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I want to go but I can’t pack my hiking bag and not bring my dog. He would be crushed.

This was my first time on this trial and it was great. I will definitely come back to do it again. My problem is with the app. It did not correctly track my hike or path, luckily my Fitbit did that for me. I will continue to use the app to fond trials but most likely not the recording mode anymore.

Great hike all the way up, nice and challenging at the end. best part is the 360 view at the peak, incredible! cool fort and flag up there too :) happy hiking!

Wanted to go, v bummed that no dogs are allowed.

beautiful hike and great workout

Consider this “Black Mountain” light. Very easy hike until the ¼ mile towards the peak when the trail gets steeper and more technical; you might have to use your hands to scramble.

This time of the year is very cool; I took 1.5 liters of water. Parts of the trail get a little faint so night hiking might be a challenge. Bring a jacket as the winds and temperature can require at least a wind breaker.

When you get to the top, there is a register in an ammo can and a flag.

There are more trees and scrub than Black Mountain but 403 trail lacks the profusion of cacti Back mountain has; I could not identify any barrel cactus.

2 months ago


Thanks to whom ever did that!

For a more detailed review, see my review 29 days ago.
This is the third time I have been up this trail in 29 days and it is worth the strenuous (last part of the trail) hike.

On one of my hikes to Black Mountain, I used my Asolo boots to see how they would work on this trail and the stiffness began to give me friction issues so I had to slow down. While I had planned enough time for the hike, the friction issues took my hike into the night.

I had always taken a head lamp with me along with the 10 essentials (maps, compass [even though I use GPS], sun protection, extra food and water, protective clothing, matches, fire starting materials, a knife and first aid kit). I often questioned the need for some of the ten but that day my dedication to the ten paid off, for real.

Not only did I need my head lamp, it got cold and windy so I used my rain jacket as a wind breaker (rain is not always an issue in the dessert but the rain layer is intended to serve multiple uses).

I was never afraid during this unexpected night hike, but I began to get disorientated and thought I might need to stop and camp; I had an emergency bivy for extra warmth if I needed it.

I began to wonder why it was so hard to see the trail (it was only after doing some post hike research I found out that warm light would have been better for my situation for better color contrast. Part of this trail gets faint and hard to see at points; the cool white light washes out the faint contrast between the trail and surrounding gravel. From my research, the only warm light head lamp I found was from Zebra light).

I soon heard some voices ahead but I was still a good distance from the trailhead and was wondering what that was all about… soon, I saw lights bobbing up a head: must have been 5 or 6. When then lights got closer, I saw that the lights were on trail runners… trail running at night. About three groups of them passed me; all in all there must have been 15 of them. Cool!

After they left me, I was still having some difficulty orienting myself. Suddenly, it was like someone turned on a night light: moonrise; and it was a full moon! I turned down my headlamp and, once my eyes adjusted, I could better see the trail.

Morel of the story: always carry the ten basics.

Nice hike. I think we took about 90 minutes. We went up 100 and down 200 which I think was the good way to go. There are dry waterfalls on the 100 side to go up, but nothing very difficult.

2 months ago

Very nice hike, good view at the top of red rocks and vegas. Trails not well marked, so not always easy to figure out which way to go if not for gps on the phone. I would rate this easy/moderate. The very top of the trail involved minor scrambling, but even that wasn’t too challenging. I am a relatively experienced hiker. This took me about an hour and a half. I ran most of the way back.

3 months ago

Trail BLM404 (Black Mountain) is an easy hike most of the way until the last ½ mile when you might have to engage in some scrambling (class 2). Because of the distance and last segment of the hike, it is considered strenuous by most accounts; it kicked my butt pretty good

You access the trail via the Shadow Canyon Trailhead and follow a paved portion of the Anthem East Trail. There is a reservoir and you want to keep right of it (SE). You know you are on the right track if you pass by a small brick structure with a trail sign on it: find BLM404: this is the trail to Black Mountain. Follow along the top of the spillway till you see a sign that reads “Black Mountain Trail”. The trail itself is well marked from there and soon follows a ridgeline to the top.

Warm weather hiking is difficult due to the lack of shade so bring plenty of water (3 liters when hot, 2-1 liters when cool). While the landscape is stark in the beginning, there are breathtaking views of the valleys below as you hike along a ridge line with some switch backs.

As you get to higher elevations, there are small windswept Joshua Trees and about three types of Barrel Cactus. As you approach 1/3 of a mile from the peak, there are nice clusters of Teddy Bear Cholla… but be careful: these cacti are painful to brush by and often have little clusters that have fallen off the mother plant scattered about.

You will know when you are getting close to the peak as the trail gets steeper and more rugged with loose rocks and a steeper assent. You might want to have your hands free to steady yourself at that point. I was so focused on the trail; I was stunned by the abrupt appearance of a nicely made 9 foot diameter rock wall build around the benchmark medallion when I reached the peak. The wall had an opening, was about 3 feet high and gave great protection against any wind.

