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One of my favorites on the mountain!

3 days ago

Went with some friends or else I wouldn't have known where to go. There is zero signage and very little evidence of any sort of actual trail. Basically you just follow the river bed to where a waterfall might be at the end if it's rained enough recently. There is definite scrambling and lots of opportunities for rolled ankles on this hike. I would not take young children. We took our dog, but she's old and wasn't able to jump up and down the rocks on her own, and there are some steep drops that made me nervous that she might slip off. I would consider your dog's age, athletic ability, and personality before bringing him on this trail.

Great beginner’s trail. Lots of switchbacks & is a moderate incline the whole way up, but it’s very easy to go down the way back! Safe for dogs & kids. Can get crowded on weekends, but it’s worth it for the view + mini waterfall(s) at the end. My whole family does this hike every year in the spring when snow melt is high & the waterfall is POURING.

Awesome views

The hike itself is great but should not be listed as Light, this is definitely a moderate trail although somewhat short in length.

We also did lose the trail as it splits and we took the wrong direction bc it ended. We followed someone else who looked like they knew what they were doing - our mistake.

We didn't end up finding the waterfall, but the drive up there and the views are gorgeous. I think we got close but it was 6pm and we needed to get back before we were stuck in the dark. I'll probably try again.

Definitely loose gravel, 'stairs', steep inclines, and mixed terrain.

12 days ago

This is the easiest of the higher peaks to climb at Mount Charleston. I love it because it’s unmarked and most people don’t know where the turnoff from the North Loop is. Very peaceful. I’ve climbed it 3 times this summer. Only saw one person, one time at 7am in June. I’m an early hiker, usually starting at sunrise.

my fiance, her cousin, his girlfriend and my son went on this trail. beautiful views! My fiance and I didnt make it all the way, her and I got about halfway through the switchback. the rest of our group made it to the top

off road driving
15 days ago

Yeah if you rank this trail a 3/5 you're either drunk or stupid.

22 days ago

Relatively easy hike, just watch your footing on a few weathered parts of the trail!

24 days ago

Very nice trail. I only say 4 because this was my first hiking trip and I suspect there are other really great trails.

It was very easy to follow and the view was amazing but there were some areas that were very loose gravel on a steep incline which made going up and coming down difficult.

Even in the middle of the desert the temperature (75) and low humidity were perfect for an out-of-shape person like myself.

I would definitely take this hike again.

Beautiful hike - fun with some scrambling over rocks Easy, not difficult or too steep. Beautiful views and lightly trafficked.

Great trail, beautiful views. Only downfall was about half the hikers were maling their own path and causing rocks to slide down from above.

Hiked in late August 2018, connecting the North and South loops to make it a proper loop and get more scenery (GPS track said 18.2 miles total). Connecting North and South requires walking about a mile through town at the end, but I think very worth it (didn't find an AllTrails page just for that exact route, but started with the North trail described here). Started ~7am, took 9 hours total / ~2mph. Under 30, relatively fit but no elite athlete, found the elevation more challenging than the distance coming from sea level. Carried 3L of water, could have use a little bit more.

Views are stunning, and having connected the two loops I'd circled the entire canyon by the end of it. Highly recommend.

Whoever said you can’t get lost, hasn’t met me yet. We got lost, ended up scrambling up a rocky hillside that was nearly vertical to get back to the trail. The views were incredible! The waterfall is small but beautiful. We went early and there were still a lot of people. All in all, a beautiful hike, definitely moderate trail. We will hike it again one day but stay on the trail the next time!!

I love this hike because it is mostly moderate if you pace yourself. It does have slot of switchbacks. I love the view from the falls. It’s s great place to rest before your descend.

It’s a good trail. Switchback hell towards the end, but worth it.

Beautiful views from the falls.

1 month ago

Love this trail *****

Great hike....

1 month ago

This was a good little hike for beginners. There a lot of younger hikers on the trail witch explains the amount of graffiti and garbage left up and down the pathes. Its best to stay on the trail to maintain the integrity of the adventure. Erosion it destroying the trail dew to off trail hiking. We still enjoyed the deer, chipmunks and occasional bird. I will do this again with our young kids.

