Very easy flat trail to a walkable beach. Picturesque Sierra valley with wetland. Very nice walk on a sunny day.

6 months ago

Great walk through riparian lake area. See development stopped by local landowners

the trail is nice and wide asphalt the entire way beautiful Meadows trees and view as with all high traffic areas the nasty human beings don't clean up after their animals and leave it lying around all over the place to destroy the view and Ambiance of the trail just shows what kind of nasty human beings and what kind of Lifestyle those freaking disgusting people live so for all you nasty humans that don't clean up after your dogs go f yourself

Great trail down to Nevada Beach! Jumped in Tahoe as it was 87 degrees out!

Love this easy walk. Parking is a bit limited but we found a spot. At first we were worried because the trail seemed to be in a residential neighborhood, but that did not last long. Most of the walk is paved with views of meadows, wildflowers, and a brook. Some of the trail is shaded but much of it gets full sun. We saw people walking their dogs, people walking with their children and joggers. The trail is dog-friendly and leads you down to Nevada Beach, which is also dog-friendly. At one point, the trail forks. If you take the right fork, this adds a little extra distance to the walk, which was our choice. After playing on the beach with our dog, we ended up back on the fork we didn't originally take, so we didn't have to backtrack as much.

Access off Kahle Rd or Elk Pt Dr. Lots of loops, paved or dirt to wander through the trees, meadows or to the beach. Very pretty any time of year. Wildflowers, dog and kid friendly.