This is a horrible “hike” for many reasons.
1. Nothing is marked. Not the trailhead nor the trails themselves not any of the intersections. Your intuition will tell you to go one way while the trail actually goes a different way but the trouble is there’s no trail you can actually see or follow. Due to getting off trail twice this 4 mile hike turned into over 7.
2. Not very much is pretty. from most of the trail you can see the freeway. And the trail itself is more or less very rocky fire roads. If you’re looking for a nice stroll through nature, this ain’t it.
3. There’s no lake. We did the hike in dry October but the terrain Is all sloping so there is no place for a lake to form even in the wet weather. There are a few aspen trees way out at the end but it’s hardly a beautiful forest and not the big payoff you might hope for.
4. The AllTrails map is incorrect. Probably not their fault but incorrect nonetheless. We followed their GPS down a steep ravine only to be blocked at the bottom by the impassable water channel. So we hiked all the way back up.
So this was a total bust. Skip it.
- - - Rob and Louise Jordan have hiked all over the Santa Monica mountains, Yosemite and Lake Tahoe