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Easy little hike you need a nature dose after work. Access from town is very convenient and the creek is nice in the spring.

4 days ago

love that the birds eat from your hand

Beautiful close to town trail. Due to the length and elevation gain, I would put it in the easy category. Neat sounds from the wind through the pine needles and the leg that follows the stream. This will become a regular of mine for Sunday morning.

9 days ago

This is the perfect trail for Snow Shoeing! Other trails that I've been on have been difficult to tell where the trail is unless there are tracks already, and then - can you really trust them? This trail is very wide (snowmobile's use a large segment of it) and is very clearly defined by TRT signs along the way. The first .6 mile trail is a hiking trail, but once you get past that, it's a piece of cake.

23 days ago

Lots of snow to make snowshoeing fun! Lots of tracks to find the way to the top of Tamarack Peak. Pretty views.

on Rifle Peak

1 month ago

This hike has great views of the lake ! That being said, don’t let the mileage fool you, it’s not a moderate hike. The climb is a constant steep grade on loose slippery soil most of the way. If you are an experienced hiker and in good shape, I would recommend. If you are on vacation just looking for a “nice” hike, there are better choices.

Completed it on 1/1/18. The first mile was hiking, the next 0.5 needed micro spikes, and the last 0.5 needed snow shoes but is passable if you are willing to post hole.

3 months ago

definitely hard. but wow so rewarding. I did this after the first snow so there was no visible trail, but if you know where the peak is and stay on a straight course it's not bad. park at gate and walk around tower. The views will take your breath away.

Beautiful hike! It was hard to find especially in the snow (October 21, 2017) but is a relatively easy hike. Park at the Tahoe meadow trail head parking lot off of Mt rose high way and County Road 340. Follow the signs for the Tahoe Meadows hike and when you get to the bridge you’ll see a sign for Ophir. We saw a few signs after that but made our own trail a little bit due to the snow. We used the all trail map to get back on the trail. After that it was an easier trail to follow. Mostly flat and downhill on the way out but had some step areas on the way back. We didn’t make it all the way to the lake because there was a large stream that we would have gotten very wet if we crossed. All in all a good hike. The pups loved it and the meadow allowed them to run around a lot!

4 months ago

Great views all the way up the rating should be hard as it is almost straight up with lots of loose sand the view from the very top rocks is amazing not too hard to follow but no markings at all so stay alert definitely worth the effort wear ankle high boots or be prepared for shoes full of dirt also the trail head is just a locked gate in a neighborhood so parking is not great

Was planning to do the Ophir Creek Loop, but due to bad signage and incongruences between signs and the various maps in the park, we ended up getting lost and going all the way to Upper Lake. We were not prepared for the extra end of the trail we accidentally added one. Better signage would be extremely helpful for those of us who are directionally challenged.

Beautiful. Loose soil can be challenging.

We started at Tahoe Meadows trailhead and hiked down to Price Lake. Total hike was 8 miles (via Fitbit) and I would say moderate level for sure. After we hiked about 2 miles in we didn't see anyone until we started to head back which was very nice. When we got to the lake we had a picnic and had the lake all to ourselves. The lake is not swimmable but they had a nice campsite with a fire pit that would be fun to camp at. Nice waterfall to see when you get close to the lake. Definitely a workout but a very nice hike!

I did the South Loop and GPS'd it at 20.75 miles.

5 months ago

Moderate for a mountain goat maybe. Not for us, it was similar to the Mt Rose summit hike, just not as long. It was very steep in some places, well in most places actually. However great views and very rewarding.

5 months ago

It was definitely challenging! Yet, so beautiful along the way and at the summit.

5 months ago

Great views and awesome hike. I agree with the other user, this is not moderate. Less traveled than some of the other hikes in the basin give yourself 2.5 - 3 hours to enjoy to the fullest.

6 months ago

This trail is not moderate in my opinion. It's not long but it's very steep without many breaks. Worth it though.

Hiked this trail today but instead of going to Relay I turned a half mile before and took the trail to Mt Houghton which is .75 to top. This a wonderfully designed trail to Houghton with terrific low growing flowers and lichen cover rock. Majestic views in all directions. For the ambitious hiker you can do three 10000' peaks in one hike: Mt Rose, Mt Houghton, and Relay. Check out today's photos

on Relay Peak Trail

6 months ago

This was a great trail that my wife and I spontaneously hiked. Bring water!
We went at the end of July 2017 and the wildflowers were every where. Just amazing! This is wide fire road hike until you get to the snow line below Relay Peak. We hiked all the way to the building at the summit. We didn't hike the the last half mile to the peak because we hit our cut off time to meet our kids. But, my wife put the peak on our bucket list.

No defined trail beyond short dirt road entrance, more a walk in the woods featuring Bald Eagles, Lake views and Beautiful forest. "Leave no trace ethics" highly suggested.

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