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2 days ago

Loved it, the view from the summit is spectacular. You go through the same switchbacks as you do for Raintree (the Raintree is a short side detour from this trail) and it gets steep as you approach the summit.

I will second the poster who questioned the 6.2 miles.

Moderate hike with a lot of solid uphill through some switchbacks. Wife and I are out of shape and the altitude and uphill required stops at the switchbacks. The last run up the falls gets into a good incline but there are steps and good trail to follow.

Payoff is a nice waterfall and some spectacular views. Totally worth the effort.

Trail is impossible to miss and easy to follow. There are some spots through the switchbacks where the trail looks eroded away and you have to be careful. Most of it looks to be caused by folks making a shortcut down the hill.

Easy walk in the woods until it hits the canyon and gets narrow. From there it's difficult to discern between the stream bed and the trail. It's been dry these past few years so the stream bed seems to have been the route most have taken and the trail itself is a bit disused. At the end of the trail you can continue up the stream until you get to some short vertical climbs. From there it's a scramble up some rocks to continue upstream. Payoff are some wonderful canyon views at the end and then all the way back.

Very nice and relaxing walk. Fairly well used and easy to manage. Great entry or training hike, just speed up your pace to add difficulty. The Eagle's Nest loop is off this trail and can be used to add some distance if you find this hike to be too short.

Great hike for a walk in the woods and a wonderful hike for the family with kids because the area is confined and there are no big drop offs to wander over.

Great trail. There are a bunch of options along the way to make the hike harder. Pays off at the end with a beautiful canyon walk.

Kicked my butt. We only went as far as the first summit, which was about 5 miles (total of 10). Hard hike. No joke. I loved it, I’m glad I went. I’m glad I pushed myself.

solid uphill hike, got me out of breath in a good way. nice trees and forest around. We went in July, so waterfall was little droplets of water but still! there was water! Started raining on us on the way down, with mini hail! it was a good 4 mile roundtrip hike.

9 days ago

Good trail for sure. You just need to be careful not to miss the junction that goes to Fletcher as it’s not marked. Great views Kyle Canyon

One of my favorite hikes. Just the right amount of length and a good hike for the average hiker. The view at the end is worth the trip!

11 days ago

Great hike. During the summer the fall has little falling water. Late Spring when the snow melts, the falls are beautiful with lots of falling water!

12 days ago

Had a great time hiking this trail today. Lots of encouragement from those who were coming down as we went up. The last bit was a struggle, but we made it! Even checked out the cave after the falls.

13 days ago

I enjoyed this trail, been meaning to do it for several years. Well worth the drive as the temps were much cooler than Vegas. It was very crowded, which is understandable considering how close this is to Las Vegas. Because of this there are "shortcuts" between every switchback. This is ruining the trail. Despite my many efforts, most people choose the more difficult shortcut to the actual trail. That being said, I loved seeing so many people from so many walks of life out enjoying it.

13 days ago

Great hike. So according to my Fitbit, it was almost 2 miles to get to the falls and almost 2 miles to get back to the 2nd parking area. Not sure where alltrails is getting this is only 2.5 round trip. Great hike, steady incline, kicked my behind, but I really enjoyed it.

fun trail!

Nice trail. This is great for a nice hike or short work out at altitude. Weather is usually 20 degrees cooler than the city. From the trailhead parking lot, my GPS watch measured 1.84 miles to the falls, which was more of a trickle. I took every switchback on my way up. On my way down, I took a few short cuts and my watch measured 1.44 miles. Didn’t think I cut off 4 tenths of a mile though. Taking the short cuts can be slippery on the loose dirt. I saw a few people venturing a little past the falls.

Easy trail with a slight incline going up. Lots of shade, and pretty views. Trail isn’t necessarily marked, so make sure to pay attention or stay on path.

18 days ago

Fun little loop. Nice views of the valley. Lots of sun along the trail. Worth it for an easy stroll outside.

nice trail. but the cave beyond is a better payoff

Vegas, easy, fun.

18 days ago

Rated easy just keep in mind it is a constant climb but pays off in the end with cool breezes and great scenery

21 days ago

Great hike. We saw a lot of butterflies and lizards. It took us about 1 hour 20 min one way to hike to the end of the narrow canyon where the “slide” was. We were hiking at a leisurely pace and taking pictures along the way. Be careful as the rocks are very slippery along this hike.

AllTrails shows a quite similar elevation/distance for this trail (Mt Charleston South Loop) and the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon. Do not be fooled. This hike is challenging, but if you can hike the Bright Angel Trail in one day, then you'll have no problems here.

The first thing people should be aware of is the lack of parking. I even got dinged with an $80 parking ticket all because I happened to get there slightly later than a few other hikers. It was my first time there and these people know the parking is inadequate. Handing out $80 parking tickets to people who drove a long way and have no idea where additional parking may be is completely and totally immoral especially considering they do nothing to make parking more accessible.

In fact, the parking in such a high volume area is such a pain in the ass that I do not recommend this hike at all. If you can park, it will be great, if not, it will be awful.

The hike itself does not play games and will thrust you directly into steep elevation climbing. This is a good thing as it will demonstrate what to expect for the next 2-3 hours. Before long, you will hit the Mt Charleston Wilderness which is a beautiful forested area with spectacular views. The steep grades will continue until you get to the top of this forested area where you will find that the elevation levels out as the path splits between the easy peak (Fletcher Peak??) and the harder, longer Mt Charleston loop.

The meadows of dead trees will continue a few miles and provide a bit of a break. Before long the elevation picks back up and you will need a little reserve in the tank to make it up the last mile. There will probably be a crowd of people at the peaks, and someone appropriately added a Vegas Golden Knights flag to the summit.

All in all, this is a pretty awesome mountain for Vegas locals to have around for quick access to natural splendors. It is unforgiving and not recommended for out-of-towners because you may struggle to find parking. If you drove a long way to get here, then you are better off driving a long way to climb a different mountain that is not so crowded.

Feel the burn! This short trail will work your legs and ass in a hurry! Beautiful trail with shade, wildlife and right now, butterflies! It is a tough one so I wouldn’t recommend for a beginner. Take it nice and slow, enjoy the scenery.

This is a very beautiful trail in a forest setting. You get your heart pumping on the last half. We also got to see dear on the trail!!! Surprisingly cool for it being close to Las Vegas!!!

I love this trail. Each weekend has welcomed a new scene with blooms, butterflies and birds. Plenty of shade to dip off the trail for a nap, a snack or just to ponder.

Neat short hike. gradually climbs up. Easy hike back. once you get in the canyon it's about 15-20 degrees cooler than Vegas temp.

22 days ago

Great trail overall. Moderate amount of switchbacks that bring you up to some great views. The Raintree is a great sight and the junction where it's located gives you lots of options for other trails. Went in early June '18 and there was but a trickle at the spring, but water none the less.

great hike for beginners.

24 days ago

The scenery surrounding the hike was amazing on its own. Slight incline most of the way, nothing to worry about. The rock canyon at the end features some amazing butterflies and, if you like, you can continue past the “end destination” where the canyon opens back up. “Easy” hike, but you can choose to make it more difficult.

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