Great trail, however water pump at Marlette camp is not functional as of 6/27/20 and will require a detour down to the lake to get water. Next water is at spooner lake! Be careful and have fun Happy trails

This hike was great, really nice views but not better than Mt. Tallack. There were couple of places where I got confused by the trail but I would recommend it!

It is not hard for me and my dog Mochi, she is small breed Shihtzu and she enjoys it. Lots dirt and she gets dirty easily. Many hiking trails along this road Mount Rose highway, and we will do one at a time.

I am backpacking the TRT in sections and I planned to do Mt Rose Summit to Spooner (25 mi.) over the course of 2.5 days. I parked in the parking lot right at the summit and crossed the highway waking in on Mount Rose Summit Ski Rd (the road that leads to Mt Rose Campground); there is a trail head there. I couldn’t park at the Tahoe Meadows parking lot because the gate was locked. I began at 3:30 in the afternoon so that I would cover 8-9 miles and then set up camp for the night. I did it that way because camping inside Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park (between Tunnel Creek Road and Spooner Summit) is only allowed in designated campgrounds, and I didn’t want to hike 16 miles to get to Marlette Peak Campground. So at 8.7 miles I found a nice spot to set up for the night on the east side of the trail. The next morning my friend and I hiked about 8 miles to get to Marlette Campground (filling up our water at Twin Lakes). Make sure to take the Christopher Loop detour, even though you may be tired from just climbing 700’ it is worth the extra effort. It’s a great place to kick off your boots and have a snack. On the trail it is not called “Christopher’s Loop” the sign says “Sand Harbor Lookout.” When you get to Marlette peak you either go right or left. We opted for the easier route and turned left (the East face of Marlette Peak). Good thing we did other wise we would not have crossed a small stream flowing about a 1/4 mile just before the Campground since we did not know that the water pump had been broken for over a year. Some workers were actually trying to fix the pump the day we were there and said they replaced all the top components of the pump but were still unable to draw water. The problem they said was down at the bottom of the well and they were going to have to do some more research on how to fix it. All that to say, don’t count on water at the pump, hike back to that stream I mentioned. We arrived at the Campground at 1pm which was great because we were able to set up camp, ditch our gear and hike down to the lake for a swim. It was so refreshing and well worth the 1-mile, 500’ climb back up to camp. The morning of the third day we finished off the 9 miles of the trail by noon and went into Incline Village for a much craved, well deserved burger and a beer at Inclined Burgers. It was an amazing trip!

I did this one backward which made it a bit difficult to link the recording to the trail. Leaving from Thomas Creek, I saw a bear making it's way to the river. He went the other way and I continued. Working my way up the switch backs in the back of the canyon, the higher you go the more rock formations become visible. Working over the crest of the ridge was an accomplishment. Then working my way south along the outside of the ridge was fairly easy. The trail was decent to follow, despite not seeing a ton of traffic, I'm sure. Made it to the top of Mt. Rose for the great view of Tahoe and then back down and everything in reverse. On my way out of Thomas Creek, the was an eerie lack of people on the trail. Had a great time!

28 days ago

10/10 would do again.

6 months ago

3rd section hike on the Tahoe Rim Trail for us. It was much colder than our previous 2. Less people. We did it on Oct 12th weekend 2019. A little bit of all terrain. Definitely consider hard. But such a beautiful way to experience Lake Tahoe and the cities and towns around it.

We only did the first 2.5 miles to the waterfall, but it was spectacular. Vistas all around and a basically flat trail. One thing to note was that this was definitely not a "lightly trafficked" trail - we saw probably 15-20 groups of hikers during our 2 hours out there. It was a Sunday and a gorgeous day, so perhaps that's why. The trail at the beginning was a bit icy but turned into packed snow after the first quarter of a mile or so.

