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Easy trail with waterfall at end. Beautiful meadow with flowers.

A great hike for both people and dogs. We were thankful for the shade and the water.

3 days ago

Views are amazing. Totally worth it.

Did this hike with an additional side trip up Houghton today, pretty views and well marked trail but what a zoo this trail can be! The section from the parking lot to the waterfalls was crazy, lots of unleashed aggressive dogs made it a very stressful trip with our two pups. Once clear of the waterfall it seemed like traffic died out almost completely. I’d come back but never on a weekend again.

6 days ago

HORRIBLE! Worst idea to hike up with a 40lbs of packing. Will not return unless told otherwise

Nice, fairly easy hike. Minimal elevation changes. Well kept trail. Great views the first 3/4 mile or so, then more forested. Beautiful falls at the end.

This hike is perfect anytime of day due to the shade the trees provide. It is a mellow climb and beautiful. If you drive past the first parking lot and go further up the dirt road there is additional parking. Starting closer to the top allows for different views and less people.

Relaxing stroll in a scenic forested area next to a creek.

Great hike. Went on the 4th of July so it was busy but not as bad as I thought. Tons of dogs! All were very friendly and it was a great training experience for my pup. Shaded most the way until after the turn to Dry Pond. You start to go up the hill and lose the shade from the trees. Cool place to check out. The dog and kid enjoyed cooling off in the creek.

15 days ago

nice hike. Lots of mosquitoes around the lower parts. Great view when you get to the Ridge Trail at the top. Well worth the hike.

Super tough hike. Exactly what I was looking for. Stay to the right on the way up.

Did this trail today, well into the Mt. Rose Wilderness and finally turned around at the Rim to Reno north loop intersection. This took about 5 hours total, from the trailhead. Unlike what others have mentioned, the trail does eventually become exposed to sun at times, and does also become more steep- as where I turned around, I was over 9000' elevation. The water is still going strongly at the water crossing sites, of which there are several, despite it being July! Once you arrive at Mt. Rose Wilderness, which was about 2 1/2 hours into the hike for me, bicycles become forbidden. I didn't pass even one other person on the upper part of the trail today. Very serene and well worth doing!

Nice and shady, right by the creek, lots and lots of trees. Good place for kids

This is not a clearly defined or moderately hiked trail. No markers, no signs of a beaten path. Bring a GPS with you and use it to blaze your own trail. You'll be better off.

20 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike. Even this 67 year old was able to hike it without any difficulty. It was beautiful with shade and light breezes. We will do it again!

Great views of Mt Rose and Slide Mountain

Good out and back hike. Add Dry Pond and White’s Creek for a great loop!

trail running
21 days ago

Great run. Shade about 90% of the way. Steady incline up to Dry Pond then a nice downhill. Definitely doing it several more times.

23 days ago

Love this trail! It’s a good chill hike to do in the late afternoon, but make sure that you bring some bug spray or you will be munched on. It’s nice because the beginning is really easy so if you have kids you can turn around before the switchbacks.

23 days ago

The view from the top is to die for. With that said it is Hard... not moderate because it is straight up. No switchbacks so super hard on the knees on the way down. Soft dirt and loose rocks.

This hike is quite shady. Don't make my mistake and wear sunglasses. You do follow the creek basically the whole way. Lots of pine, birch, little waterfalls. It's a cute trail. The trail head starts at the very bottom of the treeline. It is easy to find with the google. Where the trail ends is a mystery. I turned around after an hour, making it a straight two hour hike. There is a parking lot at the TH. The sunny alternative to this hike is the Lower trail, which I actually preferred because I love sun.

Beautiful trail, follows the creek the whole way, steady mellow incline. Did it after work in a little less than two hours

1 month ago

Get ready for a great workout! Nice views of Washoe Lake and beyond. Plenty of water at the Pond for a nice foot cooling.

A lot of snow from the meadow but good down to Price lake witch we didn't reach..bush whacking .Got to the outlet and then back.Good day and our dog loved it.

Really beautiful trail. I hiked this with my 15 month-old in the carrier and we had a great time. Lots of shade, and the inclines weren’t too bad. Be on the lookout for bicyclists - one had a bell on their bike which was very helpful! The trail is on the road for a hundred feet or so; just follow the signs. It was nice to get on a trail that was shaded without having to drive too far. I would say this is a good trail if you have kids too; no steep drop-offs and it’s nice to go along the creek most of the way.

Note on getting to the trailhead: follow Timberline Road until it becomes a dirt road, cross the bridge and stay right. The parking lot with the bathroom for the trailhead is up the hill on the left. You can turn left just after the bridge and park along the creek, and be closer to the start of the trail, but there’s no bathroom there.

Bathroom at trailhead: yes
Stroller-friendly: no

1 month ago

Great trail. Very steep for about a mile. Nice views, only saw one group of people (on a Friday afternoon). Snow was almost completely gone by June

great place to go and spend half a day. very beautiful, the creek is great it is nice to listen to. Lots of traffic, pay attention for bikes coming from behind.
lots of dogs. if you keep on Upper Thomas Creek Trail, you will head up to Washoe Wildness and the people really thin out. I had a great day.

1 month ago

The approach is wonderful as it follows the creek. The ascent is a moderate incline for about 2 miles. Dry pond is beautiful though! Out of nowhere you approach this unexpected “meadow” and it’s just gorgeous the way is nestles into the mountain side.

I think the trail length is shorter than listed, though. My Garmin showed about 5.5 miles total.

Fun trail with Beautiful views of Lake Tahoe and Reno. 50% of trail still snowy on 6/10/18 but easily doable with the right shoes

This trail is very steep, I would definitely not call it moderate. The views of lake Tahoe from the peak are breathtaking, worth all the effort.

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