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The sounds of the streams for most of the way are so peaceful. The last bit of snow is off the trail and many small flowers have started to bloom. The Aspen trees are getting their leaves in the lower elevations, still too cold towards the tops of the mountains.

Hiked this trail on 5/9/17.... was clear and dry all the way over the top to Church’s Pond.... a little snow patches and mud on Pond side but still passable ... beautiful hike!! Other than the unleashed dog that nipped the back of leg on the way up, (thank God for thick wool socks , it didn’t break the skin), it was a great out and back hike!!

Great trail with a lot of up and down. The trail is pretty rocky and steep in places. The wildflowers are just starting to bloom!

Gorgeous and peaceful.

This is one of my favorites in the area. Considering this is a loop, can definitely make it easier or harder on yourself.

Going directly from the trail head straight up to church's pond (clockwise on the loop) is the more difficult way to go. The switchbacks are a challenge and leave many people exhausted. However, then you're pretty much done with the up at that point and the rest is mostly downhill with a gradual descent. It is also much more popular just to go up to church's pond and back, so this side of the loop is always more crowded.

I prefer to go the other direction (counter clockwise). The backside after you leave the whites creek area is so quiet and not hiked nearly as often. It is a gradual uphill until you reach the pond, and then a steep decline back to the trailhead which can be hard on the knees There is sometimes some snow left on the backside of the hills, so be careful where you step during the early spring months. Given it is lower in elevation than some of the other hikes in the area, it is more accessible in April and May.

You do have to cross the creek 3 times on the backside of the loop, none of which are particularly challenging unless you have a temperamental dog that tries to stick her legs between the logs instead of just wading across.

Extremely manicured and well trafficked hike. Walks along a neighborhood/golf course and ends at a highway. Much better hikes around.

Thought we were never going to make it to the top. Definitely should be rated Difficult, and only because you go up from 5000 elevation to 9000 at the top. Did not get to see the pond because of the snow blocking the path. Snow was also melting and made it a little treacherous in some areas. Definitely recommend this trail to people who are used to big inclines and high elevation, not meant for people that are beginning hikers.

Thought we were never going to make it to the top. Definitely should be rated Difficult, and only because you go up from 5000 elevation to 9000 at the top. Did not get to see the pond because of the snow blocking the path. Snow was also melting and made it a little treacherous in some areas. Definitely recommend this trail to people who are used to big inclines and high elevation, not meant for people that are beginning hikers

I really enjoy Galena Park. I enjoy the smell of the pine forest. There are small flowers blooming along the edge of the trail near the trailhead. Church's Pond is pretty with the mountains behind. I took the back way down and made the loop. Still a few spots with snow, but totally passable with anything more than sandals.

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19 days ago

Great trail. Strenuous for running given the topography and elevation, for this flat lander.

20 days ago

Hiked with kids and dog around 5pm on a Wednesday. Loop took one hour with my 5 year old and 10 year old. A couple of spots would have had us turned the wrong way if not for this wonderful app! Rocky and hilly but not too tough for kids. Perfect little hike to wear them out. Lots of shade, nice creek with a footbridge broke up the monotony, beautiful pine and aspens...good parking, picnic tables and clean potty at the trailhead.

Truly beautiful and enjoyable! Do this hike at least once a week. My dog loves it

Fantastic trail. However, it should probably be labeled Hard due to the 2-mile steep climb up Jones Creek. The trail becomes a little easier once you hit the switchbacks. The views are incredible. Will definitely hike this one again.

Super pretty. There is still snow from the Jones creek/Church's pond marker. as long as you are careful
( it is pretty slick) it is totally worth it to go all the way to the pond. ⛰

So far...favorite hike in the Tahoe-Reno network of trails.

Breathtaking views once you get past 7500 feet.

Would highly recommend.

Was glad that I added this into my morning. Love the creek sounds. Not too long so it's easy to squeeze in.

1 month ago

All of the trails in Galena are great! The easy access from Reno and the instant mountain terrain. This is a nice trail. Perfect for when you're looking for something quick.

This is a nice hike along a pretty river. The river is very full this time of year, but not over it's banks. Walking the river on this side of the highway does indeed make you appreciate the lack of houses on the other side. There are Aspen's growing along the river for most of the trails length. I'm sure it's very pretty in the fall. Interesting fallen log bridge at the end of the trail. Not much past that, but fun to climb the natural bridge.

What a fun trail! It was nice to be in the trees again after waiting for the snow to melt, and this was a great first trail of the season. Lots of water in the creek at this time of year, but still very passable.

Definitely labeled correctly as “hard”, although my report won’t be completely accurate being we did this hike yesterday April 7 2018, not expecting the entire back half of the Loop to be snow, some places thigh deep. Thankfully there was one set of footprints and this app to keep us on the path until our phones died. There was no cell service either. It was quite a trek getting around the loop-we weren’t sure if we should turn around or keep going but we pressed forward and made it around the whole loop.

We crossed the rushing stream 3 times via log bridge.

The views and surroundings were spectacular. We will definitely do this hike again once the snow melts.

1 month ago

Easy fun hike. Stopped along the way to enjoy the sounds

Is this a hike? No. Is it a beautiful walking trail through the backyards of Alpine mansions with an awesome view of the mountains? Yes. Good for dogs, not too much snow considering the trails at higher elevations are covered right now. Really beautiful suburban walk.

My dog and I enjoyed the trail all to ourselves in the storm. Hiked to Churchs Pond and back.

2/10/18 - I hiked Galena Creek to Church’s Pond (and back) last weekend and it was sunny/no snow so I decided to do the full loop this weekend. NOT a good idea. After getting to the crest and beginning the loop descend on the back side, there is quite a bit of snow. I kept going assuming it would be short lived since I was dropping in altitude but not the case. There is limited sun on the back Jones/Whites Creek loop side so it was horribly ICY and dangerous, especially with a drastic drop off on one side of the trail the majority of the way down.
I would love to do this hike again after it warms up more and melts the ice & snow off but even with the warm weather we have been having, I do not recommend the full loop right now. Stick with the Church’s Pond out/back.

One of my favorite local trails. Challenging diverse terrain with amazing views and great places to stop relax by the creeks or overlooking the valleys. You can also easily do a partial in and out too if you just have an hour or two, but I recommend counter clockwise unless you want to get a workout climbing. It is also easy to take a wrong turn onto connecting trails on the loop though so bring the app map if it’s your first time out ;)

Such a beautiful place for hiking

2/3/18 - This was a great hike. All uphill to Church’s Pond, and for the most part pretty dry, but it did get muddy/icy at the crest en route to the pond, which is frozen over. Downhill the whole way back. Beautiful views. Highly recommended and I will be doing it again soon as long as it continues to stay warm/dry.

It was a nice walk, but is far from a “moderate” hike. There was very little incline, and for the entirety of the “hike” you find yourself looking directly into someone’s backyard, or back door. All that aside the river was beautiful and there were some great views, however if you’re looking for a hike I don’t recommend this trail.

Not much snow on the trail until you get to the crest. From there to the pond there's a good bit of snow. The trail is pretty crusted, so no need for snow shoes.

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