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My dog and I enjoyed the trail all to ourselves in the storm. Hiked to Churchs Pond and back.

1 month ago

Hiked this on Saturday, 2/10, it was muddy and icy in several areas. Did not hike down the back side as many said it was very icy. Great hike, beautiful scenery. Lots of dogs and bikers too!

2/10/18 - I hiked Galena Creek to Church’s Pond (and back) last weekend and it was sunny/no snow so I decided to do the full loop this weekend. NOT a good idea. After getting to the crest and beginning the loop descend on the back side, there is quite a bit of snow. I kept going assuming it would be short lived since I was dropping in altitude but not the case. There is limited sun on the back Jones/Whites Creek loop side so it was horribly ICY and dangerous, especially with a drastic drop off on one side of the trail the majority of the way down.
I would love to do this hike again after it warms up more and melts the ice & snow off but even with the warm weather we have been having, I do not recommend the full loop right now. Stick with the Church’s Pond out/back.

One of my favorite local trails. Challenging diverse terrain with amazing views and great places to stop relax by the creeks or overlooking the valleys. You can also easily do a partial in and out too if you just have an hour or two, but I recommend counter clockwise unless you want to get a workout climbing. It is also easy to take a wrong turn onto connecting trails on the loop though so bring the app map if it’s your first time out ;)

Such a beautiful place for hiking

2/3/18 - This was a great hike. All uphill to Church’s Pond, and for the most part pretty dry, but it did get muddy/icy at the crest en route to the pond, which is frozen over. Downhill the whole way back. Beautiful views. Highly recommended and I will be doing it again soon as long as it continues to stay warm/dry.

2 months ago

We hiked this trail yesterday and other than it being a bit muddy on some parts of the trail it was a great hike! Our dogs had a blast and every other person/dog owner we passed was so friendly. (As were the dogs). There’s a few parts where you will be hiking at a slight incline but other than that it’s a pretty easy hike!

It was a nice walk, but is far from a “moderate” hike. There was very little incline, and for the entirety of the “hike” you find yourself looking directly into someone’s backyard, or back door. All that aside the river was beautiful and there were some great views, however if you’re looking for a hike I don’t recommend this trail.

Not much snow on the trail until you get to the crest. From there to the pond there's a good bit of snow. The trail is pretty crusted, so no need for snow shoes.

Not too snowy yet, no need for snowshoes or crampons. Good way to start getting used to the cold again for decent length winter hiking/backpacking

It’s one of the most technically difficult hikes around Reno.

Have been doing back to back the switch backs part as a preparation for Kilimanjaro coming in February 2018. The second time is brutal as your muscles work the other way after going down 2 miles. Great preparation though.

Great hike, challenging up hill to start wind was really strong today had to cut the hike short. can't wait to go back

recommend for sure

Such a fun, not well known, trail! Very good for running and hiking.

Nice walk on. Sunny Sunday! We did the 9. 2 loop without the pond connector. Was great!

Great moderate hike up and back. The Pond has always has water and is a great place for a picnic

Well kept trail with a pleasant little pond at the end.

4 months ago

Amazing little trail. Especially gorgeous in the fall with the autumnal colors. I posted about it on my blog (https://www.brisul.com/www.brisul.com/2017/10/20/dry-pond-hike)

4 months ago

Very scenic, easy trail. Good for a family outing.

Very enjoyable

Good leg workout. wouldn't recommend for young kids. lots of narrow trails with drop offs.

Awesome trail for most anybody. Great time!

Great trail with a lovely pond at the top.

5.4 miles up to an intersection with a beautiful loop. you can then continue on if you like.

Great hike. Start to finish was 3 hours. The pond has water and snow on the bank. Fall colors are just starting. Enjoyed the mountain with a lot of
Other hikers.

Perfect time of the year hike! Pleasant temperature, a few people, and the beginning of fall colors. The trail was a little bit steeper than I expected. My Fitbit said about 10 miles round trip, it took us roughly 4.5 hours.

5 months ago

I love this shaded trail. There weren't many people on it with us. The views of the city and Washoe Valley are great.

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