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The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest's spectacular 6.3 million acres makes it the largest national forest in the lower 48 states. Located in Nevada and a small portion of eastern California, the Forest offers year-round recreation of all types.

PSA: the gate from horse meadows trail head is closed to vehicles for the season.

Just went to check this trail out. Q&D has numerous signs saying "keep out." The trail is not accessible from October 2018 to March 2019. no fishing, biking or hiking. looks like it would've been a great hike.

Awesome awesome

3 days ago

Kicked my butt, but it was a beautiful hike.

A nice trail that you can see when driving on 80. This trail has signs stating it is closed due to construction on the flumes from November 15th, 2018 until March 2019. There was no one working on a Saturday, but I don't know if there is a potential of getting a ticket or towed if you decide to go for it.

Overall the trail was in great condition. There was some ice, but nothing too bad. My ~16 lb dog completed it with me and had no trouble.

We have done this hike several times and had a great experience today! Learned a few new things, namely how to cross the creek without getting wet! I have heard about an alternate crossing and finally found it today, excellent day as the rocks at the inital crossing were covered in ice.

From the paved parking lot at the top of the access road down to the creek, take the single track trail to the left that skirts the hillside and follow it instead of going down the gravel road. There will be several paths down to the river from this single track including a set of steps down to a thick log crossing the river. This would be stable enough bit we chose to keep following the trail up a bit to a small, white water tower with a metal grate bridge across. This was completely stable and safe for us today and I recommend choosing either this bridge or the log for a safer initial crossing. Thanks to the hiker that told us about this!

The other crossing that has always been problematic for me was the dam just below the waterfall. Apparently, I am the only person who did not know there is a huge log to cross just below the dam! This would have saved me a lot of wet shoes! Just in case this is a problem for others too: off the main trail, just below the dam and waterfall is another well-worn trail to the left that goes down to a huge, stable log that makes for easy creek crossing.

Hope this review helps and many others can enjoy and care for this beautiful area! The waterfall was icy and spectacular today!

7 days ago

This trail is amazing!! The bottom is really ugly due to fire debris, but mid way to the top its sooo beautiful. Perfect pine trees, bushes, fields, its soo beautiful. At the too you have a 360* view of the tahoe basin and reno! Its a spectacular view. This trail goes to the first meadow, which is so pretty! I cried when I saw it because it was so perfect with the small breeze on the wheat. This is where you should turn around and go back. Unless you want more...

I was so motivated to see the second field that I kept going, I was as pleased with the second field as much as the first. It was really really big and there is a makeshift wood dam in the middle which is wild to look at!

At this point I was debating whether to go back or just continue to Florinston, CA. I decided to continue, it was worth it. There were so many cool views and amazing fields. Most of it is downhill, and in either fields of bushes or birch forests. I did not regret it one bit. It was really really neat and I would have regretted it if I didn’t go.

Overall, it took me 11 hours for a 20 mile hike. I am experienced so it may take you longer depending on your skill, and of course the environment (snow, ice, etc...) It was pretty rocky and extremely isolated, I only saw one family in a ATV. Keep this in mind, I recommend bringing a partner, there are cyotes and mountainlions, although I did not encounter any, I saw alot of tracks. The trails are pretty spot on and exact. The fields by Florinston are very pretty and open. I highly recommend this trail, its one of the prettiest I have been on.

Prepare for a long hike, with about 3,000 in elevation gain. Be safe and take care!

I walk slowly and totally spend 3 1/2 hours. The view is really amazing. Only one thing bother me is- crossing the river. Water still is so much. My shoes get wet. On my way back, I try to take off my shoes/socks and cross by my bare foots. The water is freezing cold! ! however, it is still a great experience.

great loop

great trail, not too hard at all. At the very end you have the option to go over to Verdi Peak lookout. Really enjoyed myself however there were so many atvs and dirt bikes that it was a serious damper. May have been my fault for going on a Sunday but it was pretty unpleasant getting dusted by someone riding up behind me every ten minutes.

