Took the south route up and the center route down . How in God’s name someone got a Jeep SUV near the top of the south route is beyond me!! The south route is pretty much washed out but a beautiful hike. The center downhill is very steep in places and not we’ll defined in several areas. A strenuous but enjoyable hike with great views of the valley.

Fantastic views of Reno. Quiet and exciting. It’s a great workout.

The front end of this trail was awesome...I definitely consider this trail moderate, there were some steep areas. The back side seems a little more challenging to navigate. I was trying to follow another hikers path, but the trail is not marked and not clear, ended up getting lost for a few and had to backtrack twice! All part of hiking though, so I would still go back! Also there was a lot of loose gravel on the down side. I had hiking boots on, with good tread and still had some “almost fall on your butt” moments, so be ready for that! Overall good trail with awesome views of the city! Also saw a wild horse!

I took the north loop with my dog. There are places very steep and difficult to cross with my dog. It is not an easy trail.
Max lookout spot was gorgeous. RIP Max.

simple, and easy. i do this trail on my lazy days lol.

Get on the loop (indicated w/ black ants on the map) heading south. Continue southward beyond the loop, looking east for a green horse gate, then follow a narrow, steep, easily identifiable trail to the summit of Hidden Valley peak for an elevation gain of ~1500' (6000' alt). At times very steep, with rock scrambling to the summit. Not a single soul encountered. Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous. Time: less than 3hrs

The trick to hidden valley is straying from the normal trails. Go through the horse gates, and explore. Within hidden valley you'll find an SUV that has been there for probably 30 years. Up on one of the hills you'll find a giant rock ring along with fantastic views of Reno. To get to both of these you'll gain elevation(a lot of elevation with the rock ring), but it's my favorite hike around here.