Some great views of the lake once you get towards the middle of the hike.

This was easy enough for a 5 yr old to hike with us but not flat by any means! Not many views of the lake, instead views of mating butterflies (about 50 of them), interesting rock formations, in & out of pine trees & majority of the hike was next to a creek with multiple water falls. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun adventure or nature photographer.

trail running
9 months ago

Great for trail running. Different terrain and foliage throughout the trail and some great views as well.

I loved the view at snowflake lodge! It's definitely worth the uphill hike.

I hiked this all the way from the Incline Village beach, through the Tyrollean Village, and up on the trail, adding some mileage.

It looks like fun MTB downhill trail but it is not a very exciting hike. There are very few views and it does not really lead to a "destination" of any sort. It is a quiet, steadily climbing path, good if you are just looking for some tranquility and good shaded forest walk.

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It is a nice little ski area and Incline Village is a great ski town. It is not gigantic like Hevenly or big like Squaw Valley, but it has enough terrain to make a great day.