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Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park offers a number of different areas for visitors to enjoy. Sand Harbor is the most popular, with sandy beaches, a boat launch, picnicking and group use facilities. Sand Harbor is located three miles south of Incline Village on State Route 28. Memorial Point and Hidden Beach, Situated between Incline Village and Sand Harbor, are areas which offer outstanding views of the lake and more secluded access to its shores. Spooner Lake, at the intersection of State Route 28 and U.S. 50, is popular for picnicking, hiking, mountain biking, catch-and-keep fishing with a limit of 5 trout and cross-country skiing . A developed interpretive site is available as well as rental cabins . Spooner Lake is also a trail head with access to the back country. The back country between Lake Tahoe and Carson City provides miles of hiking, equestrian and Mountain biking trails plus two primitive campsites. No vehicles are permitted in the back country, which has been designated as a State Primitive Area. Two of the more popular trails in this area are the Flume Trail above Sand Harbor and the Tahoe Rim Trail along the crest of the Carson Range. Cave Rock, located along U.S. 50 near Zephyr Cove, is a popular spot for boat launching and fishing. During July and August enjoy the shows put on by the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor.

Steep trail, but the recent rain kept the gravel and small rocks from being as loose and slippery as they are in the summer. Ran into just four other people, though I got a late start because I went after work. Gorgeous fall hiking weather!

great Trail ,,be on the lookout for a lost dog Shepherd mix orange training collar last seen 11/14 Wednesday 3 p.m.
contact Jim 619 955 3809

trail running
21 days ago

Fantastic views, nice terrain.

Excellent fall hike! We came in mid-October and even though locals on the trail were sighing that it was the tail end of colors, we thought we were inside a treasure trove!

Pro tip: You can make this trail a loop by taking hiking trail to the lake and biking trail back (or vice versa)
Pro tip 2: The colors are more beautiful along the biking trail

Some of our pictures from the trail: https://csgirllife.wordpress.com/2018/11/19/fall-colors-on-marlette-lake-trail-tahoe/

Relatively steep at the beginning but easy of after about a mile. Well shaded by trees so good for summer. The waterfall is a nice end point. Hiked it yesterday. The waterfall had a surprising flow considering that there has been no measurable rain for over 100 days.

23 days ago

* parking locked up for the season when we went.(11_12_18).hard to find parking nearby as there are lots of "no parking" signs posted along roadside.
*lower part of trail was great.
* creek water for the dogs.
* where trail splits off- we initially missed this and hiked a couple miles before realizing we had missed our line.
* backtracked to the split and this portion has been discouraged for hikers by logs, rocks, etc a lot along the way to the lake. Not sure why?
*it was a great hike nevertheless- many beautiful views. The lake was stunning , as always. We were the only people on this trail.
*had a wonderful time, despite the unknown reason for the "upper" trail being discouraged.

Quick easy hike. Pretty little water fall. took us longer to drive from reno then it did to actually do the hike.

i'm in love with this trail. came in mid October, beautiful Aspen trees changing color, slow and steady climb up with short steep down to lake so after long uphill climb the first part of the return was challenging but then the rest of the 10 mile hike was all downhill with a little bit of flat so easy to power through. cant wait to do again next fall!

1 month ago

This is a great little trail in an equally great location. Close to town, this one connects to many other hikes, such as Eagle Ridge and the Tahoe Rim Trail (if you’re up for some serious elevation gain). I don’t enjoy the parking for the trailhead, which requires you to walk along a road that borders private homes and property, but once you are on the trail you get beautiful views of the Carson Valley. We hiked it today with my four year old, and he did great, so personally I’d rate this one as easy! Beautiful colors and crisp fall weather at this time of year, but be prepared for early shadows and sunset on this trail since it right on the east facing side of the mountain.

Great hike! We took a few breaks to catch our breath since we weren’t used to the elevation, but overall not bad at all. Definitely recommend!

