Just an hour north of Las Vegas, Nevada lies the Muddy Mountains Wilderness, a place of wonder and mystery, an area of outrageous geology and colorful Mojave Desert habitat. This region of shadowy slot canyon, striking geological formations and expansive views of Lake Mead is jointly managed by the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service. The Muddy Mountains tower over the red, magenta, and tan colored sandstone exposed through a limestone "window" at Bowl of Fire, Anniversary Narrows, and Hidden Valley. These folded and faulted lands are dominated by a thrust fault fo gray limestone over Aztec sandstone. Purple and white mudstone hills and gypsum bearing soils of brown and red hues are present in the lowest elevations. Water has carved an extraordinary 600-foot deep slot canyon through upturned multi-colored stone at Anniversary Narrows. Conglomerate rock forms light brown cliffs at the Gale Hills