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A great and relatively easy way to get back into parts of Red Rock that you can’t see from the loop drive. The backside of white rock is beautiful and the trail climbs enough to reach some different environments with more vegetation. Nice little creek at the end. Beware bikes, ATVs and some SUVs on the early part of the trail which starts on an unmaintained road. Half mile in and you’re only on trails though so not bad.

The drive to the second parking lot can be a little rough. There is zero shade but other than that it was a nice trail with good views.

5 days ago

Beautiful views. No shade. 7 lizards

Wow! Great hike. Started off uphill for a little bit but then its flat and down hill the rest of the way. Didnt take as much time as expected to get all the way in. Found a perfect spot by the creek...we sat down, played in the water. Overall a great time. Only reason I wouldnt give it 5 stars is because it was alot busier than I wouldve liked. But I will definitely be visiting again

on Calico Tanks Trail

5 days ago


nice accent to the top. never had issues with the trail, the orange and white markers were helpful. a good challenge on the way up but more going down with the shale. take your time or you will fall! I did this hike early and was first to summit. not too many other hikers on this trail on a Weds. amazing views at the top!

Seems easy to use

Great trail with very pretty views of the surrounding Red rock canyon. A lot of the hike is exposed so be prepared to be in the sun. Not too difficult- moderate is a true ranking. Even the drive to the trail head is gorgeous. Would definitely recommend!

Pretty easy - beware the heat - take plenty of water and sunscreen

very fun

Fun hike! Beautiful views of the pines and mountains. Lots of water flowing thru the creek.

11 days ago

One of the best trails at Red Rock! Easy to find your way and the views at the end were great!

a pretty easy hike. it was a great day to go hiking

nature trips
13 days ago

amazing you may take a nature walk and have a picnic or hike in the tougher trail higher up.

nice trail beautiful waterfall bathrooms inside red rock

If you’re hiking along the gravel wash, you are not on the actual trail (I realized that about 1 mile in.) Once you get to the north side of the mountain, I recommend veering right to go up and over. It adds some nice elevation and leg burn. Be prepared to scramble back down on the east side.

13 days ago

Fun hike. We didn't go all the way to because we brought our small dog. Stopped before the ascent. We definitely plan to do the entire hike--without the dog.

Great hike. Plan 4 hours round-trip, great views of Red rock and Vegas at the top.

16 days ago

Great and challenging hike! The trail is marked so it’s easy to find your way around. Beautiful views at the top!

Not easy! Hardest part was accepting the reality that my calves and lower back were gonna be on fire until I summited the peak. I think my legs went numb actually, and then I couldn’t walk for the rest of the day, but it was perfect weather, had to wear sunscreen, but never got lost and the trail never got too sketchy. Friendly and respectful fellow hikers.

19 days ago

great hike, not a fan of walking up rocky gap road. Once I reached the actual trail head it was a beautiful 2+ mile hike to the summit. Afterwords took a detour towards Bridge mountain but did not complete. Got to hidden forest.

Great trail! Loved the rock climbing parts of it.

20 days ago

Unfortunately did not get a payoff at the end of the trail. Highlights included many deer mules roaming around. I will have to reevaluate the hike and rating. Just learned if you continue on the path their is a abandoned "cabin" and mines to explore.

I loved this trail, great scenery. I did however fall and broke my wrist, can’t wait till I can do it again, just as soon as I get the cast off.

20 days ago

Super easy trail. Fun if you want to bring the little ones.

22 days ago

The first half is the La Madre Springs hike and the springs kinda mark the half way point. at the springs there are a crazy amount of Dragonfly and Bees along with various wasps; be careful of the Tarantula Hawk, it has the second most painful insect sting right below the Bullet Ant.

Past the springs foliage is amazing and you almost forget you are in the middle of the Mojave: Pine, Juniper and reeds to name a few. The trail gets a little hard to follow here and there and it crosses the stream that feeds the spring a few times.

Things get a little steep as you get to the "Miner's Cabin" but it is worth getting there as the view is amazing.

If you want to find the mines above the cabin, things get a little rough and steep: one of the mines is about 40 feet horizontal and the other one descends into the ground, so I did not explore it. I think the mines are worth seeing but it did take me a few tries to find them.

Around one of the mines, I found a stone with a fossil in it.

I take about 2 liters of water with me when I go.

Some people call this area Fern Valley as there are areas where ferns actually grow.

Been on this hike several times and I am always amazed at the amount of water seeping and flowing along the trail. I have seen ducks in the pools just before "Dark Shadows" (an area where rock climbers do their thing).

Once past Mescalito Peak things get a little rough till you hit "Dark Shadows" but I would not characterize it as hard. A little past the peak you will find some pools of water. It is best to get high up along the north (right) part of the trail (overlooking the pools) because in the valley, you will have to scramble over boulders.

Once you get to "Dark Shadows" (where you might see some rock climbers) go a head and descend into the valley and follow along the stream (it is there most of the year and if it drys up, you can still see pools and evidence of the stream and follow it). Part of the stream follows along a steep side of the valley and is always cooler (like Ice Box Canyon) than Pine Creak Trail.

You may have to walk around boulders and do some light scrambling but it is easier going than the area between Mescalito and Dark Shadows.

Towards the end, you will see a HUGE boulder and and old fallen pine tree, if you get past that there is more trail. I have explored past it and tried to find a water fall to no avail.

22 days ago

Lots of fun scrambling! The tanks themselves were a little underwhelming as there was no water when we visited, but I definitely recommend that you keep climbing up for spectacular views of the city.

The trail isn’t well marked after you go through the gravel wash, but it’s fairly intuitive.

Rookie Mistake: It was our first time in Red Rock Canyon and we missed the Sandstone Quarry Trailhead turnoff - which meant we had to go all the way around the one-way, 12-mile loop to get back. Beautiful drive, but pushed our start time about 45-minutes!

Easy and beautiful hike, but the trails are horribly marked and it is easy to take a wrong turn (or be on the wrong trail altogether) to a different trail. The good news is that it is hard to get lost since you can see the road and parking lots as you meander around.

Beautiful and easy hike. Great views and we even saw some deer crossing our path. The dogs were able to easily navigate the trail. The trail is short but a nice hike for a short outing

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