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May not be obvious from the map, but this trail does feature some switchbacks as you ascend the mountain towards the falls.

Only one side of the mountain was spewing water when I got there, and very lightly at that. It was still nice to see and calming to hear the water fall of the mountain.

Trail was totally worth it,the view at the end was amazing,

I love it....my hubby and I came for a romantic get away and it was worth it...

Fun trail, tourist friendly.

10 days ago

Hang in there! Going up gets tough on gravel so wear the right gear. The top is with the hike!

Bring lots of water, a full meal, good shoes, good socks and an extra pair, and expect it to get very cold and windy.
If you can make it to the summit then this is something you must experience. The first few miles are colorful plants and pine trees. The Meadows offer a beautiful long distance view followed by miles of trees that were burned a few years ago. The final mile before the summit is difficult but worth it.
The way back down is much easier.

Love it especially on the way down.. wasn't that easy going up. But hopefully it gets easier as I get more fit. I'm definitely going to do it again.

Only did a little of this trail - too late in the day to go further. Loved the part I did and hope to be back to hike more of it. Had trekking poles and was glad I did. It's steep.

23 days ago

28 days ago