4 months ago

5 months ago

You will need a high-clearance, or better yet a 4WD vehicle to access this trailhead, by the way. :) As you turn onto the Horse Canyon turnoff, you'll have to cross the creek twice until you reach the right turn to get to Falls Canyon. On this road, you'll cross the creek 1-2 more times (depending on where you want to stop and park). It's easiest to park after the second creek crossing as the path is very overgrown after that. The road eventually turns into a pretty clear trail and about 0.5 mile in you'll get to the waterfall, which is quite impressive in the spring. You can see the waterfall on the trail, and there is a trail that leads to it as well. If you wish, you can backtrack to this spot and continue on left to the end of the trail, about 2 miles in.

You will need a high clearance vehicle to access this trailhead, possibly a 4WD vehicle in early spring when the creeks are flowing high. You will turn at the rest stop and continue going through the cattle guard. Veer right at the first crossing, then left at the second crossing where the road will get rougher. We parked a few hundred feet before the trail starts. Like other trails in this wilderness, there doesn't seem to be any maintenance. Some parts are washed out or overgrown, so we had downloaded the topo map to keep on trail. You see cool rock formations on this short hike though! There some phyllite and I think sandstone. The trail eventually ends ~2.5 miles in where you have excellent views of Santa Rosa peak. From what I've read from peakbaggers, this is the shortest route to summit the peak but you have to bushwhack it from this trail. The aspens in the fall were pretty, and I'm sure when there's snow on Santa Rosa Peak, it's beautiful!

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Turn on the N. Rebel Creek road, not the south one or you'll enter Rebel Creek Ranch property! Technically the trail begins after all the creek crossings, but it will be difficult to get a vehicle through the overgrowth. A high-clearance vehicle is necessary to access this trail. We parked right before the first creek crossing where there was a clearing next to some cattle fences. Unfortunately, grazing continues into this wilderness and on this trail so be weary of cattle. We got stuck behind some and it really slowed us down. Due to the cattle grazing and lack of use, this trail is not very maintained and is destroyed in some sections. It is pretty deserty until about 3 miles in where you turn into some aspen grove areas and where you get excellent views of Santa Rosa peak. The views are better and better as you go higher as well. There is water in the Rebel Creek, I would assume year round as we went in the beginning of September. There are some very overgrown areas where you have to bend down/crawl to get through. Be prepared to be dusty and dirty!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

a pretty easy trail to a rare sight in Nevada-a waterfall! some parts of the trail after the falls were a little sketchy and maintained. you also have to cross the creek several times to continue on the trail so you will get your hiking shoes wet. there was dense vegetation in some parts as well. other than that, it was beautiful and the waterfall was cool!

Monday, January 19, 2015

More difficult than moderate. The scenery was remarkable the entire length of the trail. Falls were beautiful.