beautiful trail. peaceful. I did it with baby on my back, relatively easy. crossing the water without getting wet, was the most challenging part.

This is my favorite trail to do on days where I don't have much time but just want to get outside for a while. After a lot of rain or snow melt, there's a pretty little creek that runs through the trail under the "N" and lots of greenery. It's a fun place to for little ones to explore and play around. I walk this trail probably once every couple weeks and I still love it.

Fun walk, Beautiful flora and birds.

Pretty cool trail. There is the little creek at the first part of the trail. The only problem that I found was the lack of shade.

nice loop trail. Beware, the trail by the creek has been washed out in a few spots. 2017, April

Other than that I enjoyed the walk and view of Reno

Not a bad hike to begin the season. Starting at the ball fields, about 0.2 - 0.4 miles before you hit Table Run, the trails split to about a half a dozen or so with no markers, so it's easy to choose the wrong trail. Keep your GPS or a good topo trail map on you. The creek is full, not surprising for the winter we've had. You have to pick your way through the creek to find viable trails before the main trail picks up again when you've connected to Keystone Canyon. Very little shade.