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2 days ago

Parked at Echo Canyon then walked up the street to the trailhead. The parking lot to trail canyon and Mary Jane falls is closed off in the winter. The DOT uses it to push the snow off of the streets. You need to arrive early or it will get full fast. I hiked in several feet of snow and several hours later I made it to a massive Snow Hill which is almost impossible to pass without proper gear at the peak. This was just an accumulation of snow but it flanked a cliff edge to one side and a steep ridge on the other. I slid back down several times getting at one attempt few feet from getting over it. I could clearly see the end but the up hill climb with out spikes was too hard to complete. If I detoured parallel to it I could see a easier way around, but I was also running out of nice weather. A storm was rolling in and I didn’t want to get caught in it for too long. I made it to my car but the eco parking lot was already a foot deep in new snow. I had to dig out a little to get enough room to pull out. This trail was absolutely beautiful and if you are up for a challenge definitely give this a go. I had this mountain all to myself and it was priceless. I want to attempt it again before the snow melts and

3 days ago

HIKE 39/52 and HIKE 43/100

Great hike. Possible to do in a day for fit/experienced hikers

Saturday 19 January 2019: Closed parking lot due to snow. Was able to go up to the switch backs (2.7 mi from parking lot and 10,000 ft altitude), but had to turn back due to 130 cm deep snow. Knee-high gaiters, hiking sticks, and snow shoes a must.

1 month ago

lot of snow

Hiked this this afternoon with my two dogs. it was windy, snowy, and raining. Still had a nice easy hike.

1 month ago

Nice hike in the snow. Definitely not to challenging.

One of the best hikes around, highly recommended. Check out my full guide, videos, etc. on HikingGuy dot com

First time out.
rescued one.
wife and I w/santa hats.
had great time.

2 months ago

Really beautiful hike, highly recommend. Check out my full guide on Hikingguy com.

2 months ago

The elevation gain when you’re starting so high up unexpectedly kicked my butt, made the switchbacks a bit more uncomfortable since it added strain to monotony, but the end of the trail was quite worth it. I did this back in July, and despite the cooler weather up in Mt Charleston, laying on the rocks was amazing. The water was little but so ice cold, it was wonderful. Beautiful scenes

Great hike, very scenic. Not too challenging. The falls at the top are beautiful.

cool. found by accident. super neat.

2 months ago

Very fun with the fresh snow! Microspikes/yaktrax definitely not required at this point, but you might find they come in handy near the end. The seasonal spring at the end is frozen over currently but it's a fun short hike.

2 months ago

Great hike. It was challenging and long but with rewarding views at the top. The trail itself was not too bad. Feel free to look at my picture I took here.

2 months ago

let's just say it lives up to its name(MJ). Great hike with a waterfall at the end. the waterfall wasn't quite in season. I would definitely hike again in season.

2 months ago

It’s a great hike for those that enjoy height and don’t fear narrow trails. The hike to the top will be worth it!! Keep going!

The day I went there was a group of young kids smoking weed and had there dog running with no leash.

Amazing experience..was very easy and with surprise in the end. Snow in the beginning on November and waterfall!

Amazing trail. Saw/stalked by mtn lion about 2 miles from bottom at dark

Fun. Long. Not as hard as Griffith peak.. but longer distance.

Waterfall in The beginning of November is like a sink dribbling water lol good exercise though.

3 months ago

Starts out as a fairly easy trail, but toward the end of the trail there are a lot of off-shoots that can cause minor confusion. Plenty of shade, and lower elevation than other trails in the area.

3 months ago

This was an excellent hike for all levels. It’s starts out with a gradual upgrade as you walk through the forest. Gorgeous views starting out. The trail does a switch back that heads off to the right that quickly became quite a bit steeper. The switchbacks made it doable. Our 10 year old daughter wasn’t thrilled about how long it was taking. She did get tired. We gave the option to turn around. Other hikers let us know we were about 15 minutes from the waterfall and cave. She then got determined to make it to the falls. We finally made it and the views were spectacular. The waterfall is trickling off of the mountain right now. Our daughter was super proud of herself for making it to the top. She climbed up a level and enjoyed sitting under the water. It was a great hike for exercise and ended with really gorgeous views. It’s always nice to be able to hike to water. We would definitely do it again. Without kids, you would get a killer workout in if that’s what you’re going for. Make sure to layer your clothing this time of year. When we left Vegas it was about 10-12 degrees warmer. It was cool up at the waterfall as the wind picked up a bit. The Temperature felt amazing as long as you could add or take off a layer. For those that may not be as stable on their feet, walking sticks would be nice. Not necessary, but helpful.

3 months ago

I've hiked nearly all the trails at Mount Charleston and a few of them several times (Charleston Peak x 2, Griffith Peak, etc).

This hike is now my favorite.

The trail can be very tough to follow - but there are cairns along the way.

There is a very difficult part near the summit which will require a bit of technical climbing. The rock face is near vertical. The going up part isn't so bad - but you had better be sure in your rock climbing ability on the way down.

Unreal views from the top which was quite windy.

I wouldn't recommend going this one alone unless you've done it before and even that is a little risky.

We made the entire trek in around 4 hours with a break of 20-30 minutes up top.

It was a pretty hike, but very crowded. The switchbacks are in pretty bad shape from erosion from people taking “short cuts”. We witnessed many people trying to be “adventurous” bypassing the switchbacks. Not only was it kicking rocks down on people, but also tearing up the earth. Show some respect. STAY ON THE TRAIL!

Arrived around 8:45 on Saturday morning and were surprised to see hardly any cars. Took us less than 2 hours and we hiked almost 4 miles at a very slow pace. We ended up not going up the switchbacks on the way up (took a left instead of a right at a fork). The trail is clearly marked at the beginning and then the blazes become non existent. Our “trail” up had a very steep grade with very loose rocks. It got us there quick but we really had to watch our steps. Cool cave to explore to the left of the 3 falls (more like trickles...but there was water!). And then we found the real trail to take back down. We did venture off it to check out a cool view and ended up on a very steep, non switchback trail for a little bit. Extremely dangerous due to the loose rocks. Parking lot was almost full when we completed our hike.

Amazing hike! Beautiful view, very peaceful. I went early in the morning and nobody was there, and when I was coming down I only saw three people (on a tuesday). Definitely a tough incline that wasn’t expected but it made it better once you get to the top! :)

Trail is actually 18.2 mile. Map is missing hundreds of switch backs. Spring at mile 3.4 easy to pump

3 months ago

Great little training hike with a cool payoff at the end. Mid week is best to avoid crowds. It’s pretty easy hiking, stay on the trail and don’t cut the switch backs, and remember it starts at 7,800’ in elevation so pace yourself until you’re acclimated.

Great hike, don’t forget you are starting at about 7800 feet

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