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Crawford Notch State Park has 5,775 acres providing access to numerous hiking trails, waterfalls, fishing, wildlife viewing, and spectacular mountain views. Crawford Notch State Park is rich in history with the famous Willey House. The campground in the park is Dry River Campground and offers 36 wooded sites.

4 days ago

My first snowshoe hike! It wasn’t as hard as I thought. The closed I’m snowy evergreens made it feel like Lion, Witch, Wardrobe. When I arrived at the top...boom! Amazing view. Made it to top but phone died.

4 days ago

Thanks to all the snow shoers, we were able to make it just with microspikes! Gorgeous hike, beautiful view at the top. Plus our dog loved it ❤️

Great day today to snowshoe this loop. Did it clockwise. Snowshoes were a must have after the falls. Only one set of snowshoes in front of us so lots of trail breaking. Beautiful views over the top at the look out and coming down. No wind until coming down made it nice. Lots of fun butt sliding and laughing on the steep sections. Ice on the cliffs were huge. Not recommended for beginners.

Snowshoes required!!

Xmas morn 2018.. 9 degrees in the parking lot and brisk wind blowing meant we started bundled to the eyebrows. Once in the trees, however, I was able to drop to single layer for the moderate climb. Just shy of the treeline, the dense low trees allowed me to change my wet clothes (in total comfort) and prep for the sustained 20mph winds slashing across the peak. Brutal progression to the peak meant we had to abandon hope for bagging Eisenhower, but once back in the trees the wind vanished and conditions became temperate by comparison. Water froze almost solid, even the one with salts. Note to self: get insulated sleeves for the nalgenes!

We used micro spikes the whole way, dodging postholes made by others. Snowshoes would have been overkill, though.

Beware the grey jays: they expect to be fed and will attempt to steal food from your hands as you eat. One landed in my open backpack and started going through my food bag, despite presence of curious dog.

A good hike, will do it again some day.

First half of the hike was a steady incline with several small Brooks to navigate. Views to the right of the trails, through the trees were great! You only get them in the winter. Once you get about a 1/2 mile from the peak be prepared for a work out! Plenty of snow and ice make it a slow ascent. Spikes are a must! There are several sets of stairs to assist you in the steepest parts. The views at the top make it all worth it! Fantastic views of Washington in the distance! In the snow, give yourself a good 5-51/2 hours to complete the climb (we started at the rt 302 lot) Snow in some areas was at least 4-5' deep. Hard work,but enjoyable!

17 days ago

really nice 37°day, brought a lot with us preparing for quite a hike. it was really fun and nice to get out. definatley going back, the top is just beautiful.

18 days ago

The sign in the parking lot says 2.5 to Mount Crawford summit. I do not record my hikes so I am leaning towards trusting the sign over this description.
The hike up is definitely steep, but the view is worth every inch.
We went up without our snowshoes today and probably could have used them after the first lookout.
To get to the summit keep right after the first lookout. This means turning into the trees.
Leave plenty of time to take in the scenery.

19 days ago

Hiked this trail on 1/4/19 with my dog. Snowshoes or ice cleats were a must, as well as hiking poles with snow baskets. The trail is steep for sure, a real good work-out. With the snow covered the entire trail, there was no rocky areas to tackle, and my dog had no trouble doing the hike (no icy areas on the day of our hike). The view at top is out-of-the-world beautiful.

overall awesome hike with a really cool railroad stretching over a bridge, and stunning rock walls. I gave it 3 stars because there’s only one peak where a clear view is visible, and most of the hike is under the trees. Hiked this on 12/31, snowshoes were not needed but microspikes are a must. In the winter this was a rather difficult and dangerous hike.

I hiked the trail yesterday. I thought the snow'd made it easy to hike. Definitely worth it, let alone the spectacular view at the summit.

23 days ago

Great short family hike with amazing views and water attractions on the route. Best value hike in the white mountains.

24 days ago

I have hiked this trail during the summer months and this trail in the winter is so smooth and the snow leads to an ease of hiking (no loose rocks to fuse about).
The trail still has plenty of snow on it. Microspikes and Poles worked best today, but I did see hikers with snowshoes (some in hand) and plain hiking boots.
There were some downed tree but easy to navigate around.

on Ripley Falls Trail

28 days ago

The road to the trailhead was closed and so required an additional climb to get to the trailhead. The trail is in good shape and the snow is well packed although there are some icy areas and at one point we had to do some rock hopping over a shallow stream. We didn’t see anybody else on the trail. The waterfall is gorgeous and icy this time of year. Highly recommended quick hike.

