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Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park offers a number of different areas for visitors to enjoy. Sand Harbor is the most popular, with sandy beaches, a boat launch, picnicking and group use facilities. Sand Harbor is located three miles south of Incline Village on State Route 28. Memorial Point and Hidden Beach, Situated between Incline Village and Sand Harbor, are areas which offer outstanding views of the lake and more secluded access to its shores. Spooner Lake, at the intersection of State Route 28 and U.S. 50, is popular for picnicking, hiking, mountain biking, catch-and-keep fishing with a limit of 5 trout and cross-country skiing . A developed interpretive site is available as well as rental cabins . Spooner Lake is also a trail head with access to the back country. The back country between Lake Tahoe and Carson City provides miles of hiking, equestrian and Mountain biking trails plus two primitive campsites. No vehicles are permitted in the back country, which has been designated as a State Primitive Area. Two of the more popular trails in this area are the Flume Trail above Sand Harbor and the Tahoe Rim Trail along the crest of the Carson Range. Cave Rock, located along U.S. 50 near Zephyr Cove, is a popular spot for boat launching and fishing. During July and August enjoy the shows put on by the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor.

Hiked this on Saturday, June 30! This is a perfect time to hike this trail. Passed a lot of through-hikers, say hello! The wildflowers are perfect as well, lots are popping, and should be good for at least another week or two - so beautiful. Make sure to tag Tinkers Nob at the half way point. Only one snow patch while leaving Sugar Bowl, but you can easily walk around - and should be melted out this week is my guess.

This trail is easily accessed from the town of Genoa and the trailhead has parking for about 12 cars. I did this hike on the 4th of July and only saw 8 other hikers, 3 mountain bikers, and 1 dog. The hike starts out steep with switchbacks climbing steadily up for about 2 miles. It is partially shaded, but it was about 70 deg when I started out and that was plenty. The climb is more moderate after that point with some ups and downs until you get to a stream crossing and then the waterfall shortly thereafter. The area in the canyon near the waterfall is lovely with more shade and lush plants. I continued on from that point along the Discovery Trail until I got to the Sierra Canyon stream and then turned around at that point. That portion of the trail continued to be fairly moderate with ups and downs but no big change in elevation. There were wildflowers, several species of butterflies, and one rattlesnake sighted (by someone else). Overall, it was very nice and certainly a hike I would repeat.

So I did the loop, map days 9 miles but my Fitbit says 11. I did it counter clockwise. Trail is super well established. Didn’t feel like I got great payoff for views, mostly ruined but towns in the valley below. Hot and dusty but decent shade to rest in. I did NOT enjoy the switch back going down from the canyon- narrow and steep drop offs got my nerves up, but I made it. Waterfall was small. Loved all the sugar pines though!

20 days ago

Hiked from the entrance on Jacks Valley to the junction at the top, roughly 8 miles. I started a little late or I would had gone to the top, an additional 3.5 miles. My whole experience ended up being 16.5 miles and it was great! Once you pass the residences at the beginning it was beautiful. Definitely a must do and I will be doing again.

As you go over the last knoll and see Marlotte Lake for the first time, you realize it was worth every step of the way. Great workout too.

As being one of the local trail builders on the Incline Flume project, I have helped complete stream crossings and rerouted the blocked sections of trail. As of June 2018 most of the hard work is completed, still much to do with signage and finish work. The trail is a real gem that all ability’s can enjoy, one of the only family rated Trails in the Tahoe basin. Many thanks to all the agency’s, the Forest Service, and groups,The Tahoe Fund and Friends of Incline Trails that made it all possible.

Great uphill rather tough. Beware if vehicles and horses. Great views

love the view ...not hard if you hike often...

is not hard if you hike often..

Sand Harbor is just picture perfect as it is, so anything step you take there is just amazing

Out-and-back from Spooner Lake on 5-30-2018. $10 for parking. Nice day-hike with a challenging grade to about 8200 feet. Mountain bikers use the service road below the trail.

The trail still had several trees across the path and patchy snow on the north side of the summit.

At the lake, even at mid-day, it got chilly when we stopped for lunch.

10.5 miles round-trip in about 4.5 hours.

It is a beautiful trail, but the Forest Service has closed the Charity Valley Trailhead because the trail crosses private land. The trail now can only be used from the Grover Hot Springs- East Side Entry.
Also, the middle of the trail gets little maintenance and disappears occasionally, requiring some route fining

Hiked the trail on 5/20 starting around 9 am. If you take the directions AllTrails gives to get to the trailhead you will need to pay $10 to park there. Just a heads up as I was caught off guard.

Trail was beautiful and clear save for some snow that showed up about the last 0.5 mile of the hike. Only one particular area was difficult to traverse, and that was after the final small bridge just as you're heading down to Marlette Lake. There was snow covering the trail path and it was hard packed and deep on the slope of the hill, so it can be tedious to cross. Aside from this one spot, the trail is smooth going and aside from the distance itself, a fairly simple hike.

I saw a total of 3 hikers that actually followed the trail. There were some sections which branched off that other hikers were on, and once I got to Marlette Lake there were more people, but overall it was a very quiet hike. The lack of people made the occurrence of wildlife much more prevalent which made my day. It was great to finally see some muley doe out and about during my hike.

Highly recommend the trail if you have the time and are comfortable with 10mi+ hikes. The elevation change was gradual enough it wasn't too difficult to overcome. As we progress further into the summer months the snow which made the trail a bit more complicated towards the end will melt and you'll have a clear trail to enjoy.

nice trail of ~2 miles.

Gorgeous views!!!

Beautiful Trail leading up to a beautiful Alpine reservoir. There were a few scenic views of the northern part of Lake Tahoe on the way up the trail. It was also a good trail for letting your dog off the leash.

A nice 2 mike or so hike. The waterfall is really nice. It’s in a steep valley under tree cover. True shade and the spray make it cool and refreshing to see. The loop trail gives good views or Carson City. Decent elevation gain but never too steep. The trail almost touches the tree line and you can see some trees still with scars from and old fire.

April may be a bit early to hike this trail: still a lot of snow near the summit, but a fantastic hike nonetheless!

Nice Little hike. My wife and I are in our mid-60's and we walked up to the falls and backtracked to the loop trail. The hike took about 70 minutes. It is worth the trip.

1 month ago

Nice walk , good pictures for adventure album.

2 months ago

Sure was wonderful to be hiking in Tahoe again! Had a blast with the amazing granite boulders everywhere. Great overlooks of the forest and Tahoe. Had a fun time seeing Marlette Lake. Only saw one other couple while on this trail. Flowers are starting to bloom.

More like 7 miles out and back. Good moderate hike!

Loved it. Surprises around every corner.

Beautiful challenging hike!


Hiked up to the snow line. Too icy. Turned around and came back down. Did about 6 Miles. Beautiful trail.

great time will do this hike again

nice trail! not too much snow but lake was still frozen over.

Really enjoyable on a cloudy day in May- not too hot. Not a dull trail, always changing and new things to see. Genoa saloon right on the way back!

Beautiful views and a fun hike. There was still a good amount of snow cover by Marlette Lake, causing us to lose the trail coming back around the ridge and requiring some bushwhacking until we were back on track. Especially enjoyed seeing and hearing sooty grouse along the trail.

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