Bring your hiking shoes for the treck down! Took us about an hour up and and hour down stopping for all the Kodak moments of course

The trail is loose and steep but the view is worth it. From the peak you can see the entire Las Vegas valley and the mountain desert and Lake Mead on the other side.

29 days ago

Very difficult yet very rewarding. If you work on Nellis AFB it is a must. You will always be able to see the mountain and say I climbed that.

Good hike. It can get pretty steep in some parts and there's a lot of lose rock. great view from the top. If you don't mind long steep trails, then I recommend this one to you!

This hike is the best of worlds and the worst of worlds. Virtually no wildlife and nothing but rock, rock and more rock. You are either walking up a steep incline or down a steep incline - there is nothing inbetween. It's (only) redeeming feature is the view from the top. Spectacular, and peering over the ledge toward Lake Mead is a treat. That, and the fact that, virtually wherever you are in Las Vegas, you can point to the imposing Frenchman Mountain and say "I hiked that."

Tough, rough hike that will kick you in the gut right from the start. The end result makes it worth it! Wear proper hiking shoes and have a celebratory snack, or drink for the summit. Coming down isn't easy, the loose rocks make it tough to keep footing. It's a workout!

Good trail. Rocks were not friendly but that's what a hike is too me. I loved it. Enjoyed myself. Good work out. Quiet. Kind of cold. Note tho that you will have to park in the dirt next to the road. But don't park in front of the gate. No one bothered my car while being parked there. There is no where else to park. Sooo yea.

Beautiful view, work the work to get to the top! Not easy, bring lots of water and some snacks. But so worth it!

Awesome Nature Stairclimber! Steep, loose rock, graded path straight up the mountain with an average 20% grade and try to be kind to your ankles and knees coming down. A really nice hike with very few other hikers due to the steep incline. Nice views of the desert and Las Vegas. Since this was December, no wildlife (i.e. snakes), and chilly in the morning (38 degrees F).

Great uphill run. Definitely coming back to use this hike as a training workout.

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5 months ago

Nice run, but getting up to the summit involved a little bit of climbing.

A solid hike that shoots you right up into an uphill climb from the start. There are some long stretches of uphill climb with loose rocks on the ground, so be sure to wear appropriate footwear.

while driving east on lake mead blvd you'll see a fence with steel wires for rope, that's where you'll need to park - there won't be any signs pointing to the trail.

You start off with a decent uphill trek, followed by a an even longer uphill climb followed by several switchbacks. At the top you'll feel as though you've reached the top, but will be surprised to find out you have another totally different hill to climb lol. Same pattern: long uphill stretch, followed by a few more switchbacks. But there is much better footing on the final hill so the climb up isn't that difficult.

Bring lots of water & some food to reenergize before heading back (especially if you're planning on doing this in the summer) - and enjoy the view at the top!!!

Overall this hike will give your legs an amazing workout, and the view at the top of Vegas is amazing.

Uploaded a few pics to give you a better idea~ (also a very short video of the hike for reference -