Parking can fit at least 12 cars. Trail begins with a gradual incline that crosses over many streams, in winter micro spikes are necessary, snow shoes if it has recently snowed. Trail takes a slight left and runs across the mountain for a bit more than up it. After that section the trail turns again and brings you right up the mountain, that last section to the intersection with carriage road is very steep and the hardest part, easy with right equipment. From there it’s a very gentle incline to the summit which has great views. 3.5 hours up. South peak is also a great spot to check out and is only .1 miles of a hike, worth it.

Loved this trail. Very challenging but rewarding. We did it on a cool cloudy day so we had no view but we had the trail to ourselves. Took our dog with us and he loved it. The rocks and rooted were pretty slippery so make sure you where proper hiking shoes. We will definitely be back!

Hiked in from tunnel brook stream parking lot. First 1.5 miles easy path following a river that had significant erosion. Tuned left (sigh posted) onto Benton trail which joins beaver Brook trail in 3.2 miles then another 0.4mile to the summit. I had one stream crossing that wasn’t difficult. The trail is a gradual uphill through hardwood forest initially and then through softwood. Most of the trail you are under canopy except one view point along the way. Nothing technical about this hike just gradually up. I met one person on the trail running down otherwise no one until I connected to beaver Brook tail. Glad I brought jacket and gloves. High clouds but able to get views. On the way out I met 3 people mushrooming- they found lots of chanterelles.

I slept in an AT shelter, pooped in an AT privy and hiked the AT/Glencliff out and back to the Summit of Moosilauke and loved every minute of it!

We went to hike in 1st week of May. Clear day, trail path is good with expected elevation all through out. However we encountered ice, for which we were not prepared. Microspikes would have made it better. Will go again in future. Got lost as the navigation fooled us and there was no signal on phone to check live position. For better directions, check the directions again or the one review provided by Eric Ruffin in Feb 2014

Clear day. Started very warm at the base. Snow packed trail all the way up but needed the crampons. 3000 ft up the trail was soft due to recent snow fall so took longer then expected. About 25F and windy at Carriage Rd Junction. Got very windy the last 1/4 to the summit but 20 miles of visibility in ever direction. Will definitely be back in the warmer weather.

Tried this one last weekend, didn’t make the summit due to very high winds. Today was perfect! Cool, but very little wind, and lots of sun. The trail was hard packed snow. I used snowshoes, but micro spikes would have sufficed. It’s starting to get a little icy early on with the thawing and freezing. The parking lot was full, and there was a bit of a crowd at the summit, but I was going solo and didn’t mind other hikers around. All in all a great hike. Nice work-out with an amazing view. I’ll definitely be going again.

Micro spikes definitely required and could have used snowshoes last mile. 40+ mph winds at summit- hunkered down for a quick lunch before sprint down the mountain. Disappointed with zero visibility at top but a great sense of accomplishment doing this winter hike

2/4/18 Had the trail to myself

Beautiful day for a hike. Challenging above tree line with constant 50 mph wind with gusts that were making hard to keep footing. Really enjoyed the overall adventure

Powder on the ground after the first 1000 ft, some icy patches. Turned back at south peak due to a late start.

Awesome hike! Parts of the trail had begun to form some icicles and crystallization already! The summit had a little ice and snow but was totally fine to hike up.

this was a fabulous hike, it was challenging for me, being it was my first time backpacking, there was a large field not far from the trail head where people were camping! we started the trail in the dark by headlamps around 615am and made it to the top by 845am. The views were incredible. we hiked it on a Tuesday and other then the few tents set up and the base, we did not see another person on the trail. I loved this hike. I was definitely sore after, but it was more than worth it!

GlennCliff trail never gives in, steady rocky climb. Views at Summit worth it

This is no slouch in the elevation department (4800 and change) and the middle third of this trail is very steep and rocky, something to be mindful of if you embark after a rainy period since much of it will be slippery. That said, the going is tough for awhile with very little in the way of "interim" views. But the summit is a site to behold and one of the most interesting of the Whites. With its loping ascension for the last mile or so and its wildgrass blowing in the wind, one feels as if he in a remote plain of Ireland rather than a NH 4K footer. If you can do it, hit the South Peak (2/10 of a mile long and just before the start of the descent on the main trail--it's a hidden gem.

Wonderful trail. Slow, steady climb up to South Peak and the Carriage Road. Several small streams in the first half of the hike. Amazing 360-degree panorama from the summit of Moosilauke. Bring warmer gear for the summit - with even a little wind, it can be pretty chilly. Today it was just perfect.

Great trail. I prefer to the gorge brook one. 360 degree views wonderful.

Very steep trail and gets flat only for the last 1 mile. Incredible view from the summit, worth every step.
Highly recommend to go well prepared.

Amazing views! Steeper than anticipated, but worth it! Coop and my first 4,000 footer!!!

Great hike.
Hard but interesting
Recommend for real hikers

Completed June 13, very very windy. Took Glencliff to Carriage to summit. No views above treeline due to cloud coverage, but a good hike nonetheless. Trails in good condition.

Parked at the bottom of Ravine Rd. and hiked about 1.6 miles to the Lodge/Start of Gorge Brook Trail. The gate is closed because of snow this time of year (early December) so plan for an extra 3.2 miles to your round trip totals. Great hike on a clear December day. 360 views into VT, NH, and ME! Checked out the spur trail to the South Peak and came down Snapper Trail. 5.5 hour hike-will be back!

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Sunny day in the 80s perfect for the hike
Loved it

Chris is correct, however the navigation from the app led me right to High Street which takes you up to Glencliff home for the elderly, there is a sign at the bottom of the road for the old folks home but nothing that says High Street. parking was just before the home complex on the right. very gentle snowshoeing Trail through the woods until you reach to the junction between the South Peak and Moosilaukes main summit, from that point it's less than one beautiful mile that exposes you too amazing views. follow the stone cairns to the main summit where 360 degree views can be seen. this was my first four thousand are doing winter picked a great day and was surprised how attainable the summit was. saw about 15 other people on the trail that day and several four legged friends.

""" the trail included in the map is not the glencliff trail.""" I did the hike today and followed the included map perfectly. It is the gorge brook trail to summit. You then follow the AT south "carriage road" and make a left on Sapper trail. That is the trail marked on the map. It's a great hike. Loved it.

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