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If you’re hiking along the gravel wash, you are not on the actual trail (I realized that about 1 mile in.) Once you get to the north side of the mountain, I recommend veering right to go up and over. It adds some nice elevation and leg burn. Be prepared to scramble back down on the east side.

17 days ago

The first half is the La Madre Springs hike and the springs kinda mark the half way point. at the springs there are a crazy amount of Dragonfly and Bees along with various wasps; be careful of the Tarantula Hawk, it has the second most painful insect sting right below the Bullet Ant.

Past the springs foliage is amazing and you almost forget you are in the middle of the Mojave: Pine, Juniper and reeds to name a few. The trail gets a little hard to follow here and there and it crosses the stream that feeds the spring a few times.

Things get a little steep as you get to the "Miner's Cabin" but it is worth getting there as the view is amazing.

If you want to find the mines above the cabin, things get a little rough and steep: one of the mines is about 40 feet horizontal and the other one descends into the ground, so I did not explore it. I think the mines are worth seeing but it did take me a few tries to find them.

Around one of the mines, I found a stone with a fossil in it.

I take about 2 liters of water with me when I go.

Loved it. Beautiful.

A longer hike on foot, but very enjoyable nonetheless. The views are amazing, though the trail itself is less than glamorous. It has a bit of climbing that was hard on my companion's knees and has little shade, so bring water.

More visually rewarding than the Strip in Las Vegas.

Really rockey and trash everywhere. there are a lot of off shoot paths so it's a bit confusing choosing the main path sometimes

Started from the Cowboy Trail Rides side. Nice leg burn up through Caren Canyon to Muffin Ridge. Great views of the Strip for about a half mile along the ridge to the BDH peak. The descent down leads to multiple trails that connect to Boneshaker and ultimately back down through Fossil Ridge to the parking lot.

Enjoy the drive, but be sure to get out and explore as well. There are hikes for all skill levels/ages throughout the park.

scenic driving
1 month ago

This is absolute must.

I hike this about once a week, great exercise.

tons of trails to hike right beside vegas cant go to one without the other

Great hike and a perfect day to do this open spaces hike. No water. In any of the creeks. Beautiful vistas and unexpected views of Vegas at the top.

2 months ago

Easy walk. A bit of rocky rubble, but worthwhile. Views are incredible all throughout. Lots of wildlife to espy.

scenic driving
2 months ago

Beautiful drive!. We wanted to go hiking but it was raining all day. We decided to drive the scenic trail and then went into a few diff trails and snapped some pictures. We were all impressed and will visits red rock again!!.

The way around the hill is hard to find and wilderness
I do not recommend

2 months ago

If you're looking for an easy Hike - This is it!. It pretty much goes straight no uphills or elevation plus the view is wide open and beautiful. My husband and I got so lucky to see some deer (nice treat). However, hiking boots would help a lot since the trail isn't just sand if not there's rocks everywhere and wearing normal shoes or sneakers would be quite uncomfortable. Therefore, worth it.

this area has several trails that vary in length and difficulty. Many of the trails can be linked together to create loops

First hike since I moved here. It was an awesome trail. I will be going back to try more. Definitely recommend to others.

scenic driving
4 months ago

A good option if you're visiting Vegas and itching for an intro to the red rock landscape this area is known for.

Main walking paths are DEEP GRAVELLY and rocky. Not easy to walk. Worth to check it out on a clear cool day

4 months ago

Great 2hr hike for me and my dogs!

trail running
5 months ago

this trail has some nice parts, but a lot of it is running through a deep gravel pit.

Too much very loose gravel

Little rocky in spots but overall fun great trail

road biking
6 months ago

Great climbs with smooth asphalt road.

7 months ago

Liked the trail but make sure you keep this map open on have a relied upon back up trail is difficult to navigate due to path not being to clear, but if you hike u know what to look for great spots for pictures and resting to enjoy sights of red rock, bring plenty of water just in case and use off! Lot of flying insects

As others indicated, "trail markings" are not to be relied upon all that much. Natural navigation, footprints, compass, etc. definitely the way to go. Passed by a couple of solo hikers (like me) on my way in, as they were finishing up. Both with light packs. On the way out, a family of 4 with ZERO gear. Really? Veered off the "path" and blazed my own trail, hiking deeper into the canyone. I loved the solitude here!

9 months ago

Quite a fun ride. A good friend of mine took me to Red Rock for a date, and we hiked the Calico Tanks there (also pretty awesome). We also checked out the visitor's center and drove on this road (I believe) on our way out. It's definitely a fun road to drive on, especially if you have a learner's permit wanting to learn how to drive on a curvy road with some moderate traffic. I suggest you take a date to check out the resort really sometime and drove along this road on your way out after doing one or more hikes. It was certainly fun for me!

mountain biking
9 months ago

Excellent area to mountain bike ride. Large enough area with beginner to expert trails. My first time riding the trails was a little scary not knowing where I was going but I've been coming up here 3 times a month for over year now and I ride the trails from Blue Diamond to the extreme south late night parking looking for more to venture.

10 months ago

Great trail around the mountain. One short inclining hill, but after that is smooth sailing.

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