1 month ago

As an inexperienced hiker who thought she was ready.... I was not. The trail was great, but it was a big bite. I didn't quit, and I will do it again!

1 month ago

Beautiful and Challenging!!

Loved it!

pretty hard for being moderate, the water fall is tiny . either way this was very challenging and quite enjoyable

Easy hike, and you're rewarded with the beautiful waterfall upon completion.

Will be back! Such a great sweet trail.cant wait to check out the lake in the summer for a swim after biking or hiking!

Thanks to the previous reviewer that recommended going ckockwise on this loop trail. I am so glad we did! It was nice to start the trail with going up a steeper incline with a mellower decline. My knees thank you! This trail has many terrain features that keep the hike exciting. A few switchbacks, a ridge walk, several mild water crossings, a waterfall and some spectacular views of Genoa and Minden. The trail in late October was clear with a nice crispness in the air that made it feel like hiking in air conditioning. We saw a few mountain bikers some family day hikers, one trail runner and a total of five dogs throughout the loop. Although this may not be the most scenic trail of overlooking spectacular views, there is much to be appreciated for those willing to see the beauty in the changing leaves of fall and the smell and sounds of waterfall streams in the forest. It took approximately 3.5 hours to complete the loop with just a daypack and some trekking poles. We look forward to doing this trail again but connecting to the Tahoe Rim Trail for a total of 10 miles.

1 month ago

10-26-18. Beautiful hike (even according to my begrudging 13 year old). Amazing fall colors. Nice to have a restroom (well maintained, out house style) at Marlette, and real flushing restrooms at Spooner. Gradual uphill, not too many steep parts. We took the trail. Took us 5 hours. We hung out at Marlette for almost an hour for lunch, pictures, restroom break.

It just doesn’t get in prettier. I will do this spiritual walk Springs and falls for many more years to come!!!

Not as hard as you think. Bring lots of water and fishing poles!

Easy however narrow. Great quick trail.

1 month ago

Quick hike up the ski slopes to a lodge with nice views.

I just took the mountain bike path all the way up and it was worth it. Fall is all over this trail and it’s beautiful!! It was decently busy with both hikers and mountain bikers. It was a windy day so a bit cold especially at the lake. Took cover by some rocks and ate my lunch on the water and it was perfect! Not a stressful hike, but you get in a great workout. Will take the flume trail next time, I will definitely come back.

mountain biking
2 months ago

This trail was fantastic! Very smooth ! This is a great trail for beginners and intermediate riders. You can now go to spooner summit.

Oops!....I did it again......awesome day....

2 months ago

This was a wonderful hike!! Lots of switchbacks make it a moderate-easy hike and we gained a lot of elevation to get great views of Carson Valley. It is dog-friendly Not sure we found the falls... Trails were well marked but maybe they need to point out the falls. Followed the Lower Genoa Canyon Trail for a bit.

Went midweek and only saw a few people. Not too strenuous and a great early fall hike

Went midweek and only saw a few people. Not too strenuous and a great early fall hike

2 months ago

*beginning of trail follows bubbly, gurgle creekside that is wonderful.
*connects up to the incline flume trail where presently there is logging happening.
*plenty of water for the dogs.
*mileage to incline flume trail at highway 431as a turnaround point is about three miles....so 6 total miles for this hike.
*mountain bikers haven, so mind the traffic.
*some terrific views near the top at 1.5 miles and 1.9 miles....a few more too...
*lovely way to go, and shady for a destination on a hot day.

This was a great hike. My wife and I found it challenging mainly because we live at 580ft above sea level and are just visiting so hiking at 6000 to 8000 feet is different. Trail had many lovely views. We saw mountain bikers and day hikers along the way. Only negative is that after you leave the lake halfway thru the hike the return part of the loop is hard to find. We had to back track as we missed the return loop and found ourselves on the Flume Trail by mistake. We did the loop counter clockwise.

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