18 days ago

Great hike that’s easy enough for beginners but still a nice path for experienced hikers.

First day I hiked it took me 1hr 45min. I took my time and was more interested in sight seeing than a workout.

The second time I went (the route you see here) it took me 1hr 8min but I ran back for the final mile.

I’d say that at a comfortable pace it should take you 90-110min.

There is a lot of loose gravel and most of the route is flat. You’ll climb about 500ft of elevation over the hike.

Around the 3 mile mark the elevation decreases and it’s a nice downhill walk. Be careful at this point since the rocks can move and you can roll an ankle.

There are 4 spots where you have to climb a small boulder. The tallest one is about 10ft high.

Other than that, be sure to bring 24oz of water, at a minimum. That’s all I had but I tend to consume less water than the average person.