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4 days ago

First trail out in this area and it is beautiful. The temperature drop from the valley was welcome. This would be on the easy side of moderate, there are a few steep places, the switchbacks toward the top keep things interesting. The view, the caves, and the falls are worth the climb.

Been one of my favorites for years! Best time to go is around February!



Fun hike since it's off the beaten path. Take Mary Jane Falls till it starts vexing to the right and go off to the Left. We kinda made our own trail up there, Lots of rock scrambling.

The trail is beautiful, but it was packed with people. On top of the mass amounts of people, there were a lot of dogs! People weren't courteous and there was a lot of poop on the trail... or poop bags people threw to the side. It's a pretty steep climb, but worth it to see the water at the end!

19 days ago