I chose to hike to Relay Peak first. Pleasant hike up to Relay Peak. Nice trail/road that was well-defined and easy to walk. There were a few patches of snow, some water for dogs, and some shade. There were still a fair number of butterflies around 9000' near water. Aside from butterflies, I don't think I saw any bugs! Once on Relay Peak, it was extremely windy. GREAT VIEWS! The hike over to Mt. Houghton from Relay Peak was also very windy, but the trails were in good condition. The decent into the canyon was not a challenging hike. However, there were a couple of spots where the trail was narrow with loose soil, and some small patches of snow...but not bad at all!! LOTS of deer. Three huge Mule Deer Bucks ran up the canyon and a herd of about 6 does were farther down the canyon by the meadow. Saw many Gray Jays and Ravens, Juncos and Finch-like birds. My dog found a whole deer leg striped to the bone. Also, in the canyon decending from Mt. Houghton, I really thought I heard a 'meow'. All-in-all, a great hike. It took me about 6 hours to bag both peaks, with a stop for lunch, several snack stops and breaks.

Beautiful trail with amazing vistas. The only complaint we had was that the all trails map didn't get the trail right where where you drop in to Thomas Creek Canyon. The map shows a fork in the trail, in between mile 11 and 12, but there isn't a fork. Just stay on the trail and it will get you where you need to go. Our GPS also told us it was closer to 21 miles. I will definitely be doing this trail again.

My friends and I have done this trail twice now and loved it both times. We split the trip into two days and camp near a little stream in Bronco canyon. This is the only water source on the trail, so if you need to refill, do it here. Climbing out of Bronco canyon the trail gets a little light in a few spots, but stacked rocks help show the way. Once you’re up near the ridge there are some crazy views and overlooks. From one spot you can see from north Reno to Squaw Valley, and everything in between. Save you water for when you’re going down the switchbacks into upper Thomas Creek, there is no shade or protection, and if you’re getting there at 2-3pm you can find yourself baking in the sun.

From the parking area I went up the fire/access road to the comm tower then swung over to Relay Peak and had lunch. Then went over to Mount Houghton and then down the trail to the intersection with Galena Falls trail. I went the falls trail back to the parking area. Taking this route I only encountered a handful of other hikers. The butterfly migration is fantastic. The westerly winds on Mount Houghton are pretty cold. There are still piles of snow on the trail between Relay Peak and the comm tower, but it's no big deal to go around it.

Great Views! I think that It's prettier in the winter! Had a great day snowshoeing to two of the three big peaks in North Tahoe. Tried to add Mt. Rose into the day, but part way up decided that with all of the stomping around in snowshoes, it was just too much of a feat. Will be back in the summer to do the Triple!

Beautiful vistas. Difficult for me hike.

So fun and beautiful! Long hike but worth it. Didn't see a single other person on this trail. Heaven.

This description is misleading. We decided to do the hike the opposite direction, starting at Thomas Creek Trailhead. The elevation gain was nearly 5000’. Apparently All Trails doesn’t count decent as part of their elevation figures. The mileage is off as well. It’s over 20 miles long. We also threw in the section up to the top of Mt. Rose for a total elevation gain of 6000’ and total distance of 23 miles. The elevation gain is pretty gradual. Views of the Mt. Rose backcountry are amazing.

This is a very large section of the Tahoe Rim Trail. I started off early in the morning and was finished just as the heat of the day was full on. Christopher's Loop is marked as "Sand Harbor Overlook" by signs on the trail. This whole section is very well marked on the trail as to just where the TRT is, sometimes determining it looking at various online maps makes it somewhat questionable. They've done a great job with this section!

I did the South Loop and GPS'd it at 20.75 miles.

Tue Jul 04 2017

I enjoyed this leg of my TRT hike. Do bring a spare lip balm for helping the Marlette camp pump work. It was a bugger to get moving. Great cold water. Do include getting to the top of Marlette's Peak. I regret not doing so.

It does not get any better

this trail it's amazing for mtb! until now my favorite!!!

so far its my favorite trail!

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