Fun and worth the climb but definately not easy, kind of scary at some points too, still plan on doing it again, highly recomended!

Nice and smooth path no major challenges

12 days ago

strong incline great view at the top.

28 days ago

Hard, but well worth it!!

Great day hike with the best view of the Las Vegas valley!

We hiked this in March and I like to wait 6 moths to review to let it set in ;)
Fun hike and certainly challenging....uphill all the way with few flat areas for rest.
The best views in the valley from the peak and well worth the challenging work out. You will need to use your hands quite a bit and I suggest wearing gloves in warmer weather as the rocks get really hot.

1 month ago

Was pretty easy at first and then it got hard in about 5 minutes flat, mostly due to the loose rock towards the top of the mountain. Definitely would not go without at least one other person. Ran into a diamondback about halfway back down the trail I was about 2 inches from stepping on him, almost was bitten. Lots of harmless lizards but beware of snakes. Flowers are beautiful, and the summit was breathtaking. Was a fun experience, but probably wouldn't go a second time (I'm deathly afraid of snakes).

3 months ago

This is a great hike! We were prepping for a spartan race there's is flats for running and steeps for hiking. Varying levels of difficulty all in one place. When you reach the top where the flag post is, has a great view of the city.