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Really long trail but totally worth it. You see the falls at the end and can chill in a huge cave! Too bad people tagged it up. It’s beautiful.


Just hiked the lower and upper bristlecone. Upper is awesome. Lower is a little boring. Upper had a slight dusting of snow. In 2016, last year it had over 12 feet of snow at this same time and was inaccessible.
Was informed by a mountain biker, if doing the bonanza trail, take personal protection because of mountain lions. It’s probably an over night hike.
Just a great hiking destination not far from Vegas.

great hike waterfalls pretty and wonderful views

15 days ago

One of the more popular trails in Mt. Charleston probably because of the name. If you make it up there in late spring or early summer there's a beautiful waterfall. Bring a jacket because it's all shaded at the falls. Definitely worth checking out. Unfortunately since this is one of the more popular trails it tends to be damaged from people taking short cuts off trail and leaving their trash. I have hiked this trail 3 or 4 times and been disappointed in it's upkeep. A lot of people on this trail do not have basic hiking etiquette so I'm sure it's hard to upkeep!

18 days ago

Nice views of the mountains, and a beautiful waterfall with cold water (in July) at the top. Beautiful pine scents. Intermediate hike on dirt trail, no rock climbing. Dog did great on the trail and enjoyed the water at the top.

18 days ago

We went November 25, 2017. The hike was awesome. Lots of switchbacks that help with the elevation climb. I'd say it's moderate due to elevation and there's a few tricky slippery spots. Views are amazing. The falls were just a trickle and just showed wet on the side of mountain. It would be cool to go back in the spring to see the full falls.

19 days ago

I thought this hike was very relaxing and the view is amazing, I loved it.

A peaceful and scenic trail. It is fairly steep in some areas but the switch backs make it manageable. The trail is pretty well marked. We went in November and it was a little chilly but felt great as we hiked up. The falls were just a little trickle when we got there but I have heard that the water flow is heavier in the spring and sometimes will be frozen. I was surprised to find the beautiful evergreens so close outside of Vegas (was about a 50 min drive from where we were staying).

a lot of switch backs , beautiful and the top

29 days ago