1 month ago

This was a very last minute decision, after driving around... exploring outside of the glamorous Vegas area. So - we didn’t have anything packed. One water bottle each and my better half even climbed the trail in flip flops (not recommended) lol He’s still pretty upset about that but overall we’re both glad we did it! Beautiful views!!

2 hours to the junction with Mt Griffin than 2 hours to the summit. I started with blue sky and on the way back the ice rain hits me. It lasted for 90 minutes. So my way down was very fast. I complete the track in 6 hours and 30 minutes.
I had a small headache due to the altitude. Easy trail to follow, just walking.

We had a fabulous time. There was quite a few people on the trail or I would’ve given this a 5 star rating. We were taking a few days off in Vegas and heard about Mt. Charleston. We didn’t have any gear at all so I did this hike in flip flops! This is an intermediate/ beginner hike. I would suggest shoes. Stay on the trail otherwise it’s pretty dangerous. We really enjoyed the big pine trees and lovely scenery. The actual trail is beautiful. We did this hike in mid summer. It was 115 degrees downtown and 74 degrees and sprinkling in the hike so it was awesome to get out of the heat. The views and the trickling water fall was all worth it. There’s perm. outhouse bathrooms, which came in handy. The restaurant and picnic area were way too jam packed to find a parking spot and stay and check it out.

1 month ago

This hike was definitely a challenge. I was looking for a fun activity to do as a family and oh my did we have one. I was unaware this was a moderate level hike but nonetheless an adventure. some areas are very rocky but pretty self explanatory on how to make your way up. There's some resting spots with shade but you have to be careful with the slippery gravel. My only disappointment was that after we made it way to the top the waterfall was not what I expected but the sights to see made up for it. I will return to hike here again

A favorite for sure!!! Not heavily hiked and lots of climbing to do for sure!!! Your upper AND lower body will get a workout! You’ll need to have your map on to guide you to this trail as it is literally off the beaten path!! Sooooooooo much fun and we will definitely do this one again!!

Great hike!! A steeper incline than we expected but well worth it! Get ready for some strong cardio and intense lower body workout!

Great uphill climb, gorgeous views, perfect weather. Hike up 2 miles, go left, canyon about a 1/2 mile. Good resting spot. Go back to divide and hike right for another gorgeous view. FYI We got there at 9. Plenty of parking. When we left at 12:30 people were circling for parking. Will do again!

Really enjoyable trail. At the top there is a little bit of a cave you can climb into as well

Absolutely fantastic hike. I wanted to do this last time I was in Vegas but didn't get a chance -- I did this time. The hike states it's 16 miles out and back and using AllTrails record I logged 9 out and 9 back. My overall move time was just over 7 hours, but I did pause and spent 30 minutes at the summit, and 20 minutes watching an awesome sunset on the north side of the trial.

Just as you'll see from the chart the hike start of with a decent incline from the get-go, tapers off for a couple miles then you hit the switchbacks which kick your butt. It wasn't until I hit over 11,000' I started to feel the altitude kicking in, but it certainly did. I started to get mild leg cramps, sausage fingers, etc. I paused for a couple minutes and hydrated, they proceeded to the top. The hardest part in my mind was the heading down. The switchbacks weren't too bad, but the last 5 miles just never ended.

I got a late start and left the parking lot at exactly 1:00 PM, I didn't get back to the car until 9:00 PM, so 8 hours in total. Once that sun went down, it got pretty dark out on the trail and the last 4 miles was a stealth mission using a headlamp.

Fortunately, the trail is very well defined and easy to navigate. That said, at about the 5-mile marker coming down there are a couple spots you can stray off course and end up at a steep drop-off.

I'm a pretty active guy and doing something exercise wise almost daily. One thing for sure is that this trail kicked my as5. Likely more to do with the altitude than distance, but still did nevertheless.

Awesome trail, highly recommend if you get the opportunity to. The parking lots get full quickly at the bottom --though interestingly enough I saw literally no one on the north trail after the first mile.

trail running
1 month ago

Great trail! I did this as training for an upcoming ultra. I brought 2L of water, some gels, and my lightweight shell. Was wishing I had more food but was happy to have a light pack! Reached the summit in 3 hours. The whole trip was 5 hours for me (running), which was slower than I planned but the rocky trails forced me to slow down to avoid a fall. Incredible views, great training, and so cool to see the plane crash!

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