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great day hike with the pup! lots of traffic but all friendly people!

This is a fabulous hike! Steep incline to begin, then back up at the end! You cross the creek three times (: My pup loved. Would definitely do again!

This was a fantastic hike. Definitely a moderate challenge. Amazing views. I love how curvy the trail is... gives it diversity. The creek was flowing today and a nice background noise when you’re near it. Mountain views are amazing!

I did about 5 miles and wanted to keep going but I was alone and it was getting late. I cannot wait to get to this trail again! It was gorgeous and just the right amount of challenging.

What beautiful fall colors! Well kept trail! Lots of uphill!!!! I started to the right of the trailhead. I think I’d go left next. Not as much uphill.

*very nice little hike, not far from reno.
*crosses creek twice- good water for the dogs.
*nice shaded sections.
*not overly crowded and only one mountain bike.
*takes a couple of hours (we made a slow pace for looking at fall colors...)for a quick getaway.

this is not a moderate hike. it is hard. 2100ft gain in 3 miles, the first mile is pretty much straight up. then switchbacks from there and you go up forever. the top is worth it. it's worth it to go the additional .5miles to churches pond. it was beautiful today. the aspens were so bright. I thought I was in pretty good hiking shape,but this climb kicked my butt-and my calves. and I got 6.97 miles.

Great suburban walking/bike trail. Pretty fall colors.

It‘s one of my favorite trails, just wonderfull!!

Beautiful hike, mostly shade but a section uphill is nothing but sun. well marked and aspens are changing right now. Was easy for my pup and I.

Great, easier hike. Perfect for kiddos and pups!

trail running
1 month ago

I ran this loop yesterday, one of my favorites in the fall. Stopped a lot for photos of the colors popping. This is a great easy run of an hour or so depending on how much you stop for photos! An easy, runnable climb from the TH to the saddle of about a mile, then take the counter clockwise loop for a beautiful slightly downhill run to the first creek where you're rewarded with beautiful golden aspen mixed in with the pines. Continue around the loop on easy runnable trail to get into another creek with Aspen. The trail is markedly improved since it was first built a few years ago. It finally gets to the bottom of the loop then climbs out steadily where running turns to hiking (for me) until you return to the end of the lollipop and begin the easy mile run back to the trailhead. Love love this trail!

Great fall hike! Specs are correct. Took us 2 hours start to finish. The trail is marked very well, hard to get lost. Creek is running and the aspens are changing.

Longer than expected, but worth the trek.
The "loop" doesn't begin until over 1 mile into the hike.
Starting out at the parking lot, this trail follows and incline, into beautiful Jeffrey and Fir forest, with Manzanita and ground holly, making for a complete forested, shady, mid-day hike.
We started at 1:45pm, after lunch, and arrived back at the car, at 3:15, making this about a 2.5 hour hike.
Contrary to some other reviews, it is true to its specs, being about 4 and half miles, round trip. But with the inclines, and varying terrain in the actual loop, you end up climbing a long hill twice during the hike, making it feel longer than it actually is.
When we past the crest, we arrived at the fork for the start of the loop. The loop was amazing! Mostly sunny at first, but then arriving into a forest of aspen trees, a rushing creek, and cool breeze. The views of Mt. Rose and the Sierras were unobstructed and spectacular.
The loop essentially has three sections . . . a downgrade with views of the mountains, a low lying trail following the creek, and a sunny ascent back up to the crest.
I was so surprised the creek was running, at the end of summer, this late in September.
The aspen trees along the creek were just starting to turn color, leaving us to wonder what their color will be in early October! We want to come back soon.
Overall, this is a fun hike. Mostly shady. Several types of terrain, two types of forest, and remarkable views. It is marked well, and maintained by the county rangers.
Bring water, as the air is high and dry. Brink hiking equipment and trekking poles if you have a tough time with rocks . . . some spots had trail obstructions. And finally, if you are sensitive to the sun, bring a sun hat. About 1/3 of the trail is in full sun (along part of the loop).
We are looking forward to reviewing this trail in the winter, with snow gear.

Mike & Angel, EarthTrek Gear, EarthTrekGear.com

Sooo... I am a flat land 66yo from FL. I saw this trail and comments and it looked great. Would have been real good if the description mentioned it was 1.5 miles in and 1.5 miles out, to get to the 4.2 mile loop. I was up for 4 miles, NOT 7 !!

This is a nice neighborhood hike. Don’t listen to the reviews that say to ignore the sign - that gave me a much longer hike indeed! It has some very nice views and a great trail to live by! I’d rank it on the easier side of moderate for sure.

Great hike, beautiful views with just enough incline to give a bit of a workout. I’ll do this one again for sure.

This might be my favorite. Great workout. If you go the correct route the gradual downhill is exhilarating. Great views of the valley and Mt. Rose. The creeks and streams are amazing. You will have to cross the creeks a few times but nothing hard. Overall it's the best.

A perfect conditioning hike. Suggest starting up to the Church's Pond junction then continuing around clockwise.

horseback riding
2 months ago

Great trail for horseback. We also believe we heard a bear in the woods and did see some scat.

There a couple of streams that we had to walk the horses through as the bridges are narrow and I am not sure they are rated for a horse.

Highly recommend this loop, and ample trailer parking at the trailhead.

lotsa water for the dogs.

Made for a great afternoon hike

This trail was more difficult than moderate in my opinion. It was also 6.6 miles and not 6.3. It is a gorgeous trail full of surprises. The views close to the top are breathtaking! I definitely wished I could have jumped in the pond due to the heat but the water looked pretty gross. I will be doing this trail again in fall when it cools down a bit.

Good trail but be careful! I’ve had two bear sightings in the last two weeks.

Beautiful views with lots of flowers.

I did a partial hike. I had my 11 year old daughter with me, and it was a hot day. We went a little over 2 miles in, and came back out. It was a perfect morning hike- lots of shade, the river and creeks, and friendly people on the trail. Lots of mountain bikes, and it’s a pretty rough ride, so be prepared to step aside, as they really don’t have a ton of control, especially on the way down. Only thing that would make this better, is more clear markings with all the other trail connections.

The trail was excellent this morning. A little smoky. The wildflowers are out in force in the top half of the hike. This is a consistently uphill hike the entire distance, but the views and ambiance from the top are outstanding. The pond itself is quite small, but the surroundings are gorgeous. I went with friends who continued on the bushwhacking scramble up to Mount Rose, but I stopped about half mile beyond the pond. The hike down is rewarding. On clear days, the views of surrounding valleys would sometimes be very good, but it was hazy.

4 months ago

Loved it!!

The wildflowers are amazing right now!

This is not a real trail and I would caution anyone attempting it to come prepared. The trail formally ends at the pond and then it looks like someone a very long time ago tried to carve out a trail to the peak of Mt. Rose along the ridge. You’re just YOLOing it essentially; there’s no path to follow. Probably fun for a serious adventurer but definitely not for entry level hikers. Lots of scree, tricky terrain, and obstacles that make this borderline impossible to do

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