I found three benchmark medallions from the US Coast & Geodetic Survey at the peak.

The view was amazing from the top and totally worth the hike!

3 months ago

I wasn’t too impressed until I got to where the loop begins. Like everyone said, pretty much all gravel on the 100 side and not too much to look at. Once you get to the loop and start to see the Petroglyphs, the hike definitely gets better. Loved coming down the 200 side and seeing the city view. Pretty easy, but enjoyable hike!

Couldn't access the peak. Decent workout and views though.

3 months ago

Beautiful hike just start early it gets hot. Make sure to take lots of water and sunscreen. The top is the hard part other then that it’s mostly switch backs which aren’t too bad.

Awesome. Not a single person on the whole route! Saw a desert tortoise, coyotes and a couple of hawks... but not one damn person. It’s open terrain, no trees so be prepared for the sun to beat you down or go on a cloudy day (just happen to be so) like I did.

Great hike that’s easy enough for beginners but still a nice path for experienced hikers.

First day I hiked it took me 1hr 45min. I took my time and was more interested in sight seeing than a workout.

The second time I went (the route you see here) it took me 1hr 8min but I ran back for the final mile.

I’d say that at a comfortable pace it should take you 90-110min.

There is a lot of loose gravel and most of the route is flat. You’ll climb about 500ft of elevation over the hike.

Around the 3 mile mark the elevation decreases and it’s a nice downhill walk. Be careful at this point since the rocks can move and you can roll an ankle.

There are 4 spots where you have to climb a small boulder. The tallest one is about 10ft high.

Other than that, be sure to bring 24oz of water, at a minimum. That’s all I had but I tend to consume less water than the average person.


Challenging trail close to Henderson and very easy to follow to the top. Apple Watch clocked me around 1 hour 30 minutes each way, 17,000+ steps total, 174 flights climbed total and from shadow canyon parking lot 3.6 miles each way. Therefore 7.2 miles round trip. Plan for 3 to 4 hours to complete this one.

Great trail easy to follow. Met caretakers along the way - incredible people. Hot and open trail.

Great trail - met caretakers along they way. Incredible people!! Very hot and open.

Moderately difficult hike with some scrambling near the peak . great views of LV from the top.

This is a very hot and unshaded hike, though not overly strenuous in other aspects. Pay careful attention to the few trail markers as to not wind up off course. The section with petroglyphs is rather short, but fascinating. The ranger at the trail head was very helpful.

7 months ago

Excellent hike and the last half mile to the top is difficult and steep.
FYI.... the exact distance from the parking lot to the top is 4.55 miles one way.

Great trail. View at top worth every step. Not fond of the scrambling at top due to injury, but still worth it.

on Black Mountain Trail

7 months ago

Nice trail with a cool 360 view at the end. The grade is really pleasant for most of the hike and the steep grade towards the end is rocky, giving it a technical element (thus making it less grueling).
Definitely a great hike other than it being a pretty busy trail (saw about 8 other groups on a Sunday). In the summer you should definitely leave early to skip the midday/afternoon heat.

if you bring a dog you are only allowed to do trail 101 witch is VERY poorly marked (if even marked I didn’t even see anything out there). I talked to the ranger when I got back in you must walk approximately 100 feet down path 100 (which clearly says no dogs) before you see the break off to path 101. I wasn’t able to do the hike after talking to the ranger due to heat.

It’s a very fun hike! I would totally recommend to invest into some good hiking boots/shoes because it does get slippery going on down. The best part of the hike was the view at the top.

Fun! Did this hike this early this morning (4:30 a.m.) to catch the sunrise at the peak. Like others have said, the last 1/2 mile is killer.

The Black Mountain Trail is the perfect combination of mild to somewhat extreme, and I recommend taking a previous commenters suggestion and do the hike in moderate temperatures. It's not difficult, but the last half-mile to mile section gets to be a bit of a rocky climb. The trail makes for great desert scape/ wildlife observation. It's a peaceful hike, but once at the top you get bombarded by flying bugs. There's a white flag at just passed mid-way, and an American flag at the top next to a rock fort with a sign in canister. It takes about 2 hrs to get up with a moderate pace and breaks and about an hour and a half down at the same pace. The views at the top are definitely worth the work, and you can see the entire valley including Boulder City and part of Lake Mead. I would do it again and recommend it to others.

it gets pretty steep so hiking shoes are a must

We walked late so it was already hot at 2pm.. the dry waterfalls leading to the petroglyphs are quite challenging for hikers with kids. Nice experience still

trail running
9 months ago

Trail was well marked. The water fall area was beautiful and the petroglyphs were cool. The majority of the trail is through a sandy wash. Unless you enjoy hiking / running in sand and scree, I would avoid this trail.
The park closes at 4:30. Plan according.

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