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The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest's spectacular 6.3 million acres makes it the largest national forest in the lower 48 states. Located in Nevada and a small portion of eastern California, the Forest offers year-round recreation of all types.

amazing trail despite some of the debris I found.

1 day ago

Beautiful hike! You can cut through to take a quick peek of the monkey rock and the beautiful 270 degree view of the lake. Shortcut is a bit steep but well worth it.

Love these trails.. Horse Canyon, Thunder Mountain, Round Top Mountain, Fourth of July, Summit Canyon and PCT. Round Top Mountain is 10,500 elevation. What incredible views. Can see 13 lakes including Tahoe.

This hike is more than 6.3 miles when you stay on the marked trail. TONS of switchbacks. I tried to go the mapped trail on this app coming down and it was a bad idea for myself. It was along the ridge and some spots you would have to find another route to climb down because of small drop offs, very steep and I slid a lot. I did however shave off a mile of switchbacks but did not save any time since we had to be more careful climbing down.

4 days ago

Little muddy today, but always an amazing hike :)
As others have mentioned, there is a bridge so you don't have to cross the very first creek. Take the higher trail to your left and follow it in for a ways, until you see a small white silo on your right. There is a metal grate bridge right there!

I went back to try the trail again and managed to find the bridge. Take the very narrow steep trail that goes up to the left and follow it along the creek until you find a metal bridge that crosses over it. It will be on your right a ways up the creek. Once you cross the creek, which is flowing very heavily right now, it’s an absolutely gorgeous hike

really beautiful scenery. the waterfall is amazing

This isn't a hike - it is a walk through a river bed with glass, old metal and tons of horse/burro/goat poo. Good photo opportunities in the 'slots', don't waste your time going any further. NOT good for dogs, lots of old rusty metal pieces in the rocks.

on Hunter Creek Trail

7 days ago

Really nice trail to jog & hike. Very muddy at the moment but worth it at the end. Hike takes about 3 hrs round trip.

The trail is hard to find no sign we parked at Mayberry Park. If you are looking at the river follow the path to the right. Go over the wooden bridge. Head up the trail. There’s a sign called Tom Cook keep going up to the top follow the trails (there are a lot of trails). Keep to the right until you reach see the ditch keep right. Keep following that upper flat path to the right for a while until you see a bunch of trees and there’s a hole in a wall. It’s about 2.7 Miles from the park. We didn’t back track. There’s a trail right after the hole descending down. And turned into a single trail track behind housing development. The trail has no shade so it was good to do it in the winter and on a cloudy day. It was also pretty muddy.

8 days ago

Very nice trail, very easy and chill, some unleashed dogs and a bit muddy at the end of the trail. I’ll recommend not going to finish the loop and turn back a quarter of the trail left to avoid muddy parts!

8 days ago

Amazing views, great trail. We hiked this from Carson pass and it was about 12-14 miles total. Even in the middle of summer, there were snow here and there and it got pretty cold at night. During the day it was great and people were coming up to fish in the lake. Beautiful spot, we will be going back

9 days ago

Nice hike to run !

Good hike! Kid friendly but more some where in between easy and moderate

Great hike beautiful view.

Great views and fairly easy trail. I took Garson Road instead of the map on here. The lake was full but I agree, too many people have trashed the area.

It was worth a mile of mud trail in January! Beautiful in the winter!

on Hunter Creek Trail

15 days ago

beautiful During winter!

Great hike. The trail was pretty muddy for the first couple miles but cleared up as I got higher.

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