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2 days ago

Ran this trail yesterday, unfortunately had to stop about 1.5miles from the end due to the storm rolling in (last 10minutes of the descent was a wet one). Tough in a few areas, definitely need 4x4 and at least 1 locker. Did it in my stock 13’ Rubicon with mud terrains, did not get stuck anywhere. Must be ok with some light scratches from debris in the narrow areas (watch your lines). Lots of cool places to pull aside and picnic or relax. Don’t try this trail without some experience first

Nice little falls

Impromtu hike this morning. Just me and my dog. I try to find trails that aren't too rocky since he tends to crecks his paws. this terrain was perfect for him. Was a fairly easy hike. Overall a little over two hours round trip. I came in mid May and everything was beautiful. quite a few butterflies lots of vocal birds and a lot of beautiful trees - can get a little chilly at the top of the mountain so of your coming in earlier months or on a windy weekend you may want a light sweater. Enjoy!

Time for this trail to get some TLC! The sun and weather have made reading some of the signs along the trail impossible. The mailbox with maps is empty, as such, the individual area markers don't mean much. As close as it is to the elementary, I hope they frequent this trail.

Fun little trail next to the Truckee. The gate before the bridge has a latch, but not a lock. Trail doesn't get a ton of use; so in some places using the app to tell which way to go is helpful. Gorgeous views of the river.

7 days ago


7 days ago


on Raintree Trail

9 days ago

I took my 11 month old 20lb “weight vest” with me and made it at a pace of 31 min/mi... we both enjoyed the sights, sounds, smells very much! There weren’t a lot of people on the trail either (which I prefer) Can’t wait to do this beautiful hike again!

Tez z

We had a lovely day walking this trail. Didn't come back on same trail though. We followed different trail that comes back outside of housing development. I want to go back up there and take a tube and tube back down the water!! My hubby says no.

14 days ago

Strenuous climb but well worth it. The bristlecone pine forest is beautiful. I had to stop myself from takin pictures of every tree.

The Rain Tree is not at the end of this hike but a little past the midway point. I posted a picture showing where the tree is on the AllTrails map. The rest of the hike is worth the trip; you end up on a ridge with steep cliffs. You may be disappointed if you expect the trail to end in an even better tree.

I was really looking forward to this hike. A bit on edge after reading the "Mountain Lion Hunting Ground" review, but decided to keep a paranoid eye everywhere and give it a shot. Started out as the typical really rocky forest road kind of trail. Saw a couple of smaller lakes that were very tranquil before making it to Fuller Lake. Made it to Fuller Lake and was blown away by the amount of rubbish strewn everywhere. The vandalism to the cabins and again rubbish strewn everywhere. This was in no way contained to the Fuller Lake cabins, it continued well after with construction debris along the trail and visible from the road. Made it to the last turn to go up to the Cone Peak summit. Had to back track as I missed the turn. Didn't miss the turn, there was no trail going to the top. Started off roading the Shoebaru's towards the top and decided that it wasn't worth the effort. Took a different path down the mountain and had a wonderful time without the litter. Saw some of the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway.

Hiked this trail 5/5/18. Excellent climb. Trail is primarily loose gravel fire road. Just when the loose gravel starts to get annoying it breaks for a bit. I saw only 2 other hikers. A couple of jeeps, motorcycles and ATVs. Not enough to be annoying. The trail to the “lake” is partially covered in snow but still easy to follow. It is more of a marsh than a lake, but pretty nonetheless. The trail is nothing marvelous with little to look at. The tree variety is interesting and the views of the City in the beginning are spectacular. I wouldn’t do it again except for training.

mountain biking
24 days ago

Fast, fun single track with a few surprises. I like to link it coming down off Upper Whites Creek from Galena.

4 stars as good for small children. Graffitti is a shame but handy to have Charleston Lodge at the bottom to enable ice cream rewards.

25 days ago

Fun trail that is easy to notice the changes in the flora while changing elevation. The trail from the peak over to the lake is still covered with snow, so plan accordingly. Lots of different trails that are easy to navigate with the app.

28 days ago

Offers some scenic views and a good workout.

A good mile of the hike is surrounded by houses, however, once passed, it is a very beautiful trail. You follow the creek the entire time and there are a lot of birds singing. The trail seems to be more for bikes, but it still is a very lovely trail. Bring old shoes because the trail has a lot of sand that will get in them.

Great views!!! Upper half of the hike was beautiful but stopped in an uneventful way. Had to hike off trail a bit to get to see the highest view of the lake!

Park is still closed for the season as of 4/23 so parking is off road. Directions to the parking lot on this app is slightly short - keep going on 28 another 0.7 mile or so and you’ll see the park entrance on your left. Very nice views from east side of the lake.

Great hike, gorgeous views. Fairly trafficked

An incredible trail! A good steady climb, but nothing strenuous. Lots of trees, still some snow on the ground, birds singing... just a great trail all around. I didn't go through Lower Bristlecone because it's said to be boring.
April 22, 2018.

Nice hike on a Spring morning. Disappointed at the end. Excavation at the hole with a big pipe sticking out of it. Haven't been able to find out what it was for. Anyone else have any answers?

Fantastic views! There's still some snow near the top of the trail, but nothing hiking boots can't handle.

1 month ago

Parking is at the cafe at the bottom of the trail. The views for this trail were pretty amazing and the trail is mostly sand and very well maintained. A lot of dogs off leash today. The elevation gain at the beginning of the hike is pretty significant, but the side trail leading to an overlook was a good place to enjoy the view! There was also some snow at the end of the hike before the turnaround. I brought micro spikes, but managed fine in my boots.

Trail temporarily closed because of erosion.

Slightly muddy. At the hole there is a significant amount of water so no going in. Three boys 7, 8, and 9, had no issues. Took alternate trails back. Phone worked the whole way so I knew we were ok, but honestly youre never out of sight of civilization.

I'm glad that I chose a day with a wind advisory to hike this trail. With the raging wind, I wasn't able to hear the traffic on the nearby highway. I was still able to hear the river and enjoyed that. Lots of Aspen's growing along the creek. Lots of Private Property signs. Not many large pine trees until the very end. Lots of sagebrush for most of the trail.

1 month ago

fun hike wonderful views and not too steep an incline and pretty easy trail. slushy snow at the top that got our feet wet. thicker socks and better boots would have solve that though.views well worth the hike

1 month ago

Still some snow pack up top but pretty clear

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