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We had a lovely day walking this trail. Didn't come back on same trail though. We followed different trail that comes back outside of housing development. I want to go back up there and take a tube and tube back down the water!! My hubby says no.

It’s absolutely beautiful here right now. The ducks are nesting, the plants are coming back to life, the river is flowing, and the trails are dry. Super easy little nature walk, nice way to catch some fresh air on your lunch break!

Nice hike on a Spring morning. Disappointed at the end. Excavation at the hole with a big pipe sticking out of it. Haven't been able to find out what it was for. Anyone else have any answers?

Slightly muddy. At the hole there is a significant amount of water so no going in. Three boys 7, 8, and 9, had no issues. Took alternate trails back. Phone worked the whole way so I knew we were ok, but honestly youre never out of sight of civilization.

Nice area to explore in town. With the river so close, it drowns out most of the city sounds. Lots of wildlife with different birds and animal tracks. Will probably be prettier in late spring and summer months when everything is green. Lots of signs saying no dogs.

Great easy spot to go walking with young kids, brand new viewing area that has been installed since the flooding, has some great song birds. Train is nearby, if you’re looking to totally ditch the city noises that will be the main thing that interrupts, but for my kids that was just icing on the cake at the end of our walk. We’ll definitely do again.

off road driving
3 months ago

A very scenic alternative to US-395 through the Walker River canyon with a number of forest service roads diverting off to other explorable areas. The southern portion is a gentle, flat, and amply wide dirt surface with rolling hills that do more rocking as you proceed north. You'll enjoy the descent into the canyon in the middle of the route, provided that the narrow road that slopes toward the cliff is not enhanced by snowfall. The ascent up the north side of the canyon is a decent incline and quite rocky, although 2WD would suit nearly every day of the week.
The only clearance issues on this route would be the occasional basketball size rocks that have fallen to the road from up the slope, but they are an easy fix.
The northern portion as it heads into the town of Walker enjoys a high perch above the river and views of the tiny 395 highway below. I wouldn't call this route "the" adventure but it can get you closer. Recommend the route east from this road to Boulder Flats.

Interesting trail. All of the elevation gain is in the first bit, the majority of the way is very level. The "Hole In the Wall" was much bigger than I expected. Nice hike this winter as I had the daughter and grand daughter along, so didn't need to worry about cold feet in snow. Didn't have any issues finding the trail, just used the map in the app and zoomed in to distinguish the route.

3 months ago

Great trail but very frustrating that so many dogs were off the leash! If your dog is nice that's great but you don't know how dogs will interact. It caused my hike to have moments of stress that I would rather not have to anticipate. The hike was beautiful, I would do it again without my dog.

As it’s been noted, the trail head is hard to find. Just find parking near the river and take a right towards the bridge to find the trailhead.

The trail is hard to find no sign we parked at Mayberry Park. If you are looking at the river follow the path to the right. Go over the wooden bridge. Head up the trail. There’s a sign called Tom Cook keep going up to the top follow the trails (there are a lot of trails). Keep to the right until you reach see the ditch keep right. Keep following that upper flat path to the right for a while until you see a bunch of trees and there’s a hole in a wall. It’s about 2.7 Miles from the park. We didn’t back track. There’s a trail right after the hole descending down. And turned into a single trail track behind housing development. The trail has no shade so it was good to do it in the winter and on a cloudy day. It was also pretty muddy.

4 months ago

Good hike! Kid friendly but more some where in between easy and moderate

5 months ago

This time of the year made the hike incredibly difficult mostly due to the lack of trail markers along the trail. We took the trail posted and honestly, it was a shit trail to take. It's worthless near the peak. We began at 6am and didn't finish until 9pm with 14.5 miles logged. Snow on the slopes were a huge time factor as was the class III scrambling, climbing. I recommend an alpine start and downloading a proper route via gps to prevent climbing the last 1.5mile.

5 months ago

The trailhead is very hard to find. We parked at Mayberry Park and made the mistake of going left when you’re facing the river. We walked all the way through a neighborhood to a bridge, only to realize it was the wrong bridge. We had to turn around and go all the way back and to the right when you’re facing the river instead. We found the correct bridge on the trail head that way. But there are zero signs indicating where the trail is or even if there is a trail. They should really work on putting up some signs.

mountain biking
5 months ago

The trail was great, its a bit muddy at parts and there are about 1/4 of the trail thats a little bit of snow at this time of year, but its expected for the rest of the winter, there isn't really water coming out of the hole right now and the creek is mostly frozen

Beautiful country

An easy, fun hike with a steep beginning and flat most of the way.

Do this trail in the early morning. There isn't much shade once it hits 11-noon. For the most part this is a very flat trail. The hardest part is the beginning of the trail.

Intense initial climb, nice and relaxing after that. Great views of surrounding Reno.

