I thought it was going to be more crowded Father's Day weekend, but we only saw two other hikers while we were out. Beautiful views, especially on Thumb Mtn. Moderate grade, but a very pleasant hike!

Getting there was a little confusing. The directions say to pull off to the side of the road and walk. Well the trails actually start at the Harris center! So just drive there and there's plenty of parking. Very nice hike the views were incredible with the foliage. Would do it again :-)

Loved this hike! Something that's not on the detail description but trailhead is at the Harris Center.

Great loop for all levels. It's a fairly level trail for an afternoon hike. All trails are marked well. Great views of mount monadnock at both peaks.

Highly recommend this hike, was very beautiful with the foliage.

Nice loop. Vigorous in a few spots with some nice elevation. But overall, pretty moderate hike. Rocky and lots of foliage in some areas, and a couple of nice vistas with a view. Heavily forested. Took me about 2.5 hours for full loop + Thumbs Up trail to vista. Recommended hike. I took my hiking poles and was glad I had them in a couple of steep spots. Enjoy!

8 months ago

Beautiful view!
Nice breeze with little to no bugs.
Long hike in from Cadot trail 6.5 miles up Skatutakee then linking over to Thumbs up trail...:)

Gorgeous views and superbly signaled. Great exercise but not too hard and not too easy either. Just right for a regular hike.

The forest trail was exceptionally buggy even for this dry years. Probably best to go in Spring or in Autumn after first freeze.

Nice hike. Missed the turnoff for Thumb Mountain so didn't do the little bit, just the loop. Was about 5.75 miles, though, even without that extra .6 miles (according to the map.)

Directions given on here not correct. You need to take Kings Hwy and start from the Harris Center.

Dog friendly.

This is a great hike. You can hike up to the summit of Thumb Mountain, and from there take a short hike over to the top of Skatutakee Mountain. Exceptional views and minimal work. Highly recommend.

Easy for the most part. Very scenic.