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The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest's spectacular 6.3 million acres makes it the largest national forest in the lower 48 states. Located in Nevada and a small portion of eastern California, the Forest offers year-round recreation of all types.

Great forest trails for stock suv 4x4 vehicles and good views. There are a few turn offs a map would have helped. Never the less it’s not to hard to navigate at that elevation.

The "hike" is a 800 ft cliff followed by a 2.5 mile flat dirt road that follows the man made canal. There were a total of ten trees in the "national forest". The hole in the wall had a 5 ft wide pvc pipe stuck inside it. The path had a total of 4 signs. all of which said to keep the trail clean and no markings for directions. There were several other parking places that would have made more sense to be the trail head.

The single pro was that it was silent and peaceful with a view of the city.


Started at Big Meadow early, 15 miles plus. A good day, came across lots of hikers on my way back in. Wind picked up at the lake lowering temps but keeping the bugs away. A few water crossings but nothing to sweat. Wildflowers will be blooming in the next few weeks so the meadows will be stunning.

Awesome little hike with a lot of shade.


2 days ago

Yesterday was my first hike of the year at this altitude. Just wanted to let everyone know that I completed the Galena Falls loop. While there is still snow fields to cross it is passable. No post holing. I strongly suggest taking trekking poles for safety and make sure you have deep lugs on your shoes. Enjoy!

2 days ago

Started off at sunrise which was perfect since there is still a ton of snow on the trail. Early morning kept the snow packed and easy to walk on. Unfortunately, as it got warmer, the snow started to melt and it was a slushy, muddy mess on the way back. High winds at the top of the summit, but incredible views throughout the entire hike. Breathtaking views from the top of the summit made the tough hike back worth it. Will do again, preferably with less snow on the trail maybe August/September.

Just a wonderful, super scenic hike. You can make it any length you need.
Great sandwiches at the Cafe at the bottom. We took them to go and had lunch at Sand Harbor. Perfect!

Beautiful beach, easy to get to.

Great views from Castle Rock; trail is nicely maintained and marked.

I heard a rumor that there is a steel bridge a little bit further up from the first stream crossing. I never found it and I of course got wet. Bring dry socks, snacks and at least two bottles of water. There are three spots of cobbled hell, just take your time. on my way down, EMS crews were going up to tend someone who got injured. Try to get to the trailhead before ten unless you want to walk an extra half a mile to the trail head.

Really difficult hike but well worth it. Left around 3pm and got back around 8pm. Great to do in early summer because it’s still bright out. Made it to Raintree as sunset was beginning and it was breathtaking.

7 days ago

Good trial just a little hard to find the start. Took about 2.5 hrs with my 4 yr old and 2 yr old. They had a hard time on the incline over the smooth rocks. So they piggy back rode to the end of the trial. Stinks about the graffiti and trash. One thing that redeemed the experience is we ran into deer foraging and pairs of hummingbirds flying over head.
Good for older kids; unless using a carrier for younger ones.

Easy walk in the woods. We walked it in an hour. Not the view we expected. Only a quick look over the lake in the beginning of the trail...

absolutely beautiful and worth the trek to the waterfall

8 days ago

This was one of the best trails I’ve been on! Our 1 1/2yr old Lab loved it!! Beautiful scenery, wildflowers....the sound of birds and the creek and of course the waterfall! There are a couple of shaded spots along the trail, but not many until you get to the tree line which means your getting close to the waterfall. It was windy yesterday and at some points of the trail the gusts were pretty strong blowing dry sand and gravel. Lots of people on the trail. It’s an easy hike as far as the terrain and elevation goes, but moderate for the length. Not a good trail for mountain biking, though...too many people, and it’s a single trail! People should keep their dogs leashed (even if they are friendly, because people don’t know that and some are afraid of dogs) AND please clean up after them!

Amazing views through out, especially as you get closer to the turn around point. Overall a simple, straightforward hike.

