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The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest's spectacular 6.3 million acres makes it the largest national forest in the lower 48 states. Located in Nevada and a small portion of eastern California, the Forest offers year-round recreation of all types.

Amazing trail!! I will definitely do this one again and again!!

Did the hike on the 18th of May and to my surprise there was still a lot of ice on the trail especially in the upper part where there is more shadow in the woods. It is a steep hike with some beautiful outlooks but not really hard to go.
I recommend waiting until the end of June for the ice to melt or try the southern route.

3 days ago

3 days ago

Did this hike while visiting for my sons graduation. Beautiful trail. But go early. The heat kicks up in the afternoon and a lot of foot traffic going back up to the summit later in the morning.

4 days ago

The waterfall was worth the incline trek! ☺️

nice hike, go after the snow melts

From 9120' - 10,658' elevation it was almost entirely ice and snow fields. Told that crampons and axe not necessary which was HORRIBLE beta. Loved the hike but the level of effort without the former went through the roof. Lesson learned!

Definitely a moderate hike up hill. The path is very visible. You can't get lost. Can be very slippery in places. A few areas with shade to stop and rest if needed. Sundays are busy :) But it is well worth it to see the waterfall at the end. Great trail. Would def recommend

Pretty easy hike, but mostly rock climbing at the very end. There's still a pretty good amount of snow on the ground, so wear appropriate boots. It's beautiful and the view at the end makes it totally worth it.

4 days ago