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easygoing trail with beautiful views on multiple terrains. little to no other hikers were on these narrow trails. look out for the yellow marks! blueberries and blueskies. :)

This is a great and challenging hike. Did the full 10 miles with my wife and dog yesterday. I'd recommend bringing a map with you because you'll be changing trails frequently, and some trails, especially the white trail, are not marked very well. ALSO: Check yourself and your pets VERY thoroughly for ticks, we've found almost 20 on the 3 of us since last night.

8 days ago

Fun day hike for families.

Absolutely breathtaking views. Easy hike, our two year old and teenager dogs easily ran up (though all are energetic), fantastic views, especially for such a simple hike. We ran into one other soul on the hike, we had the whole place to ourselves. From the road it is not marked as Pine Mtn, but as you go up Alton Mtn Rd, take a left onto Avery Hill Rd and the parking lot is immediately on your right. Go another 100ft along Avery Hill rd and the hike is on the opposite side. Caution on the loop, we looped down about a mile away from where we parked the car, I believe this is avoidable by doing a smaller loop than we did. Check for ticks, about ten on the dogs. This was an awesome hike.

I came here with my older sister and my dog, expecting to hike the full 10 miles but we ended up taking the wrong trail down from the summit of Mount Major but it was definitely worth it. We took the boulder trail up to the summit and it had a breathtaking view of lake Winnepesaukee (probably not spelled right). Our 10 year old dog enjoyed the hike every step of the way and she was leading us the whole time. I would really recommend this hike to anyone because the view from Mount Major is well worth the hike to the top.

Find little hike with the family and pet friendly

I messed up thinking I was crossing Quarry Trail. I was confused by dashed line not appearing under the second loop on all trails map, indicating a TRAIL, so I thought I was continuing on the orange section that was not the easiest and not travelled (not so much a trail) just prior to hitting Quarry Trail. I started at noon but if I started a little earlier, perhaps I wouldn’t have bailed on the extra 4mi and elevation gain. I was attempting both loops CCW not figure 8. Great weather. Nice time. I will return to get this right. Printed map, from website, showed Quarry Trail as dashed, not sure if it would read Quarry Trail if I had zoomed in further, red trail on map does not match dashed trails exactly. I had used iPhone to guide me thru the hike and when I reached junction of orange/Quarry, I zoomed in but no dash and no trail name on screen.
In addition to pink (Cucuit), no dash and no trail name on zoomed map on iPhone-I was recording the track and when I went 20-50ft “right” on the Quarry Trail and you can see my track (red) is perpendicular to the pink giving further indication that I was supposed to cross the Quarry Trail not take it. This was only the second hike I used All Trails and recorded the track. More prep time and planning might have eliminated any doubts at that intersection.

Great trail! Lovely creek, pretty vistas, well marked! But I would argue with the easy rating! Steep climbs both up and down.

Hiked with my 6 and 10 year old.

Piper has a pretty steady incline for the 1st quarter mile but mostly levels out. The most interesting part of the summit is all of the rocks turned into benches, chairs, and table at the top. The view is okay but not great.
The connector trail between Whiteface and Piper is a big elevation drop.
The Whiteface trail is a shared trail with ATVs blazes are not necesssary but there is a lot of loose rock kicked up by the motorized vehicles. We saw atleast a dozen lady slippers along the trail. Bring your bug spray the mosquitos were thick and we found several ticks on us.
The summit from Whiteface is 360 but you're not much above the forest canopy so the views are lack luster.

We went down the traditional trail for Whiteface and walked back to the carriage rd trailhead for Piper, Belknap, and Gunstock. We didn't have much of a desire to resummit Piper.

24 days ago

Very easy from Belknap Mt Rd parking. Nice views from top

25 days ago

Great hike. Challenging a bit for us 'old folks' but it's about the journey! Not a fan of the last part being a paved road (that hurt the most). Black flies were relentless but to be expected. A great day overall!

