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13 days ago

Forget the loop aspect. If you start from the more southern trail (I believe it was the red trail maybe brown. Who knows I'm colorblind) the way up will be a traditional trail I would rate at moderate in Winter conditions. Micro spikes or crampons will be necessary. The second half of the loop back follows the white and orange trails. Problem is the last mile back is a road. I'm not a fan of hiking roads.

Either way the peak had good for the elevation views but they are not 360 degrees. Lots of area on the peak to hang out.

I hiked this with my 10 year old who faired well even in snow and ice. Not sure if I would come back in the summer.

13 days ago

Was planning to do Belknap going up the white trail but it was closed down. Too dangerous in the winter I’m sure. Kept going up to Piper instead and went down red to make it a loop. Even with spikes the red trail can get very slippery near the summit. Otherwise a gorgeous day and a great hike!

Great hike made it up fine with just spikes, pup didn’t have a problem either. Really nice views at the top!!

Fairly easy hike. Used micro spikes due to ice. Great views.

28 days ago

hiked January 14. limited snow cover. trail was well travelled. micro spikes were perfect. good view from the summit. fun Stone throne on top. nice easy hike no steeps but ledges were slippery

Did this April of 2017 with some decent snow on the ground. Got pretty slick on the way down.

What a great and fun loop. Parking at the trailhead is alongside the road which is a bit tight. The trail going up to Straightback Mountain was not very well blazed (at least in the snow). Had there not been tracks ahead of us we would have had trouble finding our way. The connection from the summit of straightback to major (blue blazed Belknap range trail) was well blazed again. We hiked clockwise which was a great idea as to descend the shorter and moderately steep and very well blazed red trail. We had to break the trail through the snow on the way down to complete the loop and not go back the way we came. There was one brook crossing which was maybe a bit tricky but we found a way across without getting wet. Took us a bit under 4 hours in the snow.

we did this in September and loved it. awesome trail that isn't too steep

Awesome my 3 year old did great

Great little hike with spectacular view of winni and mountains to the north and east. Well marked. Trail head starts across and 200’ down the street from parking area.

Nice trail

3 months ago

Nice hike. Took blue trail up, yellow trail down. Yellow trail is a quick way down. Overall, a nice hike.

3 months ago

The rating should be moderate. While not difficult it does offer some challenges, especially for children I'd imagine.
My best friend and I hiked the Piper Mountain trail (red blaze) to the summit. Neither of us had been hiking in years and I hadn't been to a summit in almost 15. With that said, it was an amazing experience and a perfect re-entry into mountain climbing.
We started at 2:30 and hit the summit at 3:49. That includes a 10 minute stop and a few small breaks to retrieve items from my pack.
The summit offers beautiful views and includes two stone thrones.
With a few nice spots to take a break or just get some nice pictures along the way it's a great hike overall.
We left our walking sticks at the trailhead too.

Also thanks for the smiley face in the mud. Whoever you are. :)

This trail is easy but towards the edge of moderate. There are many options on how you could approach this trail as many other trails meet up at some points.

Amazing view at the top! Easy and short hike.

3 months ago

Take the parking lot to the right of the school, instead of the one by the playground. Took yellow trail up and blue trail down. Summit does not have a view, but ledge just before the summit does. Nice 180 with view of Lake Winnipessaukee, Gunstock Mtn Resort, and the peaks of Belknap and Gunstock.

3 months ago

Great time on this easy hike today! You see some terrific views with very little mileage. ***We didn't actually take the RED trail. *** Instead, we took the Belknap Mountain White Trail to the Old Piper Trail to the North peak of Piper. Then continued on the Vista Trail to the South peak of Piper. The trail we started on is near the other Carriage Rd parking lot and we missed the white stake for the trail but thankfully another super nice hiker helped us out. Clue: Its right near a yellow narrow bridge sign. :)

Nice tail though needs widening.

This is and all day hike, food & extra water. Parts are very quite except around Mt. Major. Once past this area you won't see more than 2 0r 3 other hikers. Some areas are steep and rocky others are gentle in a forest setting. This is part of the Belknap Redlining Patch Program. 66 MILES AND 15 PEEKS, IT WAS A great TIME ....

4 months ago

Nice hike. Beautiful view at the top. Took the blue trail (watch for lots of turns). Headed up around 10am and made it back to the lot at 1pm. We stopped for pics along the way and had lunch at the summit (15 min +/-). Trail was well marked. Nice to have a well maintained port-a-pottie at the trailhead. Didn't expect one of those.

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