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Easy trail but busy with mountain bikes. We did it as a nice fall walk through the woods with our pup.

off trail
over grown
1 month ago

Great trail but there is absolutely no trail markers. There is one red blaze at the start that is it. Some of the trail is overgrown. Beautiful views. I used the app and I did fine except for it's searching for GPS a lot.

Not sure I'd describe this entire ride as easy or for the novice, certainly parts of it are but there's plenty of moderate terrain. First part of this ride is on the Hemlock-1 trail, a machince cut roller cut through the side of a hill in a beautiful pine forest. One of my absolute favorite trails. The next section is on the Broken Boulder trail, a mostly doubletrack that's rocky but not too difficult. Take a right on Bobcat, mostly an easy doubletrack through a nice pine forest (check out Smith Pond). At the end of Bobcat, take a right on the road 100 yards up to Hayes Field, then into the field and take a right on Little Bear Trail. This trail is a singletrack through a pine forest with some rocky spots. There is a choice to continue on Little Bear or take a right on Big Bear. Both are narrow singkletracks with tight hairpin turns and rolling downhill. Big Bear is steeper but awesome! Both return you to the parking area.

simply put....awesome!

horseback riding
2 months ago

Used this trail for horseback riding. The bugs weren’t bad, haven’t found any ticks. However there is a lot of loose gravel which is a pain in the butt with horses, and also if you were mountain biking.

Could use better signage, other than that a great hiking mostly walking trail

Trail begins fairly soon with walking along Bear Brook, which is really pretty. Much of the trail is easy to follow through pretty forest and meanders back and forth as they double as mountain bike trails. You also can take a short side trail to see Bear Pond. Very few bugs on the day I hiked it.

over grown
private property
2 months ago

The trail itself was great. But the trail map doesn’t give the correct trail head. I ended up on private property. Had to talk with the owner. But he was cool. But all trails should really update the trail head location.

I just walked this trail. I feel like there are a couple of things I have to say. First, the trails really are very poorly marked. You will want to do your own prep ahead of time. There are some blazes, but also some trail markers tacked to trees that don't identify the travel. There aren't enough of either (i.e. far fewer than you'd expect) and some of of the markers are flipped or torn in such a way that it doesn't make it easy to see where the trails goes. It would be easy to hop from one trail to another without realizing it, or to suspect you had. Next are the ticks… I've done a lot of hiking and camping in NE. I went to Bear Brook Park with someone who spends just about every summer in her family's rustic cabin in Sequoia NP, hiking for weeks. We both agreed that we have never seen more ticks. They were on our shoes and all over our clothes, on our ankles, and legs. We went with a dog and he was just covered. We easily pulled off a couple of dozen ticks off of the dog on initial inspection. After detailing ourselves and the dog we drove back to where we were staying and saw 2 ticks walking across the dashboard. Back at home we found more, on the dog, on ourselves, on our clothes. The clothes stayed outside. We checked and showered and checked again. Still the next day there was a new tick on my ankle (I assume from the car?). The dog had a couple of baths using tick shampoo and we were still finding dead ticks on him days later. We where on the trail for maybe an hour (maybe) before we headed back. Maybe we were just incredibly unlucky, but it struck us as bizarre. We didn't deviate from the trail(s). There are also large ant hills near a small section of the trail. The ants were using the trail itself as a thoroughfare. For maybe 50 yards, it looked like the trail itself was moving. Aside from the ticks, the trail was fine. Certainly nothing to write home about, but a nice walk in the woods. Generally the bugs were about what you'd expect, not bad. The park seemed very nice.

fun flowly single track, some nice downhill

Enjoyed it. Looking forward to going back to do another trail. Lots of misquotes so bring bug spray.

A very nice trail to hike Little Muddy In a few places Great bike for anybody that doesn't want much elevation

So, We went to Highland Mountain Park to watch a monster, awesome, crazy downhill race for many NE Colleges. We said Yikes and No Thank You! Bear was more our style (we need our lives). Fast And Fun!! And no jumps!

I came on 4/17/19 and the ice was off all trails except for some tiny patches, but there were definitely some muddy areas. Great hike overall, with a little bit of everything.

Hiked the loop trail today. Definitely not for amateurs! Almost had to call in the rescue team. Pitch Pine section of the trail was the worst! Sheer ice in all directions. Had to go off trail (fell in a river!) to get around the treacherous terrain! Definitely not an all season trail! #misled

This was some icy death. Also GORGEOUS and worthwhile! But there's no way we would have made it without microspikes and hiking poles. Both were totally necessary to avoid falling off the sloped trail and into the river. Yikes. We both feared for our lives at some points. Probably not the best trail for winter adventures unless you're really comfortable with those conditions!

Nice winding trails. Definitely needed microspikes but by the time we were towards the end it was slushy. Good trail hiking following streams and up hills but no views on this particular route.

Nice easy loop to do with the dog or friends where you’ll run into very few others. You have a couple trail options, and BBSP is a somewhat confusing web of not-well-marked trails (doesn’t help that the mountain bikers are always cutting new trails - nice to have the trails but even more confusing for newbies). I usually take ledge hill trail in (which is off Bear hill trail - see the map I added to photos). Maps can be hard to come by! Ledge trail is very cool with stone steps and huge rocks like a fairy tale forest. I always like to pop over to see Bear Hill Pond off Ferret trail, too. Particularly pretty during fall foliage. The trail heading to Bear Hill from there gets pretty wet and is hard to discern from the various logging cuts but there are some neat ant hills at the top. You can Bear Hill trail back to avoid walking the road. Watch for porcupines, especially at dusk. The hedgehog trail is erroneously named for porcupines. Be aware that this entire side of the road is open for hunting (the other side of Podunk is deer bow hunting only), so wear hunter orange whenever you’re in the park from September through early December (especially in November).

This is a State Park which caters to many activities and that is good, certainly. On the other hand, if you are hiking and look for some solitude there are better options, eg Pawtuckaway SP not far away. Too many mountain bikers on the trails. No complaint, mountain bikers need to be able to do their sports as well and I support this, as I am cycling too (road) but for hiking folks there are better places.... Just my 5 cents worth.

Well maintained and well marked trails. This trail is predominantly wooded with few elevation changes. I hiked in June and encountered a lot of mosquitoes, and my dog got covered in ticks.

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