8 days ago

I’ve done this trail a number of times and really enjoy it’s difficulty considering how close it is to Reno! If you follow the wider trail from the parking lot, you will probably have to wade through water to get to the other side, but in the left corner of the parking lot there is a much smaller trailhead that can lead you to a log over the creek. It is a bit past the little gully with a drain pipe, and has some wooden steps leading down. The log isn’t in the best shape, so I would recommend only going one at a time, but if you’re really intent on not getting your feet wet that’s the best route I know of! On the other side of the log, go up to meet back with the main trail.
This trail is not super easy, especially in the heat of the day, but it is absolutely doable even if you’re not in great shape! I think it’s a perfect intermediate hike if you are looking to build muscle and stamina and want something more challenging than some of the other hikes nearby. The last part of the trail is in some much-appreciated shade, and the waterfall at the end is wonderfully refreshing on a hot day :)

Beautiful scenery and the waterfall was amazing!

beautiful trail which is easier on the knees. we saw wild mustangs.

off road driving
10 days ago

Trail was incredibly fun! Took out our trail rated 2018 Grand Cherokee for the first time and it performed beyond my expectations. Any trail rated Jeep can handle the terrain with ease. It was our first time off road and can’t wait for the next trail. Don’t worry about tight brush scratching up your rig or anything like that. Have fun and ride on!!

11 days ago

Hiked from the top of Mt. Rose pass parking lot at 9am. I am very familiar with the area and know the trail at this time is hard to follow as it’s all snow after about 1 mile in. So I decided to pack my skis and follow the trail up Mt. Tamarack and ski down the hourglass bowl to the waterfall and resume the trail to the summit. This hike is much more difficult in the melting snow. The trail often disappears. Postholing was over my knees at times. Made it to the summit and didn’t see one other person out there the entire day. Then skied back down Mt. Rose and postholed following the original trail all the way back to the lot. Helps to take some hiking poles, boots and some knee high gators. Be prepared for a good workout.

Beautiful scenery, amazing 64 degree weather. The trail is very easy to find and very defined the whole way to the top. Lovely breeze and trees. Can’t wait to go back. Oh no fees to enter the “park”.

Did this hike with my 15-month-old in the carrier and two other mom friends and their babies. Note that there's no bridge at the first creek crossing and the water's pretty deep, so you either have to make your way across some rocks and logs and hope you don't slip, or travel the other way along/up from the creek to a dam and cross there (that's not meant as a crossing but it worked for us). Trail is very narrow with steep drop-offs much of the way so I would be wary of coming here with younger kiddos. It's also tough to cross the creek just before the waterfall to get to the other side - there's one area to cross with a pretty wide tree across the creek, or up a little ways there are some rocks and smaller logs stacked across. With wriggly kiddos we didn't feel comfortable doing either so we continued up the creek to the waterfall where there was a very small area to see it and sit a bit. Definitely recommend this hike for earlier in the day as it got hot really fast. But really beautiful and sitting near the waterfall to rest before heading back was very refreshing.

Second time we’ve done this trail and we love it!It’s not too hard so you can bring the whole family. We prefer to start at the upper trail and end at the lower. This way you start basically on a dirt road and end in the middle of the forest with big beautiful trees and it’s a bit cooler (You will have to walk on the road a little bit to get back to the parking lot.) We brought our hammocks so we could chill and have lunch and it was perfect. Even took a little nap! I would definitely recommend this trail :)

14 days ago

Rated moderate only for the incline. Easily walked up while in a sling 3 weeks after rotator cuff surgery. Views are awesome. The stop and turn around is really not a destination. You just turn around at 2.4 or anywhere you choose.
There is no parking behind the cafe as of now. You have to park in side of hwy then begin your walk up and past the cafe. The trail won’t start for about a quarter of a mile or a little more.

A nice moderate hike in Reno. Beautiful waterfall at the end. It gets really hot during midday, would recommend going early or later in the evening to avoid the direct sunlight. There is little to no shade for most of the trail. It is only during the end that you’ll have tree coverage. You will need to cross some deep streams this time of year, so either prepare to get your feet wet or have trekking poles if you don’t have good balance. We were able to cross by walking on logs and rocks to avoid getting wet. I did see some trash a long the trail, please pick up after yourselves. Also, dogs can use this trail, we came across several not on leashes. Be aware of dog poop as well.

This trail is so beautiful! I cannot wait to come back later in June to make it to Nobel Lake and continue on to Highland Peak. Highly recommend. Just a heads up - there is still quite a bit of snow on the trail, but the early stages are passable. I'm not sure about later down the trail as I didn't make it far today due to a time constraint. Come prepared for snow and enjoy!

I started at the Upper Bristlecone and did the Loop down to the Lower Bristlecone which is the end of the trail. So to get back to the upper trail parking lot, you would have to hike along the side of the road which I didn’t know..It was a very long hike for me.. Burnt lots of calories.. lol!!

Great hike, it’s been a while since I have hiked so it took me a bit, but loved the spots to stop and take pictures, then great food at the end.

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