Beautiful views of Lake Tahoe. Lots of places to stop and observe. Great hike.

Nice trail! Beautiful views of Lake Tahoe... def worth it

Visited once in the end of October 17, and it is very scenic and gorgeous.

This was a gorgeous trail for running - I'm a beginning trail runner and really enjoyed it. I started started around 830 AM at the crossroad and was a bit confused at first since it kind of looks like private property and is not marked as a trail head. There is a small stretch of gravel where I parked - if it was crowded, there wouldn't be more than 4 spaces there. However, I didn't see anyone on this trail the whole time I was out, ~1 hour (I didn't do the whole thing). The trail is a lovely mix of landscapes - towering trees, big rock formations, and sweeping views of Lake Tahoe - and had rolling ups and downs that were pretty easy on the knees (except for a steep climb at the start). The only thing that made me a little nervous was how deserted the trail was. I know that's exactly what a lot of people are looking for but I'm unfamiliar with typical wildlife of the surrounding area and felt like some of the landscape looked like it could be home to some bigger animals. I would have felt more comfortable with at least one more running buddy and a bit more knowledge about what to expect in the area. However, I didn't see anything and had such a great morning run experience - enjoy!

This trail is so much fun to run!

Well marked trail - easy to follow for a novice hiker like me, beautiful lake views and scenery.

Super easy trail with great views of the lake.

A great, smooth, easy trail with incredible views, meandering meadows, beautiful wildflowers, fun rock features, and was sparsely travelled when we were on it. Great hike for those with knee problems because there are next to no steps, just smooth trails.