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the trail was beautiful. definitely easy to get lost if your not paying attention. i went counter clockwise and missed the trail marker taking you up the moutain to complete the loop. i hiked 2 miles out of my way and climbed some crazy rock wallls then turned around when i realized i had no exit. definitely recommend this trail in the fall or spring.. heat was brutal in july

Absolutely gorgeous. We got deviated just a bit from the trail a couple of times but it ended up actually being 7.92 miles instead. The climb up thru the canyon took awhile but the views were amazing and loved the pain of the upward climb.

Very easy hike and has water in the spring time. My boys (7 and 5) had a blast on this one.

amazing views over the valley.

Great trail, basically a walking tour of Red Rock. I've done it clockwise and counterclockwise and don't really have a a preference on which is the "better" way to travel the loop. Clockwise gets the "boring" Jeep trail out of the way and leaves the scenic Calico portion for the end. Counterclockwise gives you a great scenic start and ends with an easier return on the Jeep trail. Can't go wrong either way. Pretty easy to follow, can get a little hard to find the trail when it intersects with the trailheads but nothing too frustrating. Definitely recommend waiting for cooler weather to do this hike.

2 days ago

I'm from Vegas and my sister and I would do this hike a couple times every summer. If it's in the summer, though, you should make sure to get an early start because there's no tree cover until you get to the slope of the actual mountain and even then, it's just some short and pretty sparse junipers. The hike is long and the "trail" becomes less defined as you get closer to the slope of the mountain, so my sister and I would usually end up taking whichever route we wanted that given day, often the wash that was still shaded by the peak. The view at the top isn't great just because visibility isn't great, but otherwise, getting to the top feels pretty good. I would recommend this hike to anyone, just make sure you bring plenty of water!

beautiful scenery, but not well marked. We never found the falls. There are a few petroglyphs and a really pretty bridge. Did this hike with two kids ages 5 and 7. This was their first hiking experience. They did well.

9 days ago

Been a few years since I hiked this trail. It was my first hike in a long time so I found out real quick that I was out of shape (even though I was 7% body fat). I went home exhausted and burnt from the lack of shade and poor preparation, but it was the beginning of a hiking/climbing journey. Since then, I’ve hiked and climbed all over the country!

This is one of my favorite trails when I want to get in a short hike.

15 days ago

Nothing special. Used as a slow recovery scramble for the legs after doing Chasm Lake in Colorado.

I would definitely recommend going counterclockwise on this trail. Maybe hike it a few different ways because of the scrambling. Remember, do not climb down something you can’t climb up! I dropped into the slot canyon clockwise, and was anticipating shade at 5-6 pm with little to no luck. There are some gorgeous rock formations and bandings. Beautiful hike. Recommend to take a friend.

18 days ago

Fantastic trail. A little harder then described but well worth it despite the 102°F weather. Just stay hydrated!

Excellent view of Las Vegas right before sunset. You’re in the canyon almost the entire way.

nature trips
18 days ago

Easy hike with beautiful end scenery

18 days ago

Great hike but there was a couple of areas that were a little treacherous

19 days ago

You can see by my rating of this trail how I feel about Turtlehead…

…but just because I did not totally enjoy it does not mean that you won’t.

The pros first:
1. Turtlehead is one of the more challenging trails at Red Rock.
2. The views from the peak are magnificent.
3. Wildlife can be observed.

…so what’s not to like right?

Well, for me, compared to other trails at Red Rock, the trail to the top is boring: Rocks and Junipers with little variation; the one Red Rock trail that come close to this level of monotony is the last few miles of the White Rock loop where the old road ends.

Wild life is around but hard to spot unless you are towards the top where I saw four of Bird of Prey; I think a Prairie Falcon and Crows. I did see some kind of ground Birds towards the trail head, along the wash; Chukar, most likely. Those two sightings were the highlight of my hike.

The trail is challenging and, at times, downright dangerous and that has never stopped me from hiking a trail but there is usually some variation. I did like the challenge and some of the danger but most of the danger was from loose scree which was more annoying. The hike to the abandoned mines at La Madre Springs has a similar amount of scree but with variation.

Some Tips:

Regarding heat management/water… I hiked at midday in some serious heat, took tons of rests but finding shade was hard; I drank 3 liters of water but could have used 4. If you hike during peak heat expect that kind of water consumption. Camel up at the car and wet down your clothes and hats: that should keep you good in the heat for the first 2 or so hours. Sometimes I pack my pockets with micro fiber cloths and wet those down too. Conserve your sweat, not your water.

Rest when you need to, the heat causes your heart rate to rise so break when you are tired and don’t over exert yourself till you are descending from the peak. When resting wait for your heart rate to get nice and low, preferably in the shade.

Gloves would be a good idea because there is some class 3 scrambling. I took a hiking pole with me and I am pretty sure it was helpful your results may vary.

If I did not stop to take pictures, the hike would have taken me about 5 hours due the numerous rest breaks I took going up: three going up and two going down.

Awesome trip. Parking lot is out of nowhere and some really beautiful homes near by. The view is incredible once you get to the top! Very easy to get off trail but try to follow the rocks.

25 days ago

Moderate to easy hike, there are harder rock climbing sections that you can choose to tackle or take an alternate trail around. There was no water at the end when I went but if you keep hiking up another 5 minutes past the tank there’s a good view of the Las Vegas strip.

26 days ago

This hike was enjoyable, bring some friends and some good hiking shoes!

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27 days ago

This is actually the second time we did this drive. If you have the National Park Pass, it's free. If not, $15 (car). Entering by motorcycle, bike or foot all incur a cost as well. There are many hiking trails off this byway. Keep in mind it's open year round from 6am, closing between 5-8pm depending on the season. inside the park, there are several picnic areas and pit toilets. Bring plenty of water with you!

Though this area is mostly rock, don't feel that limits multiple visits. The last time we visited was on a November morning, this time a May morning. The lighting is different as per season, as well as different plants flowering. During this visit, we saw many different types of cactus we don't remember seeing in the fall.

This is a gem! Spring is the best time to visit as the falls are active and beautiful pools welcome tired tootsies. Early AM I found to be perfect for this trail. We returned a few weeks ago and the falls were but a trickle and the pools had dried.

Great hike !! Great view of LV on the top. Last portion of the return is not easy

1 month ago

Nice little flat hike then it gets fun and the views are pretty special. Very easy access/parking.

Great view

Beautiful. Hot in the sun and cool in the shade

on Turtlehead Peak Trail

1 month ago

Super fun & challenging!! Your thighs will hurt, coming back feels harder than going up! Take a light lunch to have at the top! Beautiful view to have while eating lunch!

on Calico Tanks Trail

1 month ago

Great hike!!! Great view through it & at the end!

Beautiful trail but it will kick you butt. Carried surface from sandy to rocky. This is a moderately difficult run run. Make sure you take water. Easy to follow and you won’t get lost.

Great hike! Starts off pretty easy but gets challenging having to scramble up some rocks. The descent was far more difficult, wear shoes with good tread, and expect to slip and slide a bit on your way down. Bring lots of water and get ready for great views at the top!

1 month ago

Killer hike. Up to the top with some breaks in 1:38. Took the "short" way back down through the steeper section/wash. Weather was great for 6am start. Wouldn't consider doing it any other way, though. Saw people heading up on our way back, nope. High temps going up this one would be torture.

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