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It was a moderate hike I did slip even though I had great hiking boots on so just be careful

I hiked this trail on 4/14/2018 and trail conditions then were not favorable. The first 2.5 miles were snow free, after that microspikes/crampons were highly recommended and trekking poles. My buddy and i are pretty experienced hikers who have climbed multiple high altitude peaks even with snow, but even then, there were portions of the trail that were just completely covered with thigh high deep snow. We made it pass the saddle and continued for another mile with Charleston in plain sight, but unfortunately due to time we had to turn back. Had it not been for time we surely would have summited, going again this weekend. Awesome trail though, just a bit long.

trail running
8 days ago

Bit more loose terrain than the average non-hiker may be used to. I found it to be very pretty and very short. Great family hike.

very difficult ESPECIALLY in snow. my last year going and my sons 1st year. we did last year lots of snow.

May 7, 2018. Hike got snow-covered about 3 miles from trail head. Nice hard and beautiful hike. Recommend wait 30 days unless using traxx and poles. Will be back.

13 days ago

I enjoyed this trail. It offers a great workout including a little bit of rock scrambling. There's a cool cave at the top next to the falls. Beware climbing up to it, the rock is very slippery. I did the hike early. By 10:30am the parking lot was full and people were parking below at the other trailhead.

I love it, its kind of hard if you are not in good shape but is worth it.

16 days ago

This is a fun trail to hike. Probably would be nice to go when the snow melts--that way the waterfall has more action. It's a popular and easy trail, which makes it a bit crowded on nice days.

Great workout with great views. I came from the east coast so the falls were a bit anticlimactic compared to what I was expecting, however the acoustics right next to them with the sound of the water, is very tranquil. It is unfortunate that people tagged up the cave that is about 75 meters from the falls.

Attempted this trail yesterday (04/25/18) with a goal of making it to Griffith Peak (total = 4.0mi one-way), and unfortunately only made it to 10,000' before I had to turn around (vertical 1000' / 0.7mi short of Griffith Peak). While the first ~3mi on the trail were mostly clear of snow (with some patches of 6-12"-deep snow on thinner parts of the trail over hills, which should be considered very carefully), the last mile of the trail's switchbacks are pretty heavily loaded in deep snow. At one point, the tracks I was following made by previous hikers became too unclear, and I decided to play it safe and turn around. It is worth noting that I passed a few other hikers coming down who had made it to Griffith, but each of them noted some trail-finding would be necessary as the upper portion of the trail was unclear to them, too.

Aside from the snow, this trail was beautiful -- steep and challenging, especially when considering the altitude (you'll be going above 10,000' if you do the whole thing, and starting at 8000' in the parking area), but really wide-open scenery with tons of great views and lookouts that get better and better the further you ascend. Highly recommend. Bring poles and consider microspikes, if available for the snowy patches, and definitely take your time and be safe with the snow. As always, avoid altitude sickness by staying well hydrated (water with electrolytes!) and fed.

23 days ago

It’s actually 4.6 miles to the top and back according to my GPS. Tough on the Way up (elevation gain is 1600+ ft.) all incline. Start very early in the day, took me about 3 hours; Start to finish but I took my time and enjoyed the view.

Great trail. Starts off with clear and wide path. Slight incline at the start but very comfortable with spectacular surroundings of mountains and Pine Trees. The start is an easy laid out path and then it curves to the right where the intensity of the hike picks up with good incline and elevation picking up. Trail is in good shape but you have to be careful as there are slippery rocks and loose rocks when reaching the part that goes up the side of the mountain. The caves and waterfall (during spring when the ice melts) is spectacular with incredible open views of the surrounding mountains. We did this hike with our 5 year old who is use to doing 3 mile hikes.

leg work out for sure. awesome hike.

Did this hike yesterday 4/2/18. Was able to only get to about 1.5miles before the summit. There is still too much snow. For a solid mile I was following old footsteps through the snow until they stopped and there was no longer a trail to follow. Amazingly beautiful hike though! Can’t wait to complete it in a month or two.

1 month ago

Very versatile trail. Nice switchback climb to waterfall. Unique trail! Enjoyed it!

1 month ago

My favorite hike!

1 month ago

A decent trail near Mary Jane Falls trail. The beginning of the trail is a easily followed (though constantly ascending) gravel path with little overhead shade and conifer trees. Push past this part and you’ll be rewarded with great views at the top. Overall, not a trail I would take again unless I was going to converge with another trail at the peak.

Great trail with excellent view of the falls; which are still partially frozen as of today. The hike up is not difficult if you are in decent shape. There are a few switchbacks and you can easily bypass them and make the assent a little more interesting. By skipping a few I made the trip up in about 30 minutes.

1 month ago

Scenic the whole way. The frozen falls were something special.

Beautiful view.

Late review as this is for March 4, 2018. The falls were frozen solid and it was an amazing sight to see.

Yes, Yes, and more yes. I just love this trail. I can't say why this one is so great other than it just has great views, a slight challenge based on the incline (not hard just a steady incline). The switchbacks are cool with some having steps. The trail is well kept and offers fantastic views at the top as well as along the route. A dog-friendly trail for sure.
This trail can be one for most everyone, including kids. Be aware, it is uphill most of the way so you will want to be prepared for the little, little ones getting slowed down.
Once you are at the top you are going to love the views.
The terrain is generally easy with dirt and small rocks. There are a couple of parts where the trail thins and you traverse close to the edge of the hill. I say this for those with little ones. All in all, this is a great hike for a day hike. A couple of hours there and back. Bring plenty of water. You are still in a desert climate, please. I see too many people hiking around Vegas without water.

I couldn’t do this hike unfortunately- upon arrival the cathedral rock picnic area is closed for the season & that’s where you’re supposed to start. Just a heads up!

Was a little crazy watch for falling ice pretty great day all round though

Great hike with some cool caves

2 months ago

Always a lovely trail, easy to follow and straight-forward. It's still cold enough to freeze the falls, so it was a spectacular column of ice.

I haven't done this hike, but can you camp on the trail?

2 months ago

Went up snowing. Totally stunning experience. Snow made the trail very slippery at times, and was difficult to follow on the way down with the trail totally covered in slow. Not a long hike, but almost all uphill.

The falls were almost completely frozen, which made for a truly surreal experience.

3 months ago

This was a very tough hike. Very long distances so make sure you are in shape if you want to do this hike. Also , wear the right clothes and make sure to pack alot of food and water! The scene is gorgeous and makes it worth it !

A nice trail that will get your heart rate going on the climb. There was plenty of snow on the trail that added to the challenge and enjoyment. the falls where just tricking, but still a great view.

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