29 days ago

We hiked the Crawford Path up and back. The trail is easy to follow and a fairly steady incline to the peak of Mount Pierce. There is not much in the way of views until you approach the peak, which provides a stunning view of the surrounding mountains. The snow is well packed—no need for snow shoes, but highly recommend crampons or microspikes.

Water crossings are not frozen. Be prepared. Otherwise fantastic hike.

Completed this as a winter hike. Little bitter rougher hike with snow on the ground. Did the hike in regular boots with "Stabil" slip on traction from L.L. Bean ($26/each). Hike length is correct about 1.4 miles from trail head. The hike was moderate. Great view of the frozen falls at the end. The trip was definitely initely worth the pay off.

1 month ago

Amazing 360 views. This was an incredible hike, highly recommended. trail is well compacted with some powder in the last quarter mile as you get above the trees. Spikes (and poles) required. While the trail is good, stick closely to it. Depending on the elevation there is up to three feet of snow and immediately off the compacted trail it is soft, watch where you plant your poles. Did I write I loved this hike.

great hike with some of the best views in the whites, we had mid winter conditions!! snow no ice!!

1 month ago

Great short hike for the view! Takes about an hour or less to get to the summit. The snow was packed and very easy to walk on, no need for snow shoes or spikes. Our dog loved running freely and as always, all the hikers we met were super nice :)

Hiked December 4 2018. Two fit 64 year olds. We came across others during the hike, which was a straight shot up Crawford Path rather than the loop. Cold day with 17 degrees at base and single digits at top with strong winds. Lots of snow but well packed trail. Only needed Microspikes. We layered up particularly when we came close to the summit. Needed shell, face mask, and other. We came across several 30 year olds who were fine without shells and hats until a mile from the top. At summit all hikers were dressed for arctic conditions. Experimented with various water bottles. Insulated bottles inside pack were fine. Insulated cycling bottles outside pack were fine until we approached summit and they froze completely. Be prepared for arctic weather in winter.

1 month ago

Conquered this hike yesterday! Starts out as a moderate grade then becomes quite steep the last mile. Micro Spikes a must at the higher elevations. Beautiful views at the 2 outlooks near the summit.

1 month ago

What a fun little hike in the White Mountains! At the top, it’s pretty windy, but the view is gorgeous and there are a bunch of spots you can look out at. On the way up, there’s a small waterfall which was really pretty to see. No need for hiking boots if it’s not muddy. Perfectly fine in sneakers! If you’re looking for a good hike with a gorgeous view in the White Mountains, this is the place to be!

loved the winter hike 2 years ago

Great winter hike! I would suggest microspikes and poles for some of the steeper areas! The Fall itself was completely frozen when we went!

Nice hike. Get more view for the “work” you have to do.

So a friend, me and her toddler (he was carried, lol) did this hike Oct 7. The Bemis portion is beautiful, the only thing is to meet back up with the Arethusa trail it’s pretty much straight up. We managed, but be forewarned to avoid the Bemis section unless you want to 1) back track or 2) climb. The falls are gorgeous and the trails were well kept. I’d love to do it again after the winter thaw.

We took Bemis Trail (yellow) up and stopped at some amazing smaller which was pools and falls. The Bemis Trail is about .5 miles long. The one thing to consider is when Bemis joins back to the Arethusa Trail (blue) it is a STRAIGHT up using your hands at times to meet back up with the Arethusa Trail.
We did it with our 9 year old and this was the only portion he complained about.
The falls were well worth the hike. I could have stayed all day.
Note: If you are looking at hiking this in the November+ days at least microspikes are recommended.
The map shown on this page is just the Arethusa Trail, it does not show the red on Bemis.

2 months ago

Moderate hike with some steeper sections in the final third. There were ladders going over the steepest sections. The summit itself is entirely wooded with a small cairn. However, there is a nice outlook right before the summit itself. Most of the hike was icy/packed snow, so micro spikes are definitely recommended.

Well marked trail. Very rocky and filled of roots. Definitely suggest spikes. Nice views and plenty of Gray Jay's on the trail! Would definitely do this trail again in nicer weather!

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