Great. I'd definitely do it again. nice hike.

Nice way to get to Major and avoid the crowds. Saw no one until I was nearing the summit, and the trail itself is wide and well-marked.

Recent trail work is nice.

There was a “Private way” sign about 1/4 mile up the dirt road so we had to turn around.

nice hike

1 month ago

Ho hum

1 month ago

The parking area is very small and at the end of a bumpy dirt road. Overall a good hike with varying elevations. Has some of the best views on the way up compared to Belknap’s other trails but also very steep in places. Definitely would not recommend this trail in the winter/early spring or after it’s been raining as it gets very slippery. Definitely want to do this one again in the summer.

I've hiked Mt Major 10 times now. Going early week nights are the best to avoid the Disney land line of people. last night 4/23/18 was my first time getting lost in the woods in the dark. To the point we considered calling for help. We lost the yellow trail coming down in the dark. Our hike started before sunset, we finally made it back to the parking lot at 1am. It was a great adventure

on Pine Mountain via Avery Road

1 month ago

Nice views with little effort. Great first hike of the season for our 6 and 10 year old kids and dog. Trail note: when coming up the trail the path to right at the split is a flatter route to the top.

Nice easy hike. Hit it between Nor'easters and had plenty of snow. Will be bringing the family back this summer to enjoy the great view of the lake with me. Like the mountain legend at the top. Labels for each mountain to be seen from Kearsarge to Tripyamids and beyond.

2 months ago

Great little hike, trails and summits well marked with blazes and cairns. There is still snow on most of the trail. Traction is not necessary but definitely makes the hike easier. I drive an old sedan and had no issue with making it to the trailhead parking.

3 months ago

Great trail. Very well marked (blue). Panoramic views.

WARNING be careful of where you park for this trail! I got to Wood Rd in Gilford and saw the signs for the parking area, but the road was an icy rocky mess and I decided not to risk it. So I parked along the side of the dirt road, there was one house at the end of the road that looked like it was under construction/not occupied. Man was I wrong. As I was driving away from where I parked I almost got RUN OFF THE ROAD by an angry man in a white truck. He informed me that he had taken pictures of my car/plates and send them to the Gilford and State Police, because no one is allowed to park there, clearly it is only HIS road. He yelled at me for a couple minutes not caring that I was only there to hike, VERY angry. A less than ideal end to a pleasant day.

Other than that the summits were nothing special, not a view at either peak. There were a few good viewing areas along the trails. Round Pond is a beautiful area to stop at as well. The trails were very icy on the way up and very muddy on the way back, I mean that is to be expected on a 70 degree day in February, but pretty dicey in some areas all and all. Not a difficult climb, good for beginners.

4 months ago

Forget the loop aspect. If you start from the more southern trail (I believe it was the red trail maybe brown. Who knows I'm colorblind) the way up will be a traditional trail I would rate at moderate in Winter conditions. Micro spikes or crampons will be necessary. The second half of the loop back follows the white and orange trails. Problem is the last mile back is a road. I'm not a fan of hiking roads.

Either way the peak had good for the elevation views but they are not 360 degrees. Lots of area on the peak to hang out.

I hiked this with my 10 year old who faired well even in snow and ice. Not sure if I would come back in the summer.

4 months ago

Was planning to do Belknap going up the white trail but it was closed down. Too dangerous in the winter I’m sure. Kept going up to Piper instead and went down red to make it a loop. Even with spikes the red trail can get very slippery near the summit. Otherwise a gorgeous day and a great hike!

Great hike made it up fine with just spikes, pup didn’t have a problem either. Really nice views at the top!!

Fairly easy hike. Used micro spikes due to ice. Great views.

5 months ago

hiked January 14. limited snow cover. trail was well travelled. micro spikes were perfect. good view from the summit. fun Stone throne on top. nice easy hike no steeps but ledges were slippery

Did this April of 2017 with some decent snow on the ground. Got pretty slick on the way down.

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