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Great hike! Avoid the white marked trail as it is not a loop if you are coming down the mountain. West ridge in and out was the best.

loved this hike! Definitely going back again.

14 days ago

Great hike with fantastic views!

Awesome trail & definitely rewarding view at the summit. It was extremely windy at the top but manageable. We did the loop counterclockwise, which provides a steeper incline on the way up. We went in mid-June and it was still very muddy so don't wear brand new sneakers! Overall very diverse trail with steep inclines and flat paths.

This hike was tough but doable and the panoramic view from the top (green trees, other rolling mountains, few small lakes) was worth it! We went counterclockwise to do the steep parts on the way up, but then accidentally cut across on the skyline trail after the south peak - this turned out to be a great shortcut while still getting more variety than an out-and-back. Trail was pretty muddy most of the way.

16 days ago

This is a delightful loop, with sufficiently challenging steep climbs, forested switchbacks, and gentle grades over stretches of bedrock. A large proportion of the trail is on smooth open bedrock or with low growing vegetation offering panoramic views. Grabbing a peaceful nook on the summit (easy due to size) to picnic would make for a great beach day substitute. I did this loop clockwise and will do it counterclockwise next time for a steeper workout.

24 days ago

27 days ago

challenging trail, hiking shoes are a must.

Phenomenal views!

Saturday 05-27-17 The view was spectacular! A little wet this time of year, need waterproof boots. The open rock summit is a steep coming down the south trail. Would definitely do this again. Highly recommend!

1 month ago

Great hike. Did the Manning > Firescrew > Mowglis Trail > Mt Cardigan > Clark Trail > Holt - Clark Cutoff and then the Holt Trail back to the lodge loop.
Some great views on the top half of Manning and all the way to the summit.