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This was a great hike!

Don’t take a SO on this hike unless a) they are already into hiking, or b) you want them to dump you.

Fairly difficult but well worth it when you reach the summit!

Good trail. I'm a bit on the older side and out of shape. ut was able to complete this trail. if your in moderately good shape you should have no problems.

trail running
6 days ago

I did this trail roundtrip in 3:38 yesterday. I’m trying to see if I can beat my own time.

Very tough trail. This is not for beginners.

I do this trail probably 2-4 times a week. It’s a great short workout. Highly recommended for anyone. I’m sure you’ll see me on this trail!!

9 days ago

Beautiful trail, challenging and enjoyable. Views you must see for yourself.

Pretty tough in spite of the moderate rating since the first half is basically all uphill switchbacks, but short enough. Heavily trafficked. Incredible views along the way and from the top!

12 days ago

The trail has some parts that were recently washed away by flooding. The original post for this hike says it’s 8.7 miles round trip but It is not accurate. It’s about 9.8 miles round trip. Overall it was a great hike and definitely will test your ability to perform in higher elevations.

This trail is a must-do for locals. It's not too steep, but plenty of rather steady gain. It's short, and the top is breathtaking.

My twin sister and I did this hike during LDW. The incline was intense and difficult, however we made it to the top. The views were well worth it. We used about 2-3 liters of water RT and packed snacks/sandwiches, had walking sticks (saved me during the last 10 mins going up the peak). On the way down took us 3 hours had we not stopped for pictures and Snapchat videos I am sure it would have been faster. Total time for us was 7 hours and on my heart app said I did 13.8 Miles. I am thinking this is because we had to park pretty far to the beginning of the trail since the parking lot was full. I will definitely be doing this hike with my husband and dog next time and of course my twin if she can come! Keep in mind there are a lot of switchbacks and the incline is intense, take your time and you’ll get to the top! Check our pics on IG @borntotwin

16 days ago

Great views from the top. Definitely worth the climb.

16 days ago

Great hike to the top with a spectacular view!

Great hike! Go early in the morning and you will miss all the crowd.

So much fun! The climbs was awesome and just when you think you’re done that last bit was so hard! Seeing the entire valley of Las Vegas was amazing! Well worth the hike hands down!

Very short and look out for the MTB crowd. Didn’t see any other people hiking but did see a lot of bikers.

Fun hike with my 8 yr old. Trail is crowded and parking is even worse. We parked at the restaurant and walked up. Good times with a great view at the top.

Awesome trail!!! Was invigorating!

Super quick day hike! Beautiful view and a good mix of uphill with some flats to catch your breath

4.5 stars! This is the first peak I left a granite slab on marking the top. It's under the pine, try to find it as you summit!

Super dog friendly, just a great escape. This is where you go instead of Mary Jane Falls. perfect day hike.

Beautiful view

trail running
29 days ago

A great hike up and an even better run down! Beautiful views and highly recommended if you have several hours to commit to it. Those who are new to steep switchbacks will enjoy that this route has lots of great places to take a break.

Good moderate trail to begin your day! Nice and cool with wonderful breezes. Get there early, trail head parking limited.

Great hike. moderately challenging, as I had to rest three or four times at the switchbacks. pack plenty of water. amazing view at the end.

Great trail. Some inclines, but not too gravelly or potentially muddy. Lots of flats to counter the inclines on the ascent. Not as "Mountain View Scenic" as Mary Jane or Trail Canyon, but nice for those who like a look at the flora. Hundreds of beautiful pine cones on our hike.

Great hike! We did this hike a month ago. prior to all the smoke. Amazing views. lots of switchbacks. Once you get to the ridgeline, that is a great place for a break prior to the final straight up push to the summit.

1 month ago

This IS the only open trail to Griffith Peak, but it is NOT the Griffith Peak Trail. The Griffith Peak Trail was never used all that much, and is still closed due to a fire some time back. The trail in question is most commonly referred to as the South Loop Trail, as mentioned in the body of the article. By the way, it's an excellent hike!

1 month ago

Good trail for the family, not too difficult, great paths and views

1 month ago

Nice view at the top but lots of people crowding the trail.

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