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Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park offers a number of different areas for visitors to enjoy. Sand Harbor is the most popular, with sandy beaches, a boat launch, picnicking and group use facilities. Sand Harbor is located three miles south of Incline Village on State Route 28. Memorial Point and Hidden Beach, Situated between Incline Village and Sand Harbor, are areas which offer outstanding views of the lake and more secluded access to its shores. Spooner Lake, at the intersection of State Route 28 and U.S. 50, is popular for picnicking, hiking, mountain biking, catch-and-keep fishing with a limit of 5 trout and cross-country skiing . A developed interpretive site is available as well as rental cabins . Spooner Lake is also a trail head with access to the back country. The back country between Lake Tahoe and Carson City provides miles of hiking, equestrian and Mountain biking trails plus two primitive campsites. No vehicles are permitted in the back country, which has been designated as a State Primitive Area. Two of the more popular trails in this area are the Flume Trail above Sand Harbor and the Tahoe Rim Trail along the crest of the Carson Range. Cave Rock, located along U.S. 50 near Zephyr Cove, is a popular spot for boat launching and fishing. During July and August enjoy the shows put on by the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor.

A short but very picturesque boardwalk around the main peninsula at Sand Harbor. There are a number of signs that provide a lot of information about many aspects of the lake. Be sure to explore the park further, including the beautiful sand beach (there is a second smaller beach by the boat landing) and the wonderful rocky shoreline. I loved climbing some of the boulders on the edge of the lake to get some unique views. I picked a good time to visit, as I imagine this is a very popular place in the warmer months.

Great hike with a consistent but not brutal uphill grade on the way in, a gorgeous setting at Marlette Lake, and a quiet experience that was the perfect get-away we were looking for. We did this one in mid-November... awesome weather with it being chilly but not cold. We started at 8:30am and only encountered maybe 20 other people (including some bikers and two horseback riders). Round trip took us 4.5 hours, including a 20-30 min stop at the lake.

5 months ago

Beautiful, 63° October day with beautiful vistas and Aspen color popping. Scant snow, great sunlight and only saw 2 people in 11 miles

5 months ago

Parked at Spooner Summit to save us each $8. adds a couple miles to the hike. Beautiful hike gorgeous fall colors.

Beautiful trail, lots of fall colors! Don't confuse the mtb trail with the hiking trail!

We parked at spooner parking costs $8 for nv residents and $10 for others. We hiked down to spooner it was beautiful. We took the pedestrian trail to Marlette lake it was a bit boring. Marlette was beautiful! We took the flume trail back down it was gorgeous! We walked thru aspen groves changing colors. So pretty. Just have to get out of bikers way every once in a while. I'd take the flume next time. Great October hike to see leaves changing.

Not much water along the way, especially late in the season. We did it with 2 dogs and 1 inexperienced hiker in a little over 7 hours. Shuttling cars can be a pain, but worth it.

Approached from the carson city trail head. Amazing views at times, which is completely worth the trip. It has incline for the majority of the trip, which shouldn't be taken lightly! Bring lots of water and a walking stick! Hobart reservoir is quit nice, with multiple areas to fish from (trout). Would recommend to any traveller looking for a decent challenge and serenity.

From spooner up to Marlette is a grind if your trail running I walked a few up the hill climbs with pride :) Marlette is beautiful and full of energy with MTB traffic from flume riders. Run back to Spooner felt like it took 1/2 the time.

This would be a 3-4 star trail with few views but I took a few tips from the great Top Trails guide to Lake Tahoe and turned it into a great 5 star outing. I am just sorry I did not record the track, to make it easier for others to follow.

I will do my best to describe it, and perhaps I will record the track on my computer later and upload it.

I started from the Lake Spooner trailhead and hiked the trail to Marlette Lake. It goes on a forest road for maybe half a mile and then it splits: bikers need to stay on the forest road, but hikers can take a shaded path (North Canyon Trail) through the forest. I definitely recommend taking it: not only is it prettier, but you will avoid a lot of the MTB traffic. The trail is part of Flume Trail which is very popular with mountain bikers (of all skill levels).

I stayed on the path until I came to Marlette Lake and then took right and walked to a junction with a restroom. Here you have two options. If you continue straight, you will come to "Marlette Overlook". I believe that one can see both Marlette Lake and Lake Tahoe from here--I saw some pictures and they look impressive but I did not take this path.

Instead I turned right, hiked up on the forest road used by bikers, perhaps 1/4 mile past the map and junction on top and then turned left on Snow Valley Rd. This road climbs quickly for about a mile and then crosses Tahoe Rim Trail. I turned right on the Tahoe Rim Trail and hiked it all the way to the Spooner Pass. Great views along the way.

The final part is taking the trail which runs around Lake Spooner and get from Spooner Pass to the parking lot by Lake Spooner.

All-in-all it is about 14 miles.

Was blown away by the windflowers. This is the longest hike I've complete in one day. Felt great all day but the last climb to the top of emigrant peak kicked my butt. Views were amazing throughout the hike. Next time I will choose the granite chief cutoff the the base of Squaw valley.