This hike was HARD! AllTrails says this was 8.25 miles one way and nearly a 5000’ climb. We left the trailhead for a night hike at 10pm and made the summit in about 7 hours. Our goal was to reach the summit for sunrise. In the dark, your view is limited to the strength of your headlamp. Too many “stairs” and switchbacks to count before reaching the “saddle” or the “T” where you split off to Griffith Peak or the Summit. I think I kept our group at a slow, steady pace; some areas steep enough to make me stop frequently to catch my breath. From the trail approaching the top, you can see the US Flag waving in the breeze. Such a shot of adrenaline as you know the summit is a few hundred yards away! There is a rock pit up top that we used to help protect from the wind while we waited for the sunrise. The view of Las Vegas at night with some sun rays starting to come over the horizon is amazing.
The weather was perfect for the hike. Waiting in the pit at the top was freezing! Using trash bags and thermal blankets helped just a bit in retaining while we refueled and shivered in the dark. It would have been nice to have a small fire in that rock pit to help keep us warm! It wasn’t long before dawn was breaking and the glow was enough light to stop using our headlamps.
Sunrise on top of the mountain is an awesome view! No other words...
The hike down during daylight gave us the chance to see what we hiked past at night. Already tired, it has to be done! Not far from the top is the wreck of a plane crash from the 1950’s. We hiked down along the ridge for a bit, able to look down both sides of the mountain. After that, it was enjoying the view as I willed my legs to get down the mountain! We made it down in 5 hours. It was a rewarding experience!