It was more of a dirt road than trail, with vehicle traffic. There were several side routes that are not mapped causing some confusion about direction. There were some nice views. Oct 1 was a bit too early for any fall color.

i love this spot for what it is, but I would not really call it a hike. It's more of a nice walk or a place to have a quiet lunch.

7 months ago

The trail starts just south of Mono Village Campground at Twin Lakes, CA. There's no cell reception there, so I wasn't able to check in via the app. GPS is still fully intact for recording purposes, however, and pictures can be saved in the app for later uploading.

This is by far the most visually astounding hike I've been on. The views of the Sierras and numerous waterfalls and lake vistas at points along the route are absolutely breathtaking.

It's a continuous, switchback ascent to the top. We electively stopped our uphill trek about 1.8 miles from the base, although the trail continues for another 3.7 miles and climbs an additional 4,400 vertical feet from our turnaround point.

We climbed 948 feet in elevation during our less than two-mile ascent. It took us around 2 hours to make the out-and-back trip. It's late September and there was a light dusting of snow on the ground at our finish elevation (~8,000 ft), which was the first we had seen on the trail.

This one is a must see, even if only traveling part of the way.

Definitely a difficult hike. We didn't see anyone else on the trail. We started at the trail head in Mono Lake village (really just a campground). The beginning of the trail was very poorly marked, so I was glad we had downloaded the Alltrails map. We wouldn't have found the trail otherwise. Eventually the trail peters out and you just have to rely on your map from there.

We did it all in one day, and it took us 12 hrs. I guess people also do it in two days, which would probably be easier. It nearly destroyed me to do it in one day, although my wife seemed fine. She's a super-hiker though, so that doesn't count.

Even though it was August, there was still plenty of snow on the upper slopes. The trail only takes you half way, and then you have to scramble over rocks and snow patches the rest of the way. This is a little exhausting, and makes the climb more difficult. Definitely bring some sort of emergency beacon device because it is very rugged and isolated up there. Like I said, we didn't see anybody the whole time.

Things to consider:
- Bring a water filter. There is a stream almost the whole way up.
- Be prepared to deal with snow. The snow was icing up on our way back in the late afternoon and made it a little treacherous coming back down. It was very steep.
- Bring mosquito repellent. Haha. They are relentless .
- Just be safe because it would be difficult for anybody to find you up there.

All in all though, it was a gorgeous hike and definitely worth the effort. Lots of cool rocks on the way up and a great view at the top.

8 months ago

Really enjoyed the trail and even got to swim at the end! :) The water is pretty chilly but pleasant in this heat. I think people can float from the hole in the wall back down to a quarter past the trailhead, not sure but i plan to try it on Saturday.

Nice escape from downtown.

We have just finished this hike. We went from Leavitt Meadows to Lane lake on Friday afternoon. Continued to Fremont lake on Saturday. Returned to Roosevelt Lake on Sunday and hiked back to Leavitt Meadows on Monday. The lakes were all very nice and the scenery was beautiful, especially the canyon where the West Walker rushes through. There were good camping sites between Lane and Roosevelt Lakes, and also south of Lane Lake. We crossed the West Walker at Fremont, and it was very doable at this time. Fremont lake was worth the climb and was easier to swim in than Lane and Roosevelt - less debris in the water. The trail was not crowded at all - we saw maybe 15 other hikers the entire 4-day trip. The bathrooms at Leavitt Meadow trail head were clean - thank you!

10 months ago

This is a pretty nice and easy trail, there's a small hill but after that it's just a nice flat curvy dirt road till you reach the hole in the wall. Not very well of a marked trail so keep your map up at the beginning and close to the hole or you may miss it.

10 months ago

I split my TRT thru-hike into two major sections. First half in June and second half in August. Both were bug free. I'd make sure, next time to pack extra water flavorings as Spooner Summit Lake water wasn't exactly flavorful. There is water off the trail in Friel Meadows, it will take a few extra minutes to reach. Take an extra day in Desolation Wilderness. I did it in a day. It's too awesome to bust out that fast. This is a great first thru-hike fir those wanting to get into LDH. It teaches resupply, resource management, and hike mileage strategy.
PS I thru-hike'd the AT several years ago.

Great fishing spot without heavy traffic. Posted sign has related fishing info. Trail is overgrown and has seen some damage by the raging waters but is still legible.

11 months ago

The start of the trail is at Mayberry Park and after you cross the bridge you have to follow a steep and rocky trail up the hill for a bit and then you reach a cairn marking a fire road and a ditch that lead to the trail. If the ditch is on your left you know you're going the right way and from there it's an easy and relatively flat walk to the hole.

If you bring a dog mind all the fox tails and hemlock. The only other traffic was a few hikers and mountain bikers. Not a really special hike but the ditch was full of water at this time of year and the hole was kinda cool.

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