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Awesome short trail with a steady incline. To get to the trail, park in the upper parking lot and just follow the unmarked trail at the end that runs parallel to the road. As others have posted, the waterfall area is covered in graffiti. There are plenty of flowers on the way though and today threre are DOZENS of Spring Mountains Icarioides Blue. I thought they were the Mt. Charleston Blue, but realized they weren't after taking a closer look at my pictures. I saw more than a few Western Tiger Swallowtail and Carole's Silverspot, and one Nevada Admiral.

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5 days ago

We when down the trail from the top. Very long forest trail not hard at all. Very shaded from the sun.

5 days ago

It was a great short hike uphill, not too bad. For someone out of shape like me it’s a decent workout. But for those used to hiking and in good shape, this is an easy hike/walk. It’s so nice to walk through the trees and smell the pine. Lots of butterflies on the trail, especially closer to the water. There’s a great little waterfall at the end. Too bad there was graffiti galore on the canyon walls by the waterfall. Otherwise, very nice.

12 days ago

Good trial just a little hard to find the start. Took about 2.5 hrs with my 4 yr old and 2 yr old. They had a hard time on the incline over the smooth rocks. So they piggy back rode to the end of the trial. Stinks about the graffiti and trash. One thing that redeemed the experience is we ran into deer foraging and pairs of hummingbirds flying over head.
Good for older kids; unless using a carrier for younger ones.

I have been in there multiple times. Very rough road. takes about 45 minutes to get to east Carson river and hot springs. It is a five mile drive. you can exit to the north on a different route. Not good for someone who loves their vehicle, scratches will happen in the brush. Vehicle with clearance can make it, 4x4 when required in spring and early summer for water crossings. I highly recommend airing down your tires, I have taken chunks out of mine on this trail. I give it a 5 out of 10 on difficulty.

Nice little falls

4 stars as good for small children. Graffitti is a shame but handy to have Charleston Lodge at the bottom to enable ice cream rewards.

The map only shows the western half of the road, which takes you another 30 miles to Verdi, Nv. I took two days going west to east, camping at Jackson Meadows reservoir the first night. From camptonville, it climbs quickly and you pass the original toll house as you climb to the top of the ridge . You'll thread this ridge as it takes you all the way to Jackson Meadows. The entire route has remarkably gentle grades but the road does get rubbly in places . Biggest concern on my trip was fallen trees across the road, and there were Many. Passage around them (many had been trimmed a bit by chainsaws) was quite tight along a few sections of wall road . Trees are dying up there in the millions nowadays , so maybe take a chain saw if you are hell bent on not turning back .Two quick stretches of pavement mar an otherwise clean run of dirt from the California gold country on the western slope to dang-near Reno . This is not a dramatic route , but seeing Reno to the east as I came down the last pass was pretty cool . This is the route the Donner Party wishes it had found .

3 months ago

Awesome and very easy.
Very tight at the top.
Sucks that people spray paint all over.
People leave trash and do a mini fire pit.

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3 months ago

The road itself is pretty interesting, but there will be a lot of side trips OFF this road on BLM land that will be fantastic, as well. We drove on this road between the Utah/Nevada State Line to Ely. We visited Great Basin National Park and also took a side road to the Ward Charcoal Ovens. There is also a wind farm along the way. If we had more time to explore the BLM lands, that would be fun, too. Since we went to Ely for dinner and had to drive back to Baker for the hotel, there was a snow storm heading back. Keep in mind that there are a lack of road markings (certainly compared to what are used to seeing on the East Coast), so when it snows, it's hard to see where the road ends or the middle of the road is. The rumble strips to help you to hear it, though.

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5 months ago

You won't like it ;) don't go here...no fun at all HAHAHA

7 months ago

It was a little hard to find the start of the trail. The map got us to a gated off area. I ended up parking at the Cathedral Rock trailhead and taking trails that ran parallel to the road to get over to the Little Falls trail. From there it was straight forward. I went with my 5 yr old and he had a good time. The waterfall was active (late Oct) and you have to kind of walk around the little stream. It was fun.

The gate was closed so I wasted a trip

8 months ago

great hike for a beginner family, not steep or long enough for an expérienced hiker, but great for what it is. we walked from the restaurant to lower parking and followed the trail to the falls. 3yr old loved it. would recommend for a light afternoon walk to chillax from a long hard day at woke

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9 months ago

9/4/17 Gate still closed

on Little Falls Trail

10 months ago

The trail is not washed out, it's just a HIKE not a walk — a mild hike at that. Don't bring 3 year olds or the infirm and you'll be fine.

10 months ago


The pictures posted are beautiful and absolutely nothing of what the trail looks like as of this writing after recent flooding on the mountain. My husband and I enjoyed the hike, but it was far from "easy" and though it isn't closed, all of the nice grading had been washed out and we were hiking on rocks the whole time. We had our 3 year old with us and she did "okay," but definitely not the hike we were expecting. Or 61 year old dad on the other hand had a terrible time - we were expecting the easy hike the pictures and other hikers spoke about, but due to being washed out, that is not the case. If you are looking for an easy hike/walk for kids, dogs, older individuals, this trail is currently not!!!

If you are looking for a more moderate hike, it was nice. We saw one deer on the way up and two on the way back!

Another note - trail signs have been washed out. We were able to find the falls, but we heard many people were not able to and turned around.

10 months ago

Perfect short hike to keep kiddos interested and perfect timing because there was actually little falls with water.

July 21, 2017

There is two ways to get there.
One using the trail head or cutting through the lower parking lot.

If you are doing it for distance do the trail head cause it will take you longer shy of a mile.

If you cut through the parking lot it will be .8

Once you get op to the falls be carful of the plants at foot level they are sharp by they are found at edge of the trails.

The trail does have an incline and lots of rocks the cover the ground make sure you have shoes that will have some
Ankle support.

At the top of the trail it is tight space

Also so recently people have been tagging the wall and starting fires up there.

Easy 30 mins round trip.

If you have a water filter I would take it to enjoy some fresh cold

This trail was not marked on the trailhead signs, so it's a good thing we had this app! My 2 1/2 year old hiked the entire way up to the waterfall herself! It's a little steep, but if a 2 1/2 year old can do it, it can't be too bad. There were many beautiful butterflies by the waterfall which helped to make it extra beautiful. We went in July, but there was still a good enough flow of water to get wet if you wanted. Beautiful and easy! This is definitely a repeat!

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Great trail. Lots of rabbits and birds. Will definitely hike a little further next time.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Great short short hike you can access it from two parking lots going to cathedral rock. This trail is well marked and wide. You have a steady climb to the falls. This year with the extra snow all the falls are really pouring over. We could hear the water from a good distance. Take the kids it's too easy to call a hike.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

good trail, easy hike. Graffiti on rocks near the falls was a disappointment.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Peaceful and perfect for a beginner hiker such as myself.

off road driving
Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Went 6 miles in with a stock sr5 4runner. Enjoyed it and will visit again. Was not too difficult.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Easy Hike with the Family. Cold water stream and baby falls at the end.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Took my 2 year old and 4 year old daughters and they did fine. We did have to carry our 2 year old some of the way. We got there early and had the trail to ourselves.

off road driving
Friday, June 03, 2016

Relatively easy. Best to stay safe and go with someone else. Easy to get lost so remember which way you came. This trail isn't really "Logan house trail" it's part of Genoa peak trail and you would start on this end and end in downtown south Lake Tahoe. Beautiful drive be careful saw a bear and whole bunch bear droppings so keep an eye out.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's lonely out there

Monday, February 22, 2016

Short, very easy trail. A great one for the kids to explore. Very little impact.

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