Photos of Bear Brook State Park Birding Trails

Nice easy loop to do with the dog or friends where you’ll run into very few others. You have a couple trail options, and BBSP is a somewhat confusing web of not-well-marked trails (doesn’t help that the mountain bikers are always cutting new trails - nice to have the trails but even more confusing for newbies). I usually take ledge hill trail in (which is off Bear hill trail - see the map I added to photos). Maps can be hard to come by! Ledge trail is very cool with stone steps and huge rocks like a fairy tale forest. I always like to pop over to see Bear Hill Pond off Ferret trail, too. Particularly pretty during fall foliage. The trail heading to Bear Hill from there gets pretty wet and is hard to discern from the various logging cuts but there are some neat ant hills at the top. You can Bear Hill trail back to avoid walking the road. Watch for porcupines, especially at dusk. The hedgehog trail is erroneously named for porcupines. Be aware that this entire side of the road is open for hunting (the other side of Podunk is deer bow hunting only), so wear hunter orange whenever you’re in the park from September through early December (especially in November).