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Crawford Notch State Park has 5,775 acres providing access to numerous hiking trails, waterfalls, fishing, wildlife viewing, and spectacular mountain views. Crawford Notch State Park is rich in history with the famous Willey House. The campground in the park is Dry River Campground and offers 36 wooded sites.

Just hiked Mount Willey trail earlier today. This trail is easy to moderate to start (Kardon Flume trail), then it gets more difficult as the later half of the hike to mount Willey is done mostly through water run-off rock hiking. This is a steep incline trail and not for beginners on a day when the trail and rocks are wet. Great view from the top, not too busy and a few nice Mountain water run-off.

Definitely do this one in the morning before the crowds. Well worth the hike.

Fairly easy 4K footer. Took the Webster-Jackson Trail up to the summit, which is quite exposed (and therefore very windy/chilly). On the way down, we opted to add a little mileage by taking the Webster Cliff Trail to the Mizpah Cutoff and Crawford Path. Easier descent, and you'll pass right by the Mizpah Spring Hut, which is a great place to stop and have lunch.

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A perfect trail for the typically rocky ascents here in the White Mountains of NH! The ascent is rocky, but not overly so, and is steady upwards, and clearly visible. I hiked this in Keen sandals with no problem. A great asset for hiking would be hiking poles, especially if you are short, like I am. This is a great hike for families, even with little ones! The view is really great, and if you go just a little off to the left as you come onto the clearing and rock ledges, and look back, you will see the cusp of the Mt Washington cone and the antennas up there!

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I would consider this a difficult rather than easy/moderate hike. The fact that it is noted as being easy in the description is surprising. We completed this hike August 2017 and it was a pretty steep climb up after the first mile and had my heart racing most of the time. In addition, if you're scared of heights, the ladders can be intimidating. The hike requires a high level of fitness given that it's likely you'll need to use your quads, hams, biceps, triceps, and generally full body to complete the hike in a reasonable time frame. On the way down, I had to often use my upper body strength to climb down or maintain balance. I did nearly slip/fall a handful of times but caught myself on my hands each time thankfully. In contrast, the last hike I did was White Dot Trail @ Mount Monadnock which is tagged as hard yet is significantly easier than this hike. All in all, I enjoyed the challenge and the view lookout near the top was good as well (there weren't many views otherwise).

Enjoyed the hike. Went up Frankenstein first. About 1 hour. The first view is the best. Then to the falls. And out. About 4 hours all together including lunch and breaks. Advantage of doing Frankenstein first is that you get the hard climbing out of the way. The advantage of doing the waterfall first is that Frankenstein cliffs view is a nice reward before you head down to end the trip.

Absolutely spectacular! Love the view.

The Ethan pond trail portion of the hike is a breeze. The willey range trail is tricky from the moment you cross it. It is very steep and very rocky. The ladders and stairs are super useful (if only there were more of them.) There is no signage indicating that the willey range trail continues onto field so you just have to go with it if you're planning on doing all three together.