12 days ago

Time this trail accordingly as it will be covered in snow during winter/spring. This is my go to place for hiking. Its a nice hike with shaded trees. There is a nice resting spot next to a waterfall. The views are stunning looking over Reno and of course Lake Tahoe. Recommend doing this hike in light summer/fall for the best weather.

12 days ago

Great hike with great views. The last mile is a bit of a climb but well worth it.

Just went to check this trail out. Q&D has numerous signs saying "keep out." The trail is not accessible from October 2018 to March 2019. no fishing, biking or hiking. looks like it would've been a great hike.

13 days ago

Gotta love loop hikes! Even without the trip to the summit this is an excellent hike. Take the brand-new Tahoe Rim Trail section from the top of the waterfall for an added workout (instead of dropping into the valley before getting to the junction that leads to the top of Mt. Rose) (on this map).
Also, be aware that there is a new cut-off from the "Rest Stop to Relay" trail to the Relay Peak Trail at about .7 miles from the trailhead. (NOT on this map, or the one at the trailhead)). You'll still get where you're going, but it's a little confusing.

Beautiful views

14 days ago

Love this trail and the waterfall payoff at the end. Glad we got an early start, there was hardly anyone out at 8am. By the time we came back it was getting crowded. Took us 2 hours and 19 minutes not counting the 15 minutes we hung out at the falls and had a snack. So peaceful and quiet out there at that time in the morning.

off road driving
15 days ago

Great trail. Completed the whole thing in my ‘08 RWD Silverado. Had 1 issue with the first hill but nothing a little patience and airing down couldn’t fix. I would rate this as EASY. 10/10 will do it again this week and take more time to explore side trails.

I do have all terrain 35’s and a G80 locking differential. Plus some recovery equipment (didn’t have to use).

15 days ago

Beautiful hike, especially with all the fall colors this time of year. Incline most of the way to the beautiful waterfall. Following the creek most of the way is very peaceful. Close to town, yet you feel so far away. As someone else mentioned, we also clocked it right at 6.4 miles.

Love it, slow and steady incline. Wide open space after the creek. This trail felt different than anything I’ve been on recently.... just wish I would’ve got here earlier in the season to see all the aspen leaves on the trees!!! Would recommend doing it in late September / early October to see the beautiful colors!

17 days ago

Pay attention to the trail on the app - easy to get on the wrong road. We went late October and unfortunately missed the leaves.

Very relaxing hike. Gets some good exercise and also cool down from the hot city. I parked at the lower bristlecone lot and ended at the upper lot and walked on the road to my car. I think that’s the smart play.

Spectacular view from Castle Rock!!! Good trail to acclimate on.

20 days ago

Absolute treasure for the under 5 crowd. Beautiful fall colors. Easy to traverse, for all ages.
Great day hike sight

The official trail dies out about 2.5 miles in, but many different use trails can be followed pretty much to the top. As a day hike, this is a pretty tough one! The summit block seems to be about a class 3, but the views are sensational. Route finding skills and a high level of fitness required, it’s a lot of elevation gain to the summit!

20 days ago

Beautiful hike with panoramic views of Lake Tahoe at every turn. On this day it was pretty windy It had to be at least 25 mph winds I felt like I was gonna blow away craziest wind I’ve experienced

Gorgeous lake and mountain scenery. Lake Tahoe Views. Near Pacific Crest trail. Very popular weekends. Round Top Lake leg on the strenuous side. Glacial ice kindly delivered to trail level by enterprising youngsters. Surprising number of folks packing skis/snowboards.

Superb little hike, especially with kids. Requires to be a bit careful towards the rock.

21 days ago

Love this hike! Even if you only a mild in and back out you’ll love it! Today we went to the top.

One of the best hikes I’ve ever been on in Tahoe! Amazing views all the way up, in late October the most BEAUTIFUL fall colors. Definitely constant incline that will get your heart rate up but nothing unreasonable! Loved every second of it and the views at the vista at the top are stunning! Great dog trail too. I went on a Thursday and it was moderately busy near the bottom - I imagine it’s insane on weekends!

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