day;)

The view at the top is great, but the trail markings and signage throughout were really bad. We probably won’t do this one again because of that.

14 days ago

Great short hike. I’m a beginning hiker in moderate shape and it took about 20-25 minutes. Drive up the driveway and park, there is no need to park at the end. Also, if you can do I highly recommend you hike up to the top of the falls, it’s very steep but the view is the best.

Very easy hike and quick. Such a beautiful waterfall at the end

3 beautiful waterfalls. Each have their own perfect aspect. Some steep parts through Bemis falls part but overall a wonderful hike.

Fairly steep and rocky, but short and enjoyable. Falls are worth it.

21 days ago

this was my first 4,000 footer! very well marked and well maintained trail. I packed spikes and winter attire but all the snow/ice was melted and it was warm with a breeze at the top! the view from the summit was worth every effort. be warned that there is a steep rocky scramble to get to the summit that may be hard for small children and pets. (our medium sized pup had no problem but she is very nimble) I think this was the perfect 4K to start our journey! the grey jays will land on your hand!

*edit - the entire journey is 5.2 miles, 2.6 each way - not 4.4 like it says above*

It may be short but it is NOT easy! Well worth it but I’m glad I didn’t try this one with my daughter or mother based on the “easy” rating lol

The falls are much bigger than I expected for the short hike. I’m glad I didn’t take the trail from the Frankenstein cliff trail side, it looks treacherous!

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A great day hike with a variety of trails to keep things interesting. Moderate level, nothing too steep. Less than 7 hours total including numerous long breaks to enjoy the views (the views on Mount Avalon were incredible)!

Good one with kids. Amazing falls with plenty of good perches to rest, snack, photo, and take it in. Tons of people here today, Memorial Day. Bemis Brook on the way up and stayed on main trail on the way down. Two little beauties of falls on Bemis brook. Can stay on main trail to avoid little scramble at end of Bemis Brook portion, but you miss the two “mini” waterfalls.

I'll give it 5... tho.. this was my first 4k 2 years ago... and was a learning curve on how weather effects and changes rapidly on hikes... the bottom was sunny and a decent gradual incline... but once we broke through the tree line.. a whole different story.. rain, hail, clouds, and VERY cold for June. DO not pursue any summit of a 4k on a day with bad temps... yes it is discouraging, yes you will be frustrated but none more so than getting to the top unprepared and not being able to see a foot in front of you.
BUT I've seen many pics of the summit on a clear day. I plan on doing this again having more knowledge and might do a peek bag loop. I won't rate a lesser star because I wasn't prepared. Be safe and smart and enjoy!

did this with my sister a year back and loved it. one of my first 4k and the grey Jay's at the top made it all the more enjoyable! (the ate the m&m's out of my trail mix! oops! hahah they know what they like I guess ha!!)
my first big rock slab and looking back I would do so it again. overall a easy hike with a amazing view. it's a small 4k xo beginner peeps would enjoy this!

Nice trail with a little climbing that was well worth it. Falls were beautiful and nice spot to have lunch

The falls were rushing with a little snow still around

Beautiful day for this hike. Be very careful if you decide to climb up to the top of the falls. Otherwise we had the entire place to ourselves for about a 1/2 hour. Perfect!

1 month ago

Rocky uphill start. But well worth the uphill hike with the ending falls view

We took the Bemis Trail, saw beautiful Falls and cascades. Then Trail turned very steep and we were basically rock scrambling to get back to Arethusa Trail. When we finally reached Arethusa Falls, the tough parts seemed to be a distant memory at best. Beautiful Falls, God is good...all the time and all the time God is good!!

Great trail. The Bemis brook part of the trail was a bit steeper than I expected at the end to join up with the main trail, but worth it for the extra 2 falls. Overall well worth the time. No snow on the trail but a bit muddy in places

One of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen.

This is NOT a moderate trail. Very difficult due to sharp ascent pretty much 90% of the trail. All pretty much rock stairs up. Nice views though. Just not a leisurely hike up.

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