5 days ago

As other have commented the hike is strenuous - it took us about 2hours to arrive at the top and 1h to get back to the parking lot.

The false summit is a bit deceiving, but the view at the end is worth it!

28 days ago

5 stars for the hike. Minus 1 star for the area where you park your car. Shotgun shells littered on the floor and a tweaker chillin on my car on my way back down.

The hike is definitely not for beginners and or anyone who is not prepared. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT this hike if you are not prepared. I arrived at around 9 am with one car parked. I met this fellow as i reached the summit and he was preparing to hike back to his car. Two other cars arrived after me. One with a group of teenagers and one with two older folks. The group of teenagers did not bring enough supplies and were ill prepared. They made the conscious decision to not do this hike and they left. The two elder gentleman were nice as i talked to them for a few minutes telling me they wanted to get back in shape. Neither of them had water. From i what i saw they barely made the first ascent and turned around.
As others say, the incline is no joke and walking back to your car is just as bad.
Once you summit every aching part of your body will thank you. You get treated to a beautiful 360 degree view of las vegas.

I didn't hike up to that mountain. But why did I saw the U.S Marines hiking up to that mountain. They all drove up on the Humvees and they hike up to get a scope of me and the city of Las Vegas. I can see a flare reflection off one of their scope. I stared directly at 8 of them . I'm not a high value target and I have no guns. What's the answer to all of this?

Frenchman was awesome. Today was my first time doing this hike. Definitely a lung and leg burner and I enjoyed every minute of it. The key is to do 30 to 45 second brakes and after 7 to 10 minutes of climbing. Just at 30 seconds makes a huge difference. don't let that view of the true Peak scare you from the false peak. Finish strong and enjoy the view!!

Did this twice - both in February. Bring lots of water and take your time, especially on the stretch down from the top. It took me longer to get down than go up!

3 months ago

First ascent on Frenchmen. Killer workout! Enjoyed the grind.