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Amazing route to pioneer saloon !

1 day ago

The best time is near sunset because there’s less traffic and it’s cooler. You get to enjoy a lot of nature sounds.

Did run into some young kids smoking pot, but got paranoid and left shortly after

Great hike and workout

I've done it twice and I don't appreciate the garbage in the cave. Those afraid of heights may have a difficult time. it's not easy to find if you haven't been before. Probably wont be back.

Keep going all the way to the cabin. Bring lots of water.

scenic driving
7 days ago

If you visit Las Vegas, make sure you go to Red Rock and at least take the scenic drive. It is an amazing place to visit! The National Park America the Beautiful pass ($80/year for entrance to all national parks and monuments) gets you in for no additional cost. The visitors center is very helpful in suggesting trails to take if you are feeling like taking a hike. Nice areas to stop and take scenic photos.

on Dale's Trail

7 days ago

Lots of up and downs, plant life is very colorful. Deep, rich colors of sand and stone. Lots of shade, but no water nearby except that at Pine Creek.

Hike that is absolutely not marked. Part of the hike is done in a 4X4 off-road road on a soft rock bottom that makes it a very difficult walk. The decor is beautiful, however. I could have given a 4* for the scenery.

we had great fun, no too difficult, but hard enough and terrific views! absolutely word while!

good views
big workout! A lot of bang 4 the distance!

12 days ago

I am not going to say it's easy by any means but it's worth it. We went up to watch the vegas lights come on and descended in the dark. Was an amazing view. Tough uphill ascent with lots of long rocky pulls. Great workout. Don't give in at the first hill though.

14 days ago

A beautiful somewhat challenging hike. I hiked it counterclockwise and was happy I did. The trail starts out a little drab but gets nicer as you go. There is a nice view towards the end after the trail takes you up a hill.

This is a great hike with amazing 360* views at the summit. Well worth the time and effort.

Nice, easy hike with great views. Just enough to get the blood pumping. One of my favorite in Red Rock.

Great trail! Pretty easy, not strenuous at all but does have some bouldering and scrambling towards the back of the gorge. Overall, the views were incredible. We were disappointed to not see much water, but it is technically still summer so that was expected. We definitely started early, on the trail by 7am to avoid the afternoon heat but on our way back there were tons of people just starting out. Lots of rock climbers seem to come through this trail, we were half tempted to start following them just to see where they were going but decided otherwise.

on Oak Creek Trail

21 days ago

Good up and back hike. you can break off to Knoll loop which is very easy trail but kind of hard to follow without the GPX downloaded to guide you.

Easy trail to practice off-road basics for sure. Definitely stick to the right cause a lot of the trail is gone. Stock wranglers have no problem with decent all terrain tires and just paying attention to random rocks. 3rd and 4th gear in 4lo no problem.

Loved this trail! Enjoyed sitting by the beautiful creek, walking trough the meadow, expansive views of red rocks and climbing through the boulders. I went past the main trail and it was well with the adventure and climbing through the rocks to get to the upper creek. Cairns guided me and I left a few of my own to point the way for others enjoying this trail!

Enjoyable walk

My fave hike in Red Rock, I’m there quite often. It starts off easy then can get a littl difficult so make sure to bring plenty of water. If you hike into the canyon you can either relax at the top r go further in. If you do prepare to do some scrambling.

Not the best but not horrible. Be prepared for a mile long climb along a narrow, rocky path. The views are good but fairly fixed. Be on the lookout for the trail’s only marker which is located about 250 yards from the parking lot. Miss this and you will be headed out on White Rock Loop.

This hike as mapped is just someone exploring and recording the Hike. Beautiful but no marked trail of any kind as you get off regular loop and climb to top, follow ridge line then descend. Difficult, with significant exposure and truly an exploration. Be ready to backtrack, trying alternate routes and bring plenty of liquids and snacks. A hike we anticipated lasting 2 hours turned into a near 6 hour mostly rock scrambling outing. Be careful, not for the faint of heart!

We went just because it was there. Loved it. A bit scrabbly at times. The view of the Strip, Fremont Street and Lake Mead was good. Must be spectacular on an extremely clear day. Take more water than you think you’ll need

1 month ago

This is a great hike with beautiful views of Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon. This hike is in Red Rock Canyon park so there is a $15 admission fee per car. One this trail there are some steep spots with loose gravel/sediment on it, making it dicy in areas. I would recommend trekking poles. Keep an eye out for blue, orange and white dots/arrows to identify the path. There are Many offshoots that will lead you astray.

Did this amazing and easy hike some years back i think it was 2013-2014. Back than the grapes vines were young and new planted. Did not get to see the full flow waterfall but the spring water was refreshing. Filled my water bottle and no filters back than. Gotta start again.

Nice and short for smaller kids and dogs

1 month ago

Full of tarantula hawks, thistles and cacti. Heard there were rattle snakes. Must be true. Don’t go. Also the cabin is haunted, grudge-style, so a Japanese ghost will eat you.

Great drive!

Easy and great fun for families!

1 month ago

best scenery on a two mile easy trail anywhere.

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