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The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest's spectacular 6.3 million acres makes it the largest national forest in the lower 48 states. Located in Nevada and a small portion of eastern California, the Forest offers year-round recreation of all types.

9 days ago

Had a quick visit to Reno, NV and visiting Lake Tahoe was a must. This hike was exactly what I was looking for; a view of the lake (an amazing one at that!) and a chance to be in the mountains. Went down to hidden beach on the way back too! Highly recommend this trail!

Nice easy trail. Beautiful at sunrise.

I hiked this and several other trails alongside the highway down to the lake. There isn’t a ton of parking, so I just parked wherever and bushwhacked my own trail down to the path. It is very steep at the top, so be mindful of this, I had to crawl and use my hands to pull me up. There are stairs in a couple spots, so kudos to you if you park near them and use them.
I won’t say too much about the beach, I almost hate to say anything because it is a jewel. I was there by myself for over an hour. It was one of the better moments I’ve had in this life. Plenty of little bluffs and coves you can scramble and bushwhack to, I kept myself entertained between all the trails for a few hours.

14 days ago

Hiked this with my family on memorial day weekend. My buddy was almost struck by a running deer in the meadow near the start so be alert to close encounters. Aspens, towering peaks and streams make for good views. Wife and daughter, with dog, turned around about 3/4 of the way while my son, our friend and I went all the way to the lake. Beautiful in May with snow still covering the peaks. Not much area around the lake that's accessible, but that may be what keeps this gem so beautiful.

15 days ago

Just the 90 minute hike I wanted today! Headed the wrong way to cross the “bridge” to get across the creek before I headed back the right way. There was only one trail and it was mostly packed dirt with some loose rocks at a couple points. I loved hearing the rushing creek as I hiked and after 15 minutes it was all mountains! A good workout, I was even able to run a little on the way down. It was well populated so I felt safe as I single 54 year old woman. Can’t wait to make it to the falls when I have more time.

15 days ago

Beautiful hike above the basins. Arc Dome is high enough to attract lightning. Start early.

16 days ago

Nice hike on well-packed snow. Some icy spots. Nice views around the 1 mile mark, but a lot of time spent in the woods. Parking seems like it could be a little tight in summer around the diner.

17 days ago

Nice trail. The grade is very gentle, so not really steep at any point. The trail is initially just a spiderweb of social trails until you cross the creek, then pretty easy to follow until the waterfall.

Gorgeous trail and the waterfall was stunning. No snow for most of the trail but a few slick spots towards the end. I really enjoyed this hike and the changing plant communities.

An easy trail with great views that is perfect for an evening after work!

Easy hike. Some great views across the valley.

20 days ago

Incredible year round

20 days ago

Great for a quick stretch after work, and it’s hard to beat the views! The rock itself is an interesting landmark, and there’s a cafe at the bottom which has to be a plus.

Great for an evening after work, or for a more relaxing afternoon. Nice place to swim and snorkel at the bottom!

Really awesome trail to do especially at the beginning of fall! Was going great till we lost the trail heading into the upper bristlecone, but still had an awesome time and the dogs loved it!

22 days ago

Hiked it on December 28th. It doesn't get dumped on like the Sierras, but there is alot of snow on the ground. When you get up to 8k feet or so, it gets anywhere from a couple inches to 1 foot deep. Luckily there are packed down tracks from the offroad vehicles that use this trail. I didn't need to bring my snowshoes or put on my traction spikes at all. Cold as hell up top. Snot froze on my face. An awesome workout for sure. The views and desolation are nice.

Attempted to do this on 12/28/18. The last road was completely covered in snow, so I had to trek in about two miles on completely untouched snow. About 100 feet after reaching the trailhead, I heard a very quiet growl. I stopped and listened and heard the growling get louder and louder until I could see a good sized mountain lion to my right. I remained calm and stared at the cougar, but it kept getting closer so I ended up screaming at it and it stopped. I slowly backed away and headed down the trail. I suggest hiking in groups in order to avoid a scary situation like this.

We did this hike the week before Thanksgiving and it was awesome! Beautiful lakes and golden hills. When we finished we actually wished there were a couple more miles because it was that much fun!

*fun, close to town walk on christmas day.
*included halo trail which has beautiful views of the reno area.
*not much water for the dogs, so bring some along.

Beautiful trail, rocky and steep but worth the views.

one of my favorites

mountain biking
29 days ago

Nice short loop

A bit muddy and icy but worth the snow trails at the top

1 month ago

Fantastic hike during the winter months. A little bit of everything. Great views, rock climb, and then a winter trail through the woods. Not to hard for the average Joe

1 month ago

Got lost on another trail and ended up here. Absolutely beautiful and so worth getting lost for. Perfect spot for lunch and even got to hang out with a chipmunk. The views are amazing.

Beautiful hike but more amazing in the snow. looks like a winter wonderland.

Fun and I love the varying terrain.

Easy! Fun trail.

Ran this trail a couple of times. It's a bit grueling but worth the downhill.:)

Great hike. First mile or so is slightly difficult. Took us 3.5hrs with probably 30 minutes of breaks included.

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