Beautiful scenery. Very open with fields, pine trees, granite, and water. Parts are paved while optional paths are dirt. Lots of dog walkers and some bikers. We came across two stray dogs, one with collar and tags although the other one did not have either.

This trail is super easy-my dog had a nice flat surface to walk on. There are a lot of bikers and joggers since it's mostly cement pavement. Nice scenery and a great way to get to the beach.

This is a very nice trail to run, jogging and walking. The trail is very close to the downtown and has easy parking.

a easy hike or bike trail awesome scenery

A pretty hike. A couple places should be marked better. We got off the trail twice and had to rely on the app map a lot. Earlier post was correct. No idea why All Trails had you start where they do. You can start at the park and not have to cross Kingsbury.

This trail should not start on Deer Run Court (out of the way, little parking). It should start in the parking lot at Kahle Park, or in the trailhead parking lot on Kahle Drive, just west of Lake Tahoe Blvd/Highway 50.

Not always obvious where dirt trail leaves paved trail in a couple of places.

Fairly easy 5 miles, with nice